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Simplifying the bed

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No, not the bedroom activities -- just the bedroom.

Here's what I've been thinking. DH and I are thinking of moving, with our 9yo son, into a very small place when we move state next year. Maybe a yurt or a "tinyhouse" until we can afford to get somewhere bigger. I got a good possibility of picking up a 20' yurt in good condition for under $1000 so I'm seriously thinking about it.

Now, as the Japanese can tell you, you get more living space if the sleeping materials are folded up and put away during the day. In a 20' yurt, space is really going to be at a premium for 3 of us.

So what I want to know is, has anyone ever just plain gotten rid of their beds and gone to sleeping in hammocks or on the floor? I know my back would never allow me to sleep on the floor, but sleeping in a hammock is supposed to be very good for the back. Especially if you sleep in it sideways. I've been doing a lot of reading about this, and it seems positive, but I'm much more interested in hearing someone's experienced opinion about it.

My son loves the idea, and my husband isn't averse to it. So it's yet another thing we've started mulling over.

Has anyone ever done this? Tossed out the bed and started sleeping in a hammock? Are we crazy? Is that too extreme, or is it do-able?
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I remember reading a thread here that people talked about this. I bet you could find it if you did a search...

Curious for responses, because my kids all have nice beds but choose to sleep in tents, or on the floor, or on couch cushions laid on the floor, etc. And I think they would probably LOVE the idea of a hammock!
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I've slept on a comfortable foam mattress on the floor for most of the past 8 years and I like it. I wouldn't share a hammock as I think that peoples' nighttime movements would be too disruptive. I like the idea of putting away bedding, but there is something very comforting about one's nest being ready for you, especially when you are a child. I think I'd prefer something more like a bed dressed up as a couch during the day.
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I have a nicaraguan (sp.) style hammock (no spreader bars) on my porch which I have napped in, but have never spent the night.
It is very comfortable and I love it

I have thought of sleeping in it at night but was scared I'd fall if I rolled over suddenly...I was going to put cushions under it and try it out, but never have.

Could you get yourself a hammock and try it out?
If it didn't work out you could use the hammock outside- and you'd get the answer
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When I was little my dad had a hammock over his bed.Thinking back I think he liked the hammock but didn't get rid of the bed because I slept with him sometimes and I'm sure he had some "over night guest" when I was at my mom's house.

The only other person I know who slept in a hammock lived in the rain forest so there was no bedroom just hammock.But she said it was very comfortable and of coarse in that type of situation everyone is in the hammocks(kid,babies,etc.)without any problems.
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I like my bed!

But I don't like clutter around the room.
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We used to live in a small apartment and slept on fold out couches from IKEA. They are so comfortable that now that we live in house with a "real bed", we sometimes sleep on them anyway.

I like the IKEA ones because they are easy to get home from the store (we fit them in our Saturn sedan. They are also super easy to fold up and you can get little slide away drawers to keep your bed linens in. You can also "personalize" them somewhat by choosing different kinds of mattresses.

We have a Beddinge and a Lycksele
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I did a search on here before I posted, but perhaps those threads got aged out of existence? I couldn't find anything on it. I searched for hammocks and sleeping hammocks and hammock sleep, but nothing came up.

I did find some good information about all this on the hammockforums.com if anyone else is interested. Wish I'd found them before I posted here! But hey, maybe my thread can help out someone else.

Apparently, the consensus of those who sleep in hammocks full time is that the couples have a "your hammock or mine" approach to intimacy and cuddles, but for just plain sleeping, they tend to prefer separate hammocks. One couple makes sure to pitch their hammocks close enough so they can still touch each other in the night, and another couple just has a double-wide hammock and a very high tolerance for snuggling. I think we could make do with any of these approaches.

My son does love the idea, but if we did this for real, I could be concerned about the possibility of some well-meaning but short-sighted social worker deciding that a child needs a proper bed, and taking him away or something. Never mind that people all over the world sleep in hammocks all the time.

Kathleen Mary, thanks for the links to the IKEA sofas. They look great! That might be a definite possibility if we decide not to go the hammock route.
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I used to have a studio apartment. Think 12x12 room. I had a fold out mini sofa. A friend of mine in another tiny studio just built a loft bed and kept her desk/office space underneath. The hammock idea sounds really neat though I think my cats would be very annoyed
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I slept on a futon for years. You could make it your couch when it's not in use.
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