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We are moving! We had planned to try to find a new place in the spring (we are just renting for now) and one came up for rent on Craigslist that is just perfect for us!! So as of January 9th we will be 10 miles fron a little town and 25 from the current town we live in. House is on one acre and the landlords have no problems with us raising meat birds, adding additional chickens for eggs (we currently have 4 but used to have 12), and planting an even bigger garden than we have now! I am so incredibly super excited. Funny thing is I will be way out there and can walk to more than I can here in the city. We will be only 1/4 to 1/2 a mile from the little elementary/middle school out there, a tiny little store, and a playground and running track. We have been a one car family (DH needs it for work) during the week for almost a year now so I am super excited to have something with in walking distance.

The bad: dial up internet and no cell phone service at all! DIAL UP!!!! Satellite is available but we can't afford it just yet, maybe a bit later though. I think my blogging, facebooking, and MDC reading days are coming to an end very soon. I will have a really clean house now though so thats a plus.

Anyway I am excited about this move and cannot wait! DD is all ready talking about what breeds of chickens she wants and that now she can have own her own show bird instead of having to borrow her 4H leaders bantam since we will have more room.
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Congratulations! Enjoy your new place (and new chickens!)
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Sounds wonderful! Congratulations!
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Good luck! Enjoy the technology break and your new adventure!
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Originally Posted by 1jooj View Post
Good luck! Enjoy the technology break and your new adventure!
I have dial up...it works but is just slow. I was happiest when we didn't even have this. I have become quite an internet junkie and ready to sign off except a couple of times a week. That will happen at bedtime tonight. Enjoy your freedom.
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the no cell phone service is actually really nice. we just got service out here a few months ago and it kind of sucks.

we only pay $18 for our landline and i don't think i ever want to go back to a cell.


the dial-up is really nice too. i found that i was only doing what was essential because it took forever to just search around.
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Dial up! That almost makes it not worth it!

Just kidding (kind of) Sounds like a great place! It's so exciting to move from a tiny not ideal place to something close to the home of your dreams. I can't wait for spring when we're planting our first garden at our new home.

Enjoy the new home!
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