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Leapforce.com also does the same thing.

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try these:



you do not look very satisfied with lionbridge.. I read some discussions and leapforce and butler pay even less greensad.gif

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Hi i was when got work reguarly.they admitted dont have much work fro uk.

butler are rubbish dont bother unless youve got lauguage skills then they good pay rates i think lionbridge were best overall.


in end all poor pay except some tasks which pay more.more skills you have more you can earn.

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good to know about butler...2whistle.gif

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Hi, could somebody let me know after what time you got your star rating? I am working from beginning of August yet and still do not have a feedback. First time they reopened my time sheet now for September - the part related to map project. They asked me to reduce the time and after some correspondence they persuade me that I did much less tasks than I reported. I have a very precise evidence of work done, so I know it is not true. Is there somebody else with this kind of experience? I am thinking about not to work on this project anymore after that.

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THat is reall weird. I have never recieved a star rating and I have been working there since june. Oddly I just recieved a payment for september yesterday so I figure they must be planning to terminate me,= but I have yet to recieve any corespondance.


What did your email say?


Which tasks was it? Was it in the ewoq 1 or 2?


I don't time my time. I just mark my tasks down and then multiply by their minute requirement


So EXP WEB's requirment is 2 min


so 10 would be 20 min. I use an excel file I made.

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I also do it in the same way as you (multiply by minute requirement) but I did more than 700 tasks and they told me I did only 550 so I have to reduce time to meet their expectations. But I stricly mark my tasks, so I know how many tasks I did...

this what I talk about is rating of google maps, so another project they asked me to take part... not the standard rating tasks... also yesterday I received an email that new tasks in this project will be available and they expect me to rate some... but after this experience I am not sure whether I would like to work on this project... based on their expectations you have only 1,33 minute for 1 task (map), it is not much... but after they asked me to reduce my time it made only 1,15 minutes per task...

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that sucks! I only do the tasks that are longer. Like 6 to 8 minutes. Did you contact technical support about it? I alos would be worried about the new tasks.

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first they asked me to reduce time by 250 minutes, I contacted them that I do not understand why, I wrote them 2 emails till I received the info that I did less tasks than I reported... no explanation, nothing, only reduce your time, and at the end the beautiful sentence: Please be aware that Raters who repeatedly cannot meet the base level expectations of the program from month to month may be removed from the program.yikes2.gif I will not work on this map project anymore after that... I dont think I am the only one who is not keen of this project as they are constantly sending emails to rate these stupid maps blahblah.gif

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Weird they never send me emails on what to rate. Too weird.
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Where are you from? It depends on country I guess...

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I just sent off my first request to aquire a position with Lionbridge. Keeping my fingers crossed so need the extra money.praying.gif

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Hi everyone. I am new to this forum. I just received an invitation from Lionbridge to take the initial qualification exam through Survey Monkey. The email said: "Please ensure that you very carefully study the exam guidelines that have already been sent to you before completing the exam and also refer to the guidelines frequently while you take the exam as this will hugely increase your chances of scoring a passing grade."
The problem is I don't remember receiving any guidelines. I carefully checked all correspondence I received from Lionbridge. All I found was consulting agreement, Code of Coduct, FAQ, Waiver for Search etc. I wonder if I need to study any additional material before I attempt to pass the exam. 
Some people mentioned a huge manual that you need to refer to during the exam. Where can I get that? I would appreciate any advise on that matter as soon as possible.
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Hi, if I remember correctly I received the guidelines at the moment when I received all the details of exam, so at the moment when the exam started. I hope it helps you a bit.

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You should get that in the mail BEFORE taking the exam. Mail LB about it, they sometimes make silly mistakes (at least the Ireland-based part of it, the one I worked for between 2007 and earlier this year). Any other questions?

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I do not know how it works in Ireland, but I checked now my emails to be sure about answer. I get the information about guidilines at the moment when my exam started, so at the moment when I received an email called RATING EXAM INVITATION. In this email was mentioned a link to General Guidilines. So I do NOT get it BEFORE taking the exam.


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Thanks everyone. I emailed LB. Turns out they made a mistake, but it's all good now. I should have asked them sooner, but I was afraid I missed something and didn't want to look silly.

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Lionbridge DOES NOT pay $14.50 an hour - it's actually $13.50 an hour.  Anyone have any types of questions they ask and are the math questions hard b/c math isn't actually my strong suit even tho I am a college graduate.

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NEWS FLASH!  Lionbridge REQUIRES you to take the exam in 5 days FLAT, not unlimited amount of time to complete the Exam.  They suggest you study the material and practice questions they send you for ten (10) hours, as well as ten (10) hours to complete the Exam itself.

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Hi members


I am new here. Even I got the job offer from lionbridge as an internet assessor. They sent me some  documents like consulting agreement, code of conduct. It is mentioned that i might get pornographic pop ups and other adult materials. Did anyone else get some documents that mentions it? Or did anyone who works for lionbridge encounter such material. I am concerned as I really need the money but don't want to get into trouble accessing something illegal (child pornography etc)  . Advices greatly appreciated. Also is it safe to give them the bank details? Anyways I don't have much in my account. I was thinking of opening a new account for them. But I want to go forward only if it is legal and I don't get into trouble later. Please reply..Thank you for reading

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