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Need to heal cavities, asap!

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I went to the dentist to find that I had 4 cavities . First time ever. I'm going to make a guess and say that using baking soda to brush my teeth for the past few years was not a good idea. Added to that I had a couple of kids in the past few years.

Anyway, I am in the military and they want to fill them very soon. I hope to put them off a few months while I try and heal them. Help me plan to get maximum results...

Here's what I already do (increasing the frequency):
eat/cook with bone broth
eating liver
taking vit A, D, K and omega 3 (I have a hard time with CLO)
eat grassfed butter and ghee
trying to brush after every meal
probotics (I'm about to order kefir grains and a kombucha scobie)
need to cut down on sugar

I have heard of packing teeth with pascalite clay, how do I do that, how often? Is there anything I am missing?
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I'd get a blood test to see how your vitamin D is (the 25(OH) test), you want something in the 50-80ish range (check the vitamin D council for more details) and supplement to get into that range.

Personally, we use supplements in addition to foods. I know not everyone is okay with that, but for us, I feel that supplements for most of these things are the extra buffer we need to make up deficiencies and deal with stresses. The kids and I aren't healing cavities, just trying to avoid them. We use a mineral supp and Thorne's liquid K2 supp as well as CLO and a vitD supp.

You may want to read this blog for additional ideas. He pulls in work from other sources besides Price, I think overall it fits in well together, but is more rounded out.
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I do need to get my D status tested, I take at least 2000IU a day and when I am sick I take a lot more.

The blog is interesting, a lot of ideas are not new to me but it provokes thoughts about occlusion that are interesting. My 4 YO has a lot of space in his mouth and all his teeth are straight. But my 7m daughter has 6 teeth and so far they don't look too straight, though it is hard to tell because they are only half way in. I started taking K2, D, fish oils and eating better after DS was born so I would expect her to have a great mouth. and me to have no cavities.
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I found pregnancy and nursing to be incredibly nutritionally depleting, it just took until my 2nd pregnancy for me to see it. I think it's hard to make up mineral deficiencies quickly, it takes a long time--I'm sure that belief is part of why I feel fine supplementing the minerals too.
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I supplement with minerals off and on. I have an odd response to them, my fingers/skin get all cracked and wrinkly. I have not been able to tell why this happens or what to do about it.
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hmm... what product do you use? for me, weird reactions have mostly been induced imbalances, sometimes quirky to me, sometimes more normal things.
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Liquimins-concentrace, this is what gives me the dry/cracked skin:

I take separate minerals now: iron, zinc, magnesium, selenium, molybdnenum

I also get this cracking when I take CLO. I take L carnitine with every meal because my body doesn't absorb fats well but it doesn't work well when I take CLO. The 'reactions' I get from CLO and the trace minerals is similar. I agree that weird reactions can be due to imbalances but I have not figured out how to get the right balance.
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For a mineral supplement, I was thinking mainly of calcium and magnesium, maybe boron, I assume you're ok on phosphorus (from food), for the macrominerals for teeth.

I got dry skin problems with CLO (and vitA from my old prenatal), I eventually figured out I needed more K2 (for me, more than I could get from food). I don't know if more minerals could mean you need more vitamins, I don't know much about different B vitamin issues, so I'm probably not a lot of help. Nothing jumps out at me as common between the trace mineral supp and CLO, which means I just don't know enough.
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Tanya, this K2 keeps coming up. So you got DRY skin from CLO?? I thought it was supposed to help with that, because both DS and I have cracked and bleeding hands right now and I thought maybe it was because we had slacked off on the CLO and have suddenly been inside in the dry heat almost constantly the past month. How do I figure out if we need K2 and how much?
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My reaction was a bit extreme, but I've read several places of people feeling like their skin was softer and more glowing with more K2, either changing their food sources or with supplements. The amount of K2 I need to supp is very atypical though, and I'm really not sure where the cutoff would be for most people. And I think some dry skin things can be B vitamins, I'm not up on those and I lost my good bookmark that listed symptoms by vitamin and mineral.

I think DD would get plenty of K2 with a half drop of Thorne's K2 (I'd split between the kids if DS didn't need so much more than normal), that's 500mcg and that's a lot. That's my best guess, mostly I've gone with guess-and-check with the kids and myself.
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momofmine, you could add k2 and see what it does for you. Do you know about the K2 yahoo group? it is called VitaminK

I found out which teeth are decaying, and it turns out they are mostly top teeth and I realize that I don't brush as well up there and one of them is a place where food always gets caught. So I am going to step up my efforts to brush after meals and floss.

What about Xylitol gum for when I cannot brush? I looked at it today and it has glycerin, which I thought put a barrier on the enamel so that you cannot remineralize as well?
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