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Spanish speakers in Seattle???

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Hello all! We are three months new to Seattle and a bilingual Spanish/English family. We have three kids and are also homeschooling. We would love to find other Spanish speaking families to get together with now and again. Obviously we are always open to English speaking friends as well but finding some Spanish speaking peers is pretty important to them maintaining their Spanish and not feeling completely "odd" for being the only kids around speaking this other language and so far we have not had any luck in running into other kids that speak Spanish.

So, if you are interested please be in touch and feel free to send any suggestions my way as well. Thanks so much!
(fyi-we did find the Spanish storytimes at the library and all the local language schools but so far that has not helped us find any peers in the 4-6 year old set)

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Hi Maria,

We are also a (partly??) bilingual family, we live on the Eastside.

My son is 4 1/2. He understands Spanish, and will speak some, but certainly isn't fluent, so I don't know if this helps you any. I have been really wanting to get him around some other Spanish speaking kids to encourage him to speak more, but we haven't had much luck either.

My husband is the fully bilingual one in our family, but isn't much of a teacher. Grandma lived with us until my son was 18 months, so he has a good base, just no one to practice with!

We do have planned for him to start at the Bilingual Kindergarten program next fall, so he will be speaking better Spanish soon!

If you are still interested (although you may be helping us more than the other way!) shoot me an email:

Joan Q 25@ yahoo.com
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I am learning to speak Spanish so I welcome opportunities to learn more kid-level vocabulary and to practice. I'm not exactly what you are looking for though: I have a ways to go before I can be fluent in conversation. I'd love to have playdates/playgroups with Spanish speaking families to have opportunities to be immersed in the language and get my kiddos more exposure.
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