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January Obsess and Test

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Testing every day from 1dpo will not make me pregnant and saying that will not stop me from doing so
FertilityFriend will not randomly post a big red PREGNANT over my chart But its only tenth time I have looked today, you never know if they will add that as a feature!
Evap lines are evil But I secretly hope for them just to have that second line on a test
I do not have TTC on my mind 24/7 Sometimes I think about what it will be like when we succeed!

We love cheap tests.
We love buying tests in bulk.
We have spent more on tests this cycle than we care to admit anywhere outside of this forum.

That twinge? Oh that could be implantation!
Am I nauseated or is it just that food I ate earlier?
Hello body? Could you just give me a definite sign?!

If you have ever even thought any of these comments, or something similar, this is where you can come to share. Post your tests to be scrutinized, whine about how long it is to get from 3dpo when you have your ovulation confirmed to 7dpo when you promised yourself you would wait to test.
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Happy New Year! I ended 2009 with a BFN this morning (as far as I know, since I didn't have time to really check good or wait for the full 5 minutes to pass)

at 9dpo that is not surprising.

what IS surprising is that my temp is STILL up, though I did not have more covers last night than I did 4 nights ago... but I did not wake up cold either. So maybe its just that the wind isnt blowing towards the wall Im sleeping against?

what is REALLY surprising is that I am 9dpo and my breasts do not hurt. I am not complaining. I hope it keeps up. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE... thats the one thing I always hate about AF coming is the week pre-AF that I can not so much as hug anyone because they hurt so bad!
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Happy New Year!

Today is CD3 for me. It sucks. It's quite heavy, and I'd do anything to be able to stay home from work, which I bled all over the chair yesterday, how frickin' embarrassing! But, it's off to work I go for another night of hell. Let's hope I don't have a repeat!
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Mae- Hang in there!

Mama~Love- Been there, done that...not only all over the chair but all over my WHITE pants. Thrilling to be sure to look like a stabbing victim walking to the bathroom as if nothing is going on. I'm SO SO SO sorry. But at least you know your body is giving itself a proper cleaning so as to be ready to go this cycle!

AFM- Um. My temp jumped to 98.12. I thought I spied a line on the FRER and on the Wondfo but DH couldn't confirm. There is a line on the FRER now but it is hours old. I'm only 5 dpo. So...we'll see what tomorrow and the following days bring. I'm trying desperately hard not to get even the slightest bit excited or optimistic but it just isn't working.........

Happy New Year Y'all!!!

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Today DH went to the pharmacy and I asked him to pick me up a box of FRER’s. He came back with FR Rapid Results. Is that the same thing? Is it going to give me that second line as early as a FRER? Just from reading the box and insert it didn’t seem like it would, but I figured I’d just ask the experts and see what you ladies have to say.

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Good afternoon ladies! I'm a BFN on the EPT digital. On to January's cycle.
What's the deal with FRER? Are they the "best" tests? I've decided I HATE those stupid cheapie strip tests I bought, blech... I need another solution for my obsession....
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The thing with FRERs is... in my own personal experience and opinion, they are WELL worth the money you waste on the BFNs they give you LOL because there is NO question. However, they are horrible for obsessive testing because they are so expensive. I took one today even though I am 9dpo because I have been sick to my stomach for three days now... with high-but-not-feverish temps for three days now... so was that if Im pregnant I would get another early bfp (like my 6dpo bfp with DD) but either Im not pregnant, or no such luck!

I still have 1 FRER for first thing tomorrow morning... ring in the new year with a BFN lol

then when I get home the day after tomorrow I have 48 saveontest.com strips to obsess over. I had 50 but I purposely used two when 100% sure that I was not in the least bit pregnant and did the two things I normally do with tests (leave it in my medicine cabinet, or take to my computer with me) to test whether or not they normally get a visible line when doing so. No line at all as far as I could spy!
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I have alot of hope for you Mae.

For me, I missed this month and am in limbo as were not 100% sure of whats going on with TTC.
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Good Luck Bettina, I've been thinking about you.
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Thanks MrsD!!
That means alot to me. My partner and I right now are officially avoiding but if i becoming pregnant, that we will, of course, be happy.

Its been a hard short road but i am happy i came here and met with everyone. I am CTA but i still kinda hope for a change and we decide to actively try by the summer.
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I'm in the middle of my TWW (5dpo); I'm going to try to wait until 10dpo to test. No symptoms of anything yet, but I guess it would be early! I'm just so excited because I haven't ovulated in months and we might have a chance this time! Meeting with our RE to go over my infertility work up on Monday, and then Tuesday I will test and hopefully be able to tell the doctor that I don't need his assistance!
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Heading to the gym... gonna hang out on the trampolines to welcome in the new year.... hope my stomach holds while bouncing around! LOL

Have a great and safe one yall... talk to you next year
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Hi. My name is Rochelle, and I'm an addict.

Just today I admitted to my husband that I have an addiction. A serious addiction to HPT'ing. He asked me how many I do, and I lied and said two a week......I actually do at least 4.

He just about flipped!!! I said that I'd joined this new forum and with the support of other people in the same boat I would try and curb my addiction to only once a week, with a goal of only once every 2 weeks! Phew, so now it's up to me to stay true to my husbandly promise.

As I've mentioned in several other places on here, I actually have no clue where I am in my cycle. I've never charted before. My last period was November 10. My cycles can be ridiculously long, or they can be 30 days - my body likes to keep me on my toes. I did notice on December 24 a lot of EWCM, so DH and I BD. Now, of course I'm POSITIVE I'm a week pregnant so since xmas eve I've taken 5 HPTs . No symptoms or clues to suggest I am, and it's only the 100th time I've been through this, and I'm pretty sure come January 7 (which is the date I've decided I'm going to test next) I'll see a BFN. Again.

Anyway, I've been stalking some of these other threads for a while, and it gives me so much hope when I see that someone else gets a BFP after a lot of trying! Can't wait for my day.

As soon as AF gets here, I'm going to try my first attempt at charting, and will see if it makes it any easier for me to track what is going on with my body.

I'm looking forward to going through this with a support network!

P.S. - I really want to use this, and think I deserve to since I live in Alaska! >>
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Welcome, Rochelle!

Let me see if I follow you... you test four times a week and you think that's bad? Oh honey, I was testing four times a day.

Hey, they were cheap... something like $8 for 30 tests on eBay.

Best of luck to you!
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Yeah...4 times a week? Ha! I have tested 3 times TODAY...at 5dpo...I'm gonna try to hold off until tomorrow evening to test again. My grandparents are visiting and I don't want to have to temper my reaction to a positive or keep it a secret (I couldn't keep it secret!) so I'll wait until they leave...if I can!!!!

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I get home tomorrow night (if you count today as the first... since it is past midnight here) and I have 48 pee sticks waiting for me (saveontests.com you should REALLY look into it the 50 I bought were only 20 bucks and are supposed to be slightly more sensitive than FRER)

I can guarantee that I will be testing EVERY TIME I PEE between then and when AF shows or I run out (as in even if I get a bfp I will still test until I run out )
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Um. My gums are bleeding...

Happy New Year!!!

That is all.

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Originally Posted by Jenne View Post
Um. My gums are bleeding...

Happy New Year!!!

That is all.

I blew my nose earlier and it was bloody! You just reminded me!

for us both!!!!
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Originally Posted by VillageMom6 View Post
Welcome, Rochelle!

Let me see if I follow you... you test four times a week and you think that's bad? Oh honey, I was testing four times a day.

Hey, they were cheap... something like $8 for 30 tests on eBay.

Best of luck to you!
That is too funny! Wow!!! I'm completely incredulous that my addiction isn't even a bad one. 4 times a day!!! haha FAR OUT! I'm sure I'll get there before long at the rate I'm going. But, thanks for the ammunition next time DH brings it up.

Actually, in all honesty, I think I have slight cramping and have had it for a few days now. I don't feel comfortable at all. Wonder if it's AF, or something else?
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Good morning ladies...it's 330 am in alabama and i'm at work at the good ol' 911 center in my county!! (YEA ha NOT...i'm kinda tired of dealing with everyone's drama tonight) ANYWAYS...i'm 5 dpo today and my 20 tests didn't show up yesterday so it will probably be saturday or monday before they get here. I hope everyone gets the BFP's they've been praying for!!!!! I know that it would be the best gift I could ever give to my DH!!! (seeing he's 30 and strugglin with the fact that he's never had a child before) Well, I'm going to go watch the food network and finish my hour break up trying not to post too many times on the different threads that i monitor lol (i think i'm becoming just as addicted to posting as i am testing!!!)
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