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Hi, everybody signs this agreement, but you do not need to worry about, it is legal... I work for them from August 2012 and I have never evaluated a pornographic pages but on some pages there are links to these kind of material. But nothing ilegal from your point of view. And also do not worry to give them youg bank details, they need to pay you somehow, cannot do it without this information.

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My advice as former Lionbridge assessor (2007-2012, survived a few serious purges): choose to take part in porn flagging projects & so on, they are not frequent and will cash in some money. Even more, you don't get to access anything illegal. In my whole 5 years, I met A SINGLE image that was clearly child pornography, and I probably viewed over 100,000. Disturbing/offensive content, maybe 1-2% out of the whole bunch of images I had to view but nothing a sane adult person can't handle.

P.S. Don't worry about the agreements and so on. LB pays like s**t, but they're very thorough when it comes to honoring their part of the deal. In fact, they're like a haven for bureaucracy... ;)

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thank you for the replies..gives me some assurance..

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It was my pleasure. I can only hope you'll get more work than I did in the last year or so.

P.S. Little big secret combined with a bit of conspiracy theory - the better the quality of your work, the more work you get.

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Thank you for the wishes... i got an email mentioning i will be sent some practice data that i have to complete before final exam...waiting for that...is it basic or tough? Is there any study material that is relevant( which i can find over the internet)  that I should go through or is the data that they are about to send sufficient? Feels like I am back to school..haven't given any exams in years. I was good in maths at school...but really don't know how much I have retained in my brains after all these years :-)

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Also does the job require mathematical or calculation skills or is it just an criterion to judge suitability of the candidate?

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Relax, you only need a brain and to pay attention to their materials. Back in 2007 when I passed my exams, the documentation was about 40 pages. I didn't have the patience to go through all that at least once, so after reading through the first 5-6 pages, I started my exam and browsed through the documentation as needed. I passed. Anyone with IQ a bit above average and who can pay attention to some simple things AND remember a few of them at all times should pass the exam. No math needed. I hate math, I hate statistics, although I must admit statistics is a veeery interesting field.

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absolutely brilliant thread! Just go the email to agree to all the T&C's msyelf and as a student I am very much looking forward to the extra income.


Heres hoping the test goes well , I presume I will hear from them in due course. From what I have read if all goes well with the testing you get paid after 2 months the very first time then 

a month delayed the rest?


Is it possible to reach teh max 20 hours every week because with the way things are at the moment I could use the cash !


Thanks a lot

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You got it right about the payment, and be aware of a tricky part of the hours/week thing - you can work 80 hours a week and then nothing the following three ones. You need to have up to 20 hours/week AVERAGE during a month, not up to 20 EVERY week. ;)

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Originally Posted by KodrutZ View Post

You got it right about the payment, and be aware of a tricky part of the hours/week thing - you can work 80 hours a week and then nothing the following three ones. You need to have up to 20 hours/week AVERAGE during a month, not up to 20 EVERY week. ;)


Ah very good to know thanks :) good to know its based on a monthly basis with study etc. sucks first pay check wont be for a while but nice to know it will be there though. 

any more advice about the job?

you might maybe email me ? :)

r.cast@ umail.ucc.ie

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Hi Kodrutz, I appreciate all information you posted there. I work for them as of August 2012 and I still have not received the star rating. I am a bit confused because of that, as I do not know what is the quality of my work. When did you receive your first star rating?  Thanks.

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If I remember well, there was no star rating back in 2007 when I started to work for them, it has been introduced a while after that. To get some stars, you need to work at least 10-20 hours/month or so, I have no idea what's the minimum amount to get your stars. Performing at 3 or 4 stars won't give you anything else than confidence, but grabbing 5 stars a few months in a row may get you an invitation for more interesting (and better paid) work. It didn't happen to me, but to a guy I know.

P.S. This discussion doesn't actually happen... :)

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Hi I am new to this thread, I am just really confused, I have join to work with LB and they send me the test I have struggle to log in and read the portal for preparation and i still have 5 days left , this morning when i woke up to write to them for their assistance I found an E-mail saying i haven't been sucessfull but I am asking myself WHY ? I haven't even tried to answer the questions as is not letting me log in, so can anyone guide me on what to do here please, what have I done wrong? 



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I think it is a technical issue

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... or just their incompetence. A buddy of mine applied, they wrote back that he'll take the test, then wrote a few days later telling him that all positions have been filled.

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Yes I believe there is some confusion going on over there.. A lot of miscommunication...  I've only been working for them a few weeks, but when I applied, I lost the email with the test materials (went to my junk folder) .. and when I found it I only had 2 days to prepare instead of a week, so I missed the deadline... so I emailed and I explained what happened and they gave me a new exam deadline, I wrote and submitted it.  

Then someone emailed and said they understood I missed the deadline, would you like a new one? I said I already wrote it and submitted it. Then I got an automated email saying the positions were all filled. .. ? (why did she just now offer me a new one then, after I'd already submitted?) So anyway I then I emailed and said please give me feedback on my score, because I worked many hours on the studying and I thought I at least deserved some feedback on how I did... then they almost immediately sent me the job offer ... 


Ok I am not going to argue.


Not getting too many hours in though. There will be lots for a few days and then none for a few. You can't rely on steady income. Take it when you can. 


Question if anyone knows... Do they terminate you if you don't do enough hours? And how long will they let you work minimal hours before they say something? And do they give you a warning first to step it up, or do they just bam say goodbye. 

When I finally got started I had the flu and was horizontal for a week. Then got into a minor car accident .. I'm ok now but the first 3 weeks I only worked like 11 hours. Now I'm ready to work but the queue is empty!

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hey guys

well apparently they say is a technical issue so they will be sending me the exam another day, so we will see another day, i will let you know what is going to happen. fingers cross

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Nobody terminates you, I am still alive. Ooooh, talking about the contract as assessor - yes, it gets terminated, but only if your work's quality is very low and you get repeated two stars ratings and fail the evaluation of your work in the period after the last two stars rating. One star rating gets the contact instantly terminated, but working a few hours a month because there's nothing to work on is not your fault, so no problem with that. You may get a warning when your quality is low. If there's some medical/other serious reason for you not to be able to work on tasks, mail them and tell them about this, just in case...

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Hi, how you were able to survive and be alive for 5 years in Lionbridge? I heard about 2 years, but never about 5 years thumb.gif

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It was pretty cool, I had my other things to work on aside LB anyway (blogging for a bunch of websites, SEO/research work etc.). At LB, most interesting was to be able to see how stuff was changing in time, for example various sites moving from spammers to Google partners and... a lot of other NDA-protected things, I guess. The sad part is that, as a rater, you never get to really understand how things work, you only get an idea on the impact of your work and/or how guidelines changes will affect various sites in the near future.

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