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What do you think this job should pay?

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I am going to be changing positions in my company. I currently work from home in a sales capacity. It is a a long (about a year) sale and I am just not very good at it; I am very good at the short sale.
Anyway, after speaking with my boss and being honest about my current position he has offered me a new position in the company. The job is very well suited to my skill set.

My question is, what kind of pay so you think is reasonable for the new position? the new position will require that I work from the office. This is a 30 mile drive each way and will require that I get after school childcare for my kids ($400). I am meeting with my boss tomorrow morning to work out the details and to negotiate pay. Below is the job description.

• Managing Database
• Managing all sales conferences. (About 8 a year)
• Attend conferences as needed. (About 5 a year)
• Managing sales campaigns (email and direct mail) in all verticals
• Managing Holiday Gifts for clients
• Work with Alliance partners to enhance our relationship and value
• Increase company's exposure through blogs and internet markerting/postings, etc."

Sales and Sales Support:
• Continuing to Work on Existing pipeline
• Will research the top 200 prospects in our current verticals and provide feedback on proper contact information to sales
• Lead generation for sales
• Will work with current clients in a customer support role to ensure proper usage of accounts that have been placed as well as be very proactive in reorders on accounts running low
• Discuss completion reports with clients on a monthly basis, if applicable
• Research new potential verticals
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I know that this is probably too late to be of help to you, but it is honestly impossible to guess a pay range if we don't know what part of the country you live in. Salaries vary widely from region to region due to cost of living. I would search Monster and similar sites for similar jobs in your region to see what pay is the norm.

I also wouldn't bring the childcare expenses or commute into the salary negotiations. These are lifestyle choices that you have made that your employer is not obligated to support. (At least in this area) it would be unheard of for an employer to pay more due to an employee needing to pay for childcare or a commute for all but the (very) top executives, if even then.
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Met with my boss this morning and we are negotiating. I did not mention any of the personal reasons for the pay change.

Would still love to hear back on what you think the position should pay as we are speaking again this afternoon. I am located in CA. From all of my research the range is between 60-80k.

As a side note my review last month was glowing.
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I am in the midwest, and I would have guessed that the job you described was between 60 and 80K. But if you are in CA, I am guessing that your COL is higher. So maybe my guess should have been 70-90K.
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I am going to say $60K-80K on the East Coast, 40K the rest of the country, and myabe 60-80K again on the West Coast.

Also, I think it depends on the size and sales volume of the company.

Let us know what they offered/if it works out, if you're not too shy.
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Sorry it took awhile to get back. Transition to working from the office meant a very busy week. They offered 45k base, 10 in bonus, and 20-45 in commission potential. Plus all of my other benefits remained in place; so I accepted. If I am at all decent at what I do in position I should easily get to 75k a year. The base is significantly less the market in my area for the job but it is a small company and they have been very supportive of me and my family over the last 2 years.

Thank you for all of your help!
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