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Originally Posted by canadiannancy View Post
Pixie, thinking of your little one makes me want to hug mine, intaed of want to strangle them tonight....Kids were in bed...I heard a sound, went upstairs and was speechless. They had emptied every toiletry we owned all over the bathroom. The walls, the tub the floors the door....toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, baby oil, body scrub and creams which I cannot rebuy(no funds) And they were laughing like it was the funniest thing. And they are 4.5 and 3.5, so not babies......and have just now fallen asleep at 1am my time!

This too shall pass.This too shall pass. This too shall pass. This too shall pass.
Welcome to my world, LOL! I pretty much have out in the bathroom the bare minimum for this very reason! I have key locks on the closets in my home to cut down and the kids taking everythign out of them. Ugh! I'm just now, with the youngest a few months from three, getting to the point where the house stays reasonable clean. And now I'm thinking about another one, I must be out of my mind!!

AM: You are not weird, I feel the same way. Having children of my own has helped me heal many childhood trmemeories are traumas from my own past.

I wanted a big family because even though it was mostly just me and my mom and brother growing up, my happiest are of my grandparents house: tons of aunts, uncles, cousins etc on the holidays and of the years that we lived with them, it was us, them, my uncle with his three kids and then my grandmothers nice and nephew that they adopted when her sister was killed in a car wreck. So for a few years of my childhood there were seven children in the house (and four adults) and I loved it! I also see how attached my three youngest are to each other, as opposed to how lonely and bored my oldest often was for the first eleven years of his life as an only child.

Toothbrushes: I have a little decorative basket that hangs on the wall in the bathroom and all the toothbrushes and toothpaste and dental floss goes in there.

Socks: When dd and ds2 were wearing the same size, I bought all white socks and they just shared. Now they all have their own but its easy to tell cuz dd has pink, girly socks and ds2 and ds3 sizes are different enough that it's obvious.

Community Toys: No. My original plan was one big play one of shared toys to avoid fights. Well, it doesn't avoid fights and the toys all get claimed anyway. Plus, they do remember who got what for christmas/birthdays. Or just who picked what at the store. So most toys belong to someone but we share. And my kids are great at giving their toys to each other. When ds2 moved from a train obsession to dinosaurs and his little brother moved INTO the train obsession, he never blinked when ds3 claimed all the trains as "his" even though technically, they were ds2's. But right now, ds3 is the primary one who plays with them and he obviously loves them so no one questions that they are "his". Same with the toy cars. When a child really loves a toy, the other kids generally accept that it's theirs regardless of who it technically belonged to first. We still have fights over toys when they are playing, but it never matters if they are communal or kid specific toys as the complaint is always for who had it first or who really wants it etc.

Pixie: So glad things are getting back to normal!! What an ordeal for your entire family!!

McLisa: You crack me up! When we were in the same due date club in 07, you were NOT letting your dh talk you into number five and now not only do you have five, but are talking about number six, lol!! I love it!

I said we were done, dh said we were done, but last week at the natural wildlife museum when my youngest got out of the stroller to walk with the other kids and they all ran ahead leaving me pushing that big double stroller, EMPTY....my first thought was that I needed a baby to fill it!! Then last night dh was talking about another baby....so who knows?

In May the two 18 year olds will graduate. Not that they will move out immediately, but it does open up the idea that at some point in the future we will have two bedrooms open. Right now, dd age six is sharing with the two younger boys and I would like to move the boys into a room of their own and give dd some space. The boys are rough, they tear up her stuff. I was thinking dd in her own room, the two boys share and that leaves us a room for a home office/computer room. But it could also be a nursery.....
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Originally Posted by annettemarie View Post
I think it's winter stuff coupled with the fact that I would have been due in February. Yesterday was pretty bad. Today was better. Tomorrow will be better yet. Thanks for the love, mamas.

i miscarried in Feb 2008 and it still stings. my dh always says 'but we have the twins' and they wouldn't exist if i'd not lost that baby, but we just moved from the house where i buried (her?) and it feels bleurgh.

i hope joy comes into your life very soon
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I can't believe January is nearly over - my goodness it's gone fast! It's been a big month for me the birth of twins, my second son moving out and my nephew's cancer relapse has meant it being an very emotional month.

how is everyone else going?

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I'm feeling pretty good. My pubic pain has gone away, I've been sleeping really well the last few nights. Must mean baby is close! I get the best sleep right at the end of pregnancy, like my body is storing it all up. Chris is out of town until Monday night, so I'm slightly nervous about that, of course. So, that's about it, just hanging around the house, should be organizing some things, but would rather sit here & drink my coffee.

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My gosh, are you due already Kat??

I'm having more good days but I still feel hungover quite a lot! Cloudy, tired, no appetite...

I did hear the baby's heartbeat which was so reassuring and always wonderful! And I have both a midwife friend and my family doc (who does births) in my court for support if/when I want/need anything during my pregnancy/birth, so that feels really good. It's nice to know you have people to call if something comes up.
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I started a new thread as I'm sure Sam is busy with her little ones. Here it is http://www.mothering.com/discussions...7#post15011167

KAt - fingers crossed that babe didn't show up when Chris was away.
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Can I join in? We have 4 kids (9, 7, 6 & 4mos). Would like to have another, but not sure if that will happen with the BF'ing plus my age (37). Who knows? Never had a problem before so hopefully God will allow us another!
Nice to find a place to chat with other mamas who don't look at me like I'm a nutcase for having more than 2 or 3 kids! (can't tell you how many times I have been asked "Are you done YET?")
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