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But it hurts!

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I'm tandeming my almost 4 yr old and my 9 month old. I really want to keep going and let my DS decide when he's ready to wean but it is hurting when he nurses. I don't know why. When he finishes nursing there are big, deep teeth marks in my breast that stay there for a long time. He isn't biting. I really think it's just that his jaw is strong and he can suck pretty hard and his mouth is bigger and he has to pull my nipple in further to nurse. I find myself limiting him more and more which is hard because he wants to nurse a lot. If we are at home he nurses many times a day and usually wakes up at least once or twice to nurse at night. I'd love some advice or some encouragement to keep going.
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what position do you have him in? you might try having him sit on one of your legs facing your breast at mouth level, rather than reclined if that is how you've had him.
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i would just tell him that it hurts, and show him the teeth marks, and ask him to please be gentle on your breasts.

i know my daughter, who will be 4 in april, would be responsive to this. from time to time she really digs in, and i'm not shy about asking her to not pinch, etc. or if from time to time especially early on with her brother i developed sore nipples, i just told her they were sore right before she latched on, and said please be gentle.
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