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Originally Posted by pixiekisses View Post
She's awake!

What great news! Prayers to keep her healing!

and how fabulous that Nate and Sophia are coming home already!
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Originally Posted by baltic_ballet View Post

Nate and Sophia are finally coming home this afternoon
What awesome news!!!
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I'm glad to see things seem to be going a bit better, Pixie! And baltic_ballet, I didn't realize the little ones were still in. I'm glad they'll be home soon! (or probably are already home by now!)

Not very exciting here lately. I'm deciding on what size crop share to order next month and bookmarking recipes. It's all very relaxing! The kids are down in the basement watching something on a VHS tape. They're still amazed by this VCR and tapes their grandpa gave us because all they know are DVDs. It's very amusing. I keep wondering if this is how my parents felt about my own amazement over the 8-track player they still used all the time when I was little. And the huge record collection. I don't even think my kids know what a record is, let alone have seen one!
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Crop share!!! Thanks for reminding me!

I forgot to order ours (for the whole summer) last year until April, and by then they were all full. Wish me luck!
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Sam, I'm so glad they are coming home!

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Pixie ~ I'm still thinking of you all and hoping that both you and your Little Miss keep your strength and get through this.
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Oh Pixie Keep talking, we'll keep listening.
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Do they know why she had the brain bleed? How scary. Glad you were somewhere where they could do the surgery right away. Keep healing, Little Miss Cottonball!
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Pixie, thinking of your little one makes me want to hug mine, intaed of want to strangle them tonight....Kids were in bed...I heard a sound, went upstairs and was speechless. They had emptied every toiletry we owned all over the bathroom. The walls, the tub the floors the door....toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, baby oil, body scrub and creams which I cannot rebuy(no funds) And they were laughing like it was the funniest thing. And they are 4.5 and 3.5, so not babies......and have just now fallen asleep at 1am my time!

This too shall pass.This too shall pass. This too shall pass. This too shall pass.
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Urg. I hate when bedtime is yet another mess to clean up. I love my family. I mean I am pretty sure I do but lately... I don't know. The work side of it all is overwhelming me. They are good kids, everyone helps (by doing about half of what I identify as what needs doing), we are healthy... I don't know, I just feel bogged down by the details and very little joy in it all. Maybe it is just winter blues?
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I think the winter doesn't help when you have a lot of people in the house. I certainly feel more hemmed in during the winter when going out in the garden is not a matter of just opening the door and letting them out.

Roll on summer and being outdoors: less mess in the house, more picnic lunches and less dirty wet shoes and coats everywhere
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About now is when I get the urge to load up kids and just drive south til we hit sunshine and beach. Or crawl in a hole and die. !!

I'm feeling it too, with sick kids and dark mornings and too much inside. The weather's been too bad even to take walks- so windy it blew part of our fence over and our trees have been losing branches.

Hugs pixie!
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How to get your period after 3 1/2 years...buy new underwear. Yep, that worked.

My kids were driving me nuts yesterday, but wowsers to canadiannancy that would have pushed me over the edge!
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Originally Posted by mclisa View Post
How to get your period after 3 1/2 years...buy new underwear. Yep, that worked.
How to get pregnant....buy condoms and tampons. Works every time for me.
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I bought a diva cup so very long ago that I cannot tell you what year it was but I've been pregnant 3 times since then without a chance to use it. I have a feeling my time is coming.
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Thank you, mamas.

It's been very scary, the whole thing. But, they fixed it, no complications during surgery, and the surgeon expects her to fully recover. She's been very sick and weak after the surgery, but that is normal, and they expect that we'll see her looking and feeling better from now.
She already is looking a little bit better, and she is an amazing fighter.
Might need more physical therapy for a while.
But that doesn't matter as long as she fully recovers.
I've been totally "empty", scared, and don't have much to say. (Unusual!)
She is so strong, we're so lucky we have her.
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Wow Pixie. You are one strong mama! I'm so glad your little one came through the surgery so well. I'm thinking of you all, and wishing her a very speedy recovery.

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Thank you.
And people, I don't want to kill the thread, that'll only make me feel guilty. Please continue talking about whatever. It's great with the support I get when I pop in, but just keep chatting!
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thinking of you pixie. Hope Miss Cotton Balls gets out of the hospital soon.

Our weather sucks today. We were suppose to be heading over for supper with a couple who have 3 kids. Nope, freezing rain. Roads are going to get bad. DH was going to take them afterwards to the kids' science museum to wear them out a bit.

I did get to meet my dh and 3 kids for lunch today. Good food and they were so funny. We don't get to eat out much so it's nice for the kids when they get to do so. We picked a place that doesn't mind if they are too loud. And it's an old mill so the floor is cement. Very helpful when one spilled her water.

We find that our kids just don't have the patience to sit that long as they wait for the food etc. When they are older we'll have to do it.
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As far as eating out we have good days and bad. For the most part though, we have a number of places that we go & the kids are comfortable there and know how they are expected to behave. One is an Indian restaurant and we always go for the lunch buffet so they don't have to wait for food. Most others are pub type places, so pretty casual, and the adults can get just as rowdy as any kids! Come to think of it, we tend to eat lunch out because it's less busy than dinners out. I can't do crowds with the kids, just don't have the patience.

We don't often take the kids to more formal meals, though we did for Christmas dinner & it went off without a hitch. The baby fell asleep & slept the whole time & the kids were content with their meals & thankfully quiet. Sometimes we'll have "date" night with one child & one parent too, and that's fun one on one time.

In other news, I'm having contractions, but nothing that hurts too badly so I'm thinking the babe's arrival is still a few weeks away. With my broken sewing machine, I've given up on sewing newborn diapers, but luckily another MDC mama is sending me some. (Thanks Elisa!) Chris is out of town for his last business trip before the baby comes, and I'm busily trying to finish up some longies & a baby blanket. We just started a new history curriculum too and everybody is having a lot of fun with that.

And Helen, I'll be mailing a package to you on Tuesday as soon as Chris brings me home some money.

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