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I am 7w5d and feel like my tummy is slightly bigger in just the last few days. I am hoping to not show until my 2nd trimester, when we want to announce our good news.

So far I am doing okay, I wear my pants baggy and so I have room to grow into them. I have one pair of jeans that I am not comfortable in, of course they are my snug-sexy jeans.
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I truly feel this thread is WORTHLESS without pics of these bellies!
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Originally Posted by AnneCordelia View Post
I truly feel this thread is WORTHLESS without pics of these bellies!
http://www.mothering.com/discussions....php?t=1176501 theres the belly pic thread
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Originally Posted by MaerynPearl View Post
LOL! Thanks! Placenta brain and all that jazz.
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got my bella bands today! oh man I love them.... I put my cant-button jeans on with one folded over it and feel more comfy in them now than I did when I could comfortably button them!
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Cant wait to post my 8 week photo tonight. I am sure my belly has doubled in size in one week. the last few days I have popped (wow, that didn't happen until 23 weeks last time).
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You can probably pull it off being your first pregnancy. Many firsts do not show until 16 weeks or after
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I am 5 weeks officially tomorrow and about 10 days before my positive test I kept saying to hubby... do you see this, what is up I can not suck it in. I lost 55 lbs from 1/09 thru 12/09. Many have comments on how much it is noticable in the tummy area ... well now there is a bump.... so I think others will just assume I am gaining weight not pregnat.

This is a pleasant surprise pregnancy and mostly no one in our family will expect it. DD is 7 DS is 5. I don't recall exactly when I started showing with DD, but I know with DS (got preg when DD turned 1) I was needing to pull out the maternity pants at 8 weeks.

I think my muscle tone is not so great being obese and having recently lost 55lbs, so pop... there it is.

Thanks for reminding me that belly pics should be taken... I had not even thought of that yet. (told ya it was a surprise
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i could suck it in pretty well until i got pregnant and then POOF!

plus I had just lost 15 pounds and randomly gained it all right back just before getting pregnant (putting me back above bmi 30 which has me terrified of twins)
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what do you mean about bmi and twins... are they related? I have not heard that before. DH told me he dreamt several times that twins were coming (his dad is a twin and so far none of the kids have had twins).
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I bought a pair of maternity pants today (from Old Navy that don't look like Maternity but are SO comfy). I know that I'll be working in a classroom from Feb-April (possibly May) and I need to have appropriate clothing so it was an investment.
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one of the things that increases your chance for twins is a bmi greater than 30

i also have family history and this being my fourth pregnancy... which is supposed to be a turning point for some women.
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This is my first. My pants are tight like I've gained a few pounds ... but the scale says I haven't gained a single pound. I look pudgier in the mirror to myself but no one has noticed. (not even dh)

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My belly is catching up in the race against my boobs! Bought some jeans from Old Navy today as well!
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My jeans are snugger in the belly area but nothing to notice. The annoying part of no longer being very thin is that when I get pg, all it does for a month is to push the fat up out of my pelvis onto my waist, so then my waist looks fat!
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