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Wow. Great blog post.

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I haven't been on mdc in a while, but when I came across this wonderful blog post, I had to stop by.

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Awesome!!! I'm posting this on my blog! Thanks for posting it!
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I knew before I clicked the link it was going to be that blog entry. It's really good!
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I didn't want to let this post slip without saying that I loved this entry and I posted the link to my facebook. Thanks...
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Glad y'all like it!!
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Good find!
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great blog!!
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Love it! Thanks for sharing - I'm going to pass this on.
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Wow, thanks so much!

Hello ladies, I just joined the forums here and am THRILLED to see my blog getting so much positive feedback! I just wanted to drop in, say hi, and thank you all for visiting and even passing it on to your friends. When I wrote it just a few nights ago, I only showed it to 3 of my friends, and by the next morning people were telling me that had seen it go all over facebook, twitter, and other forums! Wow, I never imagined this!

I plan to keep blogging, so I hope you come back to visit! I've also JUST started up a facebook page for it too, so feel free to add me there, and bear with me as I get it up and running.


-Love, Rachele aka WomanUncensored
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Welcome Rachele!

Thank you so much for your blog and your intactivism. You may never know how many people you reach, how many seeds are planted and boys spared from routine infant circumcision. But I would guess the numbers will be high. Great work!
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My feelings exactly!!! When I got pregnant with ds, that is basically what was going through my mind - I wouldn't circ. a girl, why would I if it's a boy?

It also helped that I was in film school at the time, and one of my classmates was doing a short film on female genital mutilation that was preformed in the part of Africa she was from. So I was thinking about this stuff anyway.
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Oh my gosh, I am absolutely in love with this blog post!!!!
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