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Anyone want to look at my chart and confirm that I haven't O'd.

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Hey Ladies, long time since I posted here. I'm at 8DPO, and dying to test!!! I have a whole bunch of internet strips, plus 2 FRER pink wrappers here just shouting at me to pee on.

<-----My chart is there, if anyone wants to look.

I had a really weird dream last night that I was in my childhood home, with DH, and a bunch of pregnancy tests; digitals, midstreams, and strips, all positive! Then I was at work, and there were other women there with handfulls of pregnancy tests, wondering who they belonged to.

I found this site here that shows a graph of vivid dreams in relation to very early pregnancy that I thought was interesting (it was only in successful pregnancy cycles):


I normally don't have such vivid or weird dreams, so this is definitely unusual for me.
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Originally Posted by Mama~Love View Post
I found this site here that shows a graph of vivid dreams in relation to very early pregnancy that I thought was interesting (it was only in successful pregnancy cycles):


I normally don't have such vivid or weird dreams, so this is definitely unusual for me.
thats interesting, I wonder how quickly they go back up after that fall... because a LOT of the ladies in my DDC (who are 4-10 weeks along... some in late august, some in early october) are getting vivid and WEIRD dreams again!
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I think it's meant to be used as a pregnancy symptom, not an overall occurance in pregnancy, and they were graphing it to show how many people had it in their 2WW. I know pregnant women have lots of weird dreams (I know I have!)
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Jenne- I wish I could help, but I am terrible at reading FF charts, as you may have noticed I keep thinking I had O, then didn't! I looked at it but did not see enough pre O temps, or what may be post O to tell. Sorry, and I wish you luck... maybe another lady here will offer more expertise on your chart.

SimplyRochelle- any update?
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AF showed up in full force yesterday. Thanks for thinking about me though. It was definitely not the hoped for result but at least I am not in limbo anymore!

How are you Tara?
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Ah, that's rough, I'm sorry. Thank goodness for no limbo though.

Thanks for asking... still in a limbo of sorts...not currently under a fake out O at the moment, just came off the last one.
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I got crosshairs this morning.

Sorry about yesterday's freak out...

back to your regularly scheduled program...

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Hi Ladies - Just jumping over from the TTC over 40 board. This is my first month charting but not my first month obsessing. But, I certainly belong here. I have a lovely family that I thought was complete until I had a surprise pregnancy last year that ended in a heartbreaking m/c at 12 weeks. Since then I have had two more m/c and one chemical. Anyway - I am on day #12 - negative IC this am. I need to figure out how to link to my chart. I feel very crampy like AF is on her way. Look forward to obsessing with you!
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Have you ever seen a smear in the test area?

I told myself I wasn't going to test today, so I quickly peed in a bathroom with no tests in it on purpose when I woke up this a.m.

Then I rethought that ridiculousness and held it for the next four hours with only a cup of coffee in that amount of time.

I o'd on cd14 (positive OPK prior, and huge o pains that day) and have pretty regular 28 day cycles. Today I am 9 dpo. We dtd (also used pre-seed) on cds 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14. I don't temp because I'm lazy and I just don't follow thru on things like that.

So, hopefully I'll be able to link this photo. Has anyone ever seen a smear like this before in the area where a test line would be? It was there within 10 minutes and it's still there now hours later. It shows up much better irl than in the photo (of course - doesn't it always?).


I can also share that I:
  • had major heartburn last night and this morning and I've never gotten heartburn before (with the exception of late pregnancy)
  • got a headache yesterday (unusual for me)
  • am salivating like crazy
  • have a heavy/bloated feeling in my midsection
  • have an almost constant low back ache, crampy feeling that sometimes moves to my hips
Of course I have more cheapies but don't have the patience to hold it long enough and I'm drinking more this afternoon. I do have a pink wrapper FRER I'm going to save until tomorrow a.m. which should be about 4 days before my period is due.

Any thoughts?

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Thats an error, I got a couple myself... just test again.

Luckily, if it comes back negative, you are only around 9dpo (not exactly, O pains can come up to a few days before O) so its still early, even for a FRER.

myself I didnt get a BFP until 13dpo! And my last pregnancy I had a BFP at 6dpo!

So just hang in there, test again and hope you dont get any more errors!
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Some pretty January tests!!


I still have like 20 tests of the square kind that i dont know what im going to do with. knowing me, theyll all get peed on too! happy dance!!
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Can I join? I'm in another thread too, but this might be the better place for me!

Although I'm a long-time lurker, I am in the TTC game for #2!

I'm on CD 19, but I have no idea what my O date is / was. I'm trying to hold out from testing until CD 26 (Feb. 5th). I could have O'd anywhere between CD 14 and CD 17, so that would put me between 9 and 12 DPO.

This is my first real 2ww, even though I already have a little one. She happened so quickly that I never actually got a chance to think about things. This is all so new and exciting to me!
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Help POAS addicts!

9dpo could still be too early for a positive right? I had a negative test this morning but since yesterday afternoon have been majorly dizzy, heartburn, and want to puke everywhere (but still have the urge to eat?). I am going crazy!! My stash of internet cheapies is calling to me!!!
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Hi everyone! I've been lurking this thread for weeks now, but I didn't read all the replies, it's so long! I have pretty limited internet time right now, so I thought I'd just give a quick, "Hi!" and I'm with you!
I was def obsessing and testing until AF showed up this month. I'm pretty positive I O'd yesterday though and if so, we MUST have caught it. And if not we'll be trying very hard to in the next few days! Haha.
I'm so excited to find more obsessive testers, my DH thought I was crazy because I was testing maybe 2 times a day and then I told him about some of you! I'm off the hook
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Welcome Bethanie and indianagrl!!! Can't wait to obsess with you.

And indianagrl, 9dpo is still very early for a BFP. I didn't get a bfp until 14dpo and I know there are quite a few other ladies around here who got really faint ones at 13dpo. Try and wait a few more days (yeah right!) or go by your local dollar store and pick up some of those so you don't have to feel so guilty about testing so often. They pick up 25miu of HCG just like many of the more expensive early response tests do. Good luck!
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Thanks for the welcome!
I considered testing today at 1 DPO, hahahahahahaha. Wow.
I must have SOME self control, right!?
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Neverbeenhappier... test

Hi NeverBeenHappier,
I don't know if you've already tested again, but just wanted to share that I have had tests that looked similar to the one you posted... which later resulted in my two DDs.

Good luck!
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Thanks for the respnse MaerynPearl - sort of what I was assuming, but as Pearly points out (thanks!) I won't be giving up just yet. I am a little sick of testing on the ics, (ok, a lot sick of the BFNS!) so I think I'll save my FRER for Tuesday a.m. when AF is due or Wednesday a.m. if I can hold out that long!

Thanks ladies!
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