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I was reading it can be like 2 months for it to start coming in.  Still no word that they got my resume.

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Are they the same as Lion Bridge Global where there is a 3rd party involved?

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Hello everybody!

I received an email from Lionbridge with 'a vacancy' of Internet Assessor from my country (Brazil) in english. I just completed the steps and i'm waiting the material to study and make the final exam.

But looking for Leapforce page they have a position from Brazil too, who read-speak portuguese (i know that the aplication is in english but i think change something with Portuguese assessoring, right?).

So i did my registry at Leapforce too and i just receive an email with a confirmation that i'm able to do the final exam. I'll receive the material and i have 7 days to complete.

So the question is: can i work on Lionbridge and Leapforce at the same time?

At this moment i'm unemployed, solving health problems so i have 8 hours/day disponible to both. As the two sites have non-enployee rules, i think hasn't problem if i work for a competitor.

At this moment i'm waiting Lionbridge exam. Leapforce said will send me tomorrow. The difference of them it's the language (Lionbridge: Brazil - English / Leapforce: Brazil - Portuguese).

So can i join in both sites or will be a contract infringement?

Please help me.

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No, you can't work for both.
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Thanks so much. Since the time ì gone sleep i was afraid if Lionbridge don't send me emails anymore. But they do it. I'll receive the exam material until friday.

Can you tell me one more thing? It's better i send an email to Leapforce saying i not want to be a agent for them anymore or i could let both send me the final exam and don't make Leapforce exam? (I prefer be assessor from Lionbridge)

Have some mean Lionbridge know that i'm registered on Leapforce and i'll receive exam from them too?

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I'm so afraid that Lionbridge could find that i 'sign the papers' of Leapforce and don't sent me the exam material friday =(

I prefered sent an email to Leapforce asking them to don't send me the exam material tomorrow and to unsubscribe me.

I SO MUCH prefer Lionbridge, same if the internet assessor job isn't in portuguese.

And i know that i have to pass on their exam, but my worst afraid if they check that i subscribe Leapforce too. So i ask Leapforce to unsubscribe me.

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You might want to wait until after you pass the exam so if you fail the Lionbridge exam you can still try for leapforce.

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are people getting in their 10-20 hours per week? Any advice on taking the test?

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Originally Posted by maciascl View Post

I applied for Leapforce just over 2 weeks ago have gotten no response yet. Do they tell you if you are not accepted? Is there a way to check the status of your application?


It is going on 2 months now and still no word back. Anyone else?

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I am not a mother but since I am one of their Internet Assessors I thought I'd give you some info (within the confidentiality agreement.)


I can't comment on how they choose their people as I don't know. It takes a different amount of time from person to person it seems. Secondly the work is usually steady, it might happen that they don't have enough work for 10-20 hours, but usually there is. They are aware when there is not enough work so they don't penalise you for not meeting the quota in that case. Usually you can say, "I am going to do this job from this time to that time of the day" but sometimes the tasks may not be available during that time and might be available at another time. Generally it is possible to have a fixed schedule but can't guarantee task availability at any given time.


They always pay on the dot. No messing about. The system they use to know how much money they owe you month by month is very clear, they are very transparent and honest on that as far as I have experienced. They do check that you entered the correct amount of time according to their expectations (if you take 3 hours to do something that takes 5 minutes they will obviously dispute it.)


It is sometimes a bit hard to get a response back on certain matters, however the person who is in-charge of the quality of the raters in my area so far has always tried to help me whenever I had a question and he has always responded fairly fast.


They hold a lot of webinars and they have a lot of quizzes and a lot of guides. Now, you don't get paid for studying the guides or going to the webinars, you don't get paid for the quizzes. So anything you do to improve your performance in that sense isn't paid. However it does reflect on your quality and they take it into account. The amount of study required to know how to do certain tasks gets less and less as you keep working, so at the beginning you might feel you actually put more hours in than you actually can state in your timesheet, but once you learn how to do all the tasks as they are presented, that learning time becomes almost none.


You can't live off this job but if you get in and do it right, they do pay and they occasionally give you bonuses for certain things they might need done.

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Just an fyi I passed both tests.. so whenever I first posted was how long it took.. 6 weeks?

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Hi!  I read through this entire forum and have some questions regarding Lionbridge and Leapforce.


1 - I get that this is an Independent Contract position and I'm fairly new to this concept.  Do they withhold taxes or is this something you are expected to do yourself? If you have to do it yourself does anyone have any good resources for getting started with this?


2- I primarily use a MAC at home.  Is this going to be a problem? I do have a PC laptop but it's older and I don't entirely trust it.  I would also have to replace the keyboard greensad.gif


3- Is there a general preference between LB or LF?  If this breaks non-disclosure and you can't answer I totally understand.  


Thanks so much!




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Nope, they don't withhold taxes.

I know there are other people using Macs (that have posted on the work place like home forum); I don't see why it would be a problem.

I *think* the differences are that LF doesn't have a minimum hours requirement (LB is 10/week), but I could be wrong about that. And I know that LF used to pay a little less, but I've heard that LB lowered their starting pay... so they might be about the same now. You should check out the WPLH forums- there is a lot more activity over there for LB and LF.
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Hello everyone, 


I have been doing this job for 1.5 months. The beginning was so hard. Now it's much better to meet the standards (time, quantity, quality)

However, new problem appeared last week. I can't log into the rater's community portal (where you can read your scores, task reviews, download guidelines)

Has anyone encountered such problem before? How did you solve it?

One more question about the payment: Since I started in late Aug and just did a few hours in Aug, I should get paid in early Oct for my Aug and Sept hours, right?

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You should get paid yesterday for August (although it seems like they're a little behind this month; people are just getting deposit notices today.) If you worked more than 30 hours in Sept, you should get paid Oct 10th.

I had that problem when I was new, because I forgot my password (since there are so many separate pages to log in to!) Just email them and they can tell you your login info.
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I feel like I work 100 hours sitting here refreshing looking for jobs. Work your own hours is grossly over stated. It's stand by your computer at all times. I only got 2 hours in last week!!! I stayed up till 5am the last 3 days hoping to get anything and it would be like 30 seconds at best greensad.gif
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you have to work more than 30 hours a month to get paid?
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No.... you just won't get early pay (on the 10th) if you don't work at least 30 hours.

It hasn't always been this bad. Up until this summer, you could sit down for 2hours and get 2 hours of work done (and some weeks there was so much work they offered bonuses and 20+ hours/week!) This lack of work recently is REALLY frustrating, and I hope it picks up soon. greensad.gif
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I have emailed someone, but no reply for like 2 days. Normally they would reply my email very quickly. Did I send to the wrong person? 

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Originally Posted by babygirlie View Post

I feel like I work 100 hours sitting here refreshing looking for jobs. Work your own hours is grossly over stated. It's stand by your computer at all times. I only got 2 hours in last week!!! I stayed up till 5am the last 3 days hoping to get anything and it would be like 30 seconds at best greensad.gif

Hi, I got some low-hour weeks too. But not last one. I guess we work for different area maybe. It seems to me that the beginning and end of the month is quite low in task. But somehow, I can manage average 10 hours a week. 

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