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Mom’s of Many – JANUARY

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Am I the first to reply? That's never happened!! :-) HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
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My kids are super excited about staying up late tonight they'll be awake later than me, I doubt I am going to last til midnight
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We're letting our crew stay up tomorrow night and they are EXCITED. I keep asking them, "what do you think happens at midnight?" and they don't really have an answer so I'm not sure what they are so excited about!

We're going up to my sister's house and spending the night with her. So I'm in the midst of packing for six people, washing clothes and making sure all electrical appliances have charges for the trip.
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Happy New Year!

We usually have a party for the kids complete with snackies and sparkling grape juice as the champagne. We're usually up way late anyway.. so staying up for the new year is no real thing for them.

I'm really hoping this year is better than last.. it was a rough year, we almost lost our house twice. My husband was out of work all of '09 and I lost a baby on Christmas Eve. Sooooo ready for a good year.
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Happy New Year!

We have zero NYE plans. My Dh's family does a HUGE NYE party every year, people come from several states for this thing - it's themed each year, everyone dresses up, music and dancing until the wee hours, even the children. It's awesome, but my Dh doesn't get holidays off, and doesn't yet have the seniority to take the more coveted vacation days... so if I go, I go alone, pregnant with four kids under the age of 7, on a drive that Mapquest puts at about 9 hours. (Which traveling pg with kids, will be much more like 12 hours.) So my New Year's tradition has been missing this party. Not a great tradition, but no better plans come forward!

I think my MIL thinks I'm wimping out, not making the trip. I know she'd love to see us, and wants to show the kiddos off to extended family, but I just can't see sucking it up and sallying forth. I made the trip to PA to see my ill grandmother and extended family for Thanksgiving, and I had an adult with me both ways, and it took me a full two weeks to even sort of recover upon returning. I'm feeling fine now, and have no desire to derail that!! Selfish, maybe... but wrecking myself doesn't do my kids any favors, either.
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Happy New Year!!! I'd like to take this opportunity to say a big screw you and flip the bird to 2009. We're going to friends early in the evening, then coming home, putting the kids to bed, starting a fire and burning the 2009 calendar. I plan on getting drunk and letting DH take advantage of me. I'm hoping to put 2009 behind me. Blechy, blechy year.
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I am feeling a bit sad and blue In a few weeks my son James will be moving interstate to go to uni to be honest I haven't really had much to think about it until now with bed-rest, Christmas and a million other things gong on but tonight he asked me something about it and I realized in a few short weeks he's no longer going to be living here

I thought it would get easier letting go as each child moves out, but really doesn't

I have to go and try to calm Ruby down, we had soft drink with dinner as a special treat and now she's bouncing off the walls yelling Happy New Year
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Can't believe the year is gone. And that the WO will be here any day!
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I'm feeling homesick. We used to spend NYE with my family, up in Durham, with first-footing and opening the window to hear the Cathedral ring the bells in and we can't do that this year. Not only can we not do the drive with a newborn, but I don't think my uncle and aunt are up for a houseful at midnight any more With having bought the house, I'm feeling the need for new traditions down here, seeing as this is it. This is home now, and I'm committed to raising my children in the armpit of humanity.
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10 minutes til the new year here in Australia and i am still awake the two youngest members of my troupe are asleep and one child is very sleepy
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Good morning! Not the new year until tomorrow but it is my eldest DD birthday. Whcih means I need to bring her out to get her tattoo touched up feeling huge. If she tells me I look like I am carrying twins one more time I am disowning her.....
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Originally Posted by zonapellucida View Post
Good morning! Not the new year until tomorrow but it is my eldest DD birthday. Whcih means I need to bring her out to get her tattoo touched up feeling huge. If she tells me I look like I am carrying twins one more time I am disowning her.....

lol i am carrying twins but feel and look like i am carrying 4 or 5

btw it's now officially 2010 here in Australia
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Yeah, my 12yo daughter keeps asking me if I am SURE I am not having twins. And my five year old son keeps telling me I am getting "SOOOO FAT!"

I am glad I am not overly self concious. It could really hurt my feelings!
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Still NYE here. I hope I am asleep early. I am running in a New Year's Day race on the 1st. The kiddos will stay up late with dh, watch movies and eat junk food I won't let them have. I won't even buy it so that means a trip to the grocery for them. I say let them have their fun!

for 2010
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Sam, jeeez, you started january like 10 hours before us! (And where in Oz are you? In my hometown it's only 10.15 pm.)
We're still at 3.15 pm. here, so still almost 9 hours to go.

I hope you all have a wonderful new year!!

We're hoping 2010 will be better as well, but we've had some wonderful stuff this year too. But some stuff I can't wait to put behind me.
I have kids looking forward to the fireworks tonight at midnight, if they can make it.
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It is still new years eve here and will be for another 8 hours. We have baked a tray of brownies and tidied up a bit.

My family seem to have a pathological inability to register stuff left on the floor. They can all tread on anything and not notice. The living room , the kitchen the stairs the landing and the bedrooms all have 3-D floors where they should be 2-D.

I have so many hopes for the new year but I think it is probably more realistic to just concentrate on myself rather than wish for everything around me to change.

Later on we will go to Marlow and stand on this bridge with hundreds of other people to see the new year in and watch the fireworks.

That's what the brownie is for - to eat after the fireworks and keep us going on the drive home.
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It's still NYE morning here in California.

I'm enjoying that Christmas is over and that we still have some days off together. Yesterday I went out with my older three to ride a carousel and drink hot chocolate. Today they are off to an amusement park while the baby naps. I want to plan a big outing for tomorrow too. I know at least that the zoo is open. My 6 and 8 yo are in school and so don't get to go on outings all the time, but they still love them.

Any New Year's traditions to share? I wanted to get everyone a calendar, but not sure what they will do with them. I guess they could post everyone's birthdays for a start. Also want to do some resolutions . . . and help them think of some!
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Happy New Year!

I worked last year so I'm looking forward to spending it with my dh and kids this year. We'll be making O's birthday cake for his "One-derful birthday" party which is on the first.

He has weaned himself so I'm just doing a little pumping until we can get him transfered over to milk. Hopefully this weekend. I'm sad about it, but since I'm already pumping less, wow did the libido start to come back.

DH is liking that!
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