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Internet Assessor Program


“Valuing your knowledge and opinions”


Type:  Work from Home, Temporary, Part-time, Independent Contractor



As an Internet Assessor your ultimate goal will be to contribute towards making internet search more exciting, relevant and interesting for all end users in Brazil.  You will play a part in improving the quality of one of the largest search engines in the world.


The internet has now become the powerhouse of all information, everything you need to find or explore can be found on the internet, yet how can we be sure this information is entirely up to date or relevant? This is where you can contribute.  We are looking for creative thinkers who enjoy browsing the internet and would like to express their opinion on the quality and content of what is currently out there on the web.  You will be provided with guidelines and scoring criteria on how best to evaluate an internet search result.


You will have the flexibility and freedom to work from your own home, working your own hours, depending on availability of tasks (10-20 hours per week).  Payment will be based on completion of the agreed upon tasks or engagements within the specified time period.   


This is a freelance, independent contractor position.



§  Fluency in written and verbal English & Portuguese

§  Preferred level of education/certification - Bachelor’s Degree (or equivalent)

§  Access to and use of a broadband internet connection and associated computer and software to perform the work, all provided at your own expense

§  Experience in use of web browsers to navigate and interact with a variety of content

§  Time Management Skills

§  Proficient with Microsoft Office applications

§  For cultural and historical awareness purposes you must be resident in Brazil for the last 5 consecutive years


To Apply:


Please copy and paste the following link into your browser to complete and submit your application:





If you experience any technical issues when you are submitting your application please contact the following email address: br.raters.bal@lionbridge.com

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Hi Ladies, I am new to this forum. I recently sent an application to Lionbridge and got a pre-approval. I received all the documents asking me to accept all the coditions etc... I clicked on the link at the end of one of their foems to fill out a very short questionnaire just confirming that I agree to all of their stipulations. I am just confused as to what else I am supposed to do.. the had mentioned a pre-test and also there were other documents in that email.. am I supposed to sign and resend them?



Thanks any input would be helpful

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I got the exam email with the study materials. I was reviewing and studying the guidelines and using what I thought was tutorials because it never gave me the log in page where I would have to enter the user name and password they sent me. I received an email stating that I had failed the exam! I never entered their username or password nor even got to that screen so I'm not sure what happened! I have emailed them back but haven't heard anything back yet. Has anyone else encountered this type of issue?

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Did u apply for crowd sourcing?
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What role was it you applied for and I can look into your application for you? Also any questions you have, you can message me directly.




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I have been working for Lionbridge since July 2013.  I have yet to match minute for minute the "suggested" time per task.  Is anyone else having this issue?  An 8 minute task takes me 12 minutes to complete correctly.



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Originally Posted by TeamTerrific View Post

I have been working for Lionbridge since July 2013.  I have yet to match minute for minute the "suggested" time per task.  Is anyone else having this issue?  An 8 minute task takes me 12 minutes to complete correctly.



Been working for more then a year already, and 8 minute tasks take around 3-2 minutes. Try to to practice on training tasks in portal. And read up the learning material.

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Few things to fellow LB or Leapforce internet assessors:

Do not hurry to submit below average times on your tasks as it lowers the average time for the tasks and doesn't reward you in anyway. You get rewarded only for quality of your tasks(check moneymakergroup.com forum for that information).

Second and more important here is a lesson to learn from my bad experience with LB:

Unpleasant surprise I've discovered after first time checking my salaries for last 4 months in LB:\
Shorty put, Lionbridge will not pay intermediate bank transfer fees. Check carefully your salaries from LB. Learn from my experience.

Below is an email I received after asking LB why I have a gap of more then 100$ in salaries after 4 months of work. That is only recent records, i haven't checked yet with old bank for 10 months old records. I fear that with old account I could possibly lose more money, but can't just be sure yet.
**In short**, I switched to a bank which doesn't charge fee when you receive IBAN transfer. Seems like that bank don't have relations with AIB( Irish bank that LB uses to send salaries) bank and must use 3rd party bank to receive my payments from LB AIB bank. Lionbridge refuses to pay those 3rd party fees and in results I lost at least 100$ after 4 months of work.
Learn from my lesson and check your salaries and bank international transfer details.
I guess there is no way LB will compensate me those lost fees ? :(


> Thank you for your email.
> Lionbridge makes payment for the full amount of the invoice. We incur the fee for making the payment however we do not cover the cost for you to receive the payment. We Bank with AIB (Allied Irish Bank) and if your Bank does not have a relationship with our Bank than a Routing Bank is needed to transfer the funds. A Routing Bank charges a fee which you must pay. If you contact your Bank they will be able to advise you on how much money the Routing Bank charges you and they will be able to advise you if they apply a charge also.
> If you have any further queries, please contact us.
> Kind regards
> XXXX (finance team employe name)
> Lionbridge Finance Team
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 Been working for more then a year already, and 8 minute tasks take around 3-2 minutes. Try to to practice on training tasks in portal. And read up the learning material.


This may be the case for you, because you are not in the US and do not get monthly feedback assessments that your job depends on. 

However, I have been with LB for a while and 8 min tasks often take longer than that to do completely and thoroughly.

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Hi Everyone,

I am new to here. I have just failed in the 3rd exam. Lionbridge offered me one more chance to re-apply the job. I wonder if any you can share me some tips for the 3rd exam. I feel it is difficult to judge the reputation of a webpage since I am not familiar with American web sites. 

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There's nothing to feel here. Reputation of a website is something that can be figured out by checking various SEO metrics without even seeing that website, for example its traffic ranking in the given area, Google Page Rank, the amount of pages indexed by main search engines and so on. Check the /wiki/Website_reputation_ratings page on the English Wikipedia, it will surely help.

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Hello everybody, at the end of Jan my 1-year Lionbridge contract as Internet Assessor will end. I find Lionbridge quite good on overall, just one question:

why they say I can't re-apply for the job? (Or maybe a slightly different position such as Social Media Internet Assessor?) I contacted them and only said they're unable to let old raters re-apply, but they did not tell why. Any idea? I have the idea to try with Appen Butler Hill, but they have more strict working hours (20 per week as Lionbridge does, but only from Monday to Friday, while with Lionbridge I worked also on Saturday and Sunday in my free-time).

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Thanks for sharing. I will try. 

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I just received email from Lionbridge that I have passed the three parts.

"Congratulations! You achieved an overall pass!"
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May God have mercy on your soul now! :)

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Hey all I just got my agreement and haven't taken the exam yet. I'm not a tax knowledgeable person. Can anyone explain to me how the taxes work? Especially since I do have a regular job and then this would be a 1099. And if I am supposed to report social security? I'm in the US




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I am NOT a tax professional.

That said, I understand how it works. Firstly, you must pay full social security as there is no employer matching your contributions. Most people don't know that their employer (as long as they are not an independant contractor) matches half the 13.??% (can't remember exact number) So what I'm saying is that on my regular day job I pay 6.?% to social security, and my employer matches that. With Lionbridge, you'll want to put aside about 13% for S.S.

For state, check yours. There all different. Seven states don't even have state taxes.

For fed, it's a bit trickier. If you already have a job that pays say 14,000 to about 32,000/yr  then you're paying 15% in Fed taxes off that. Above 32,000 it becomes 25%. Below 14,000 it is only 10% taxed. So the amount saved for fed taxes depends on how much you earn combined (all jobs)

Anyone think they can word it better to help us out?

Medicare is about 1.65%

I plan on setting aside about 30% Close enough for this Coloradian.

Then I'll report it as independent contractor pay when I file.

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I have been working live tasks for three weeks now, and they're freaking me out.

They sent me three emails yesterday asking me to explain some of my ratings. They've never done this before. Why? Do they do this once a month as they review my work? Normal? I'm paranoid. I know this is an ejection seat job. I love the type of work. I don't want to stop so soon.

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I am in The U.S. and applied with Lionbridge about a week ago. I received the search waiver, terms of service, rate of pay, etc documents in an email from them asking me to click the link at the end of the email to agree to terms.

When I click the link it asks for a username and password....which I don't see anywhere. Anyone else have this happen? Am I just missing something really obvious???

Thanks everyone!
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