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I see a faint pink too!!! How exciting!!!!!!
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Hi Ladies!

I was so hoping to be a member of the December BFP's club but alas DH was temporarily injured during premo BDing time and unable to perfom (but was VERY apologetic, which was very sweet - I know he would have done anything to change this as he is hoping for more babes every bit as much as I am. I was hoping there would be an ever so slight chance that the two days we did BD (before injury) were close enough to my O day, which may have come two days early, but the cheapie tests are telling me that is not the case at 13dpo, so I will set my sights on our next chance and will be on a mission to make a baby! I'm not expecting any trouble, but it was very frustrating to have the chance completely taken away at the last minute! Of course even knowing that there is practically zero chance has not stopped me from peeing on every stick I have in the house!

I am very excited to read of any faint lines and hopefullness from other members. Good luck to everyone trying!

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am gonna find my thermometer and head to bed. will test and post again in the morning. am even setting up my camera NOW to be ready!
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Can't wait! As if just waiting for MY test results isn't bad enough!

As for me, I've been having letdown feelings all day. My boobs are super sensitive today. Haven't had the letdown feeling since I breastfed my son last (some 18 months ago)! Wonder what that means? When I got pregnant last time, my boobs grew 3 cup sizes in 6 weeks. They were hard as rocks. Sore boobs the first time was what prompted me to test in the first place! Anyway, I'm sure it's psychosomatic.

Sleep easy, Mae - looking forward to seeing a darker line in the morning!
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Originally Posted by NeverBeenHappier View Post
HI was hoping there would be an ever so slight chance that the two days we did BD (before injury) were close enough to my O day, which may have come two days early, but the cheapie tests are telling me that is not the case at 13dpo
There's still a chance you might be pregnant! 13dpo is still early.
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So i got my tests in the mail yesterday (1/2/09) and couldn't help but pee on one lol....(what can i say i'm a sucker for testing) anyways....I don't know that anything really was there but i saw a faint faint faint faint..... line and it showed up better when i inverted it....i'm only like 7 dpo so i might just be wishing too hard!!!! (i know it's too early for me to get a + right now) ANYWAY, i get off work at 6 am and i'll be getting back up to test at around 2 this afternoon after i've finally gotten some sleep!!!! GOOD luck MAE i'm really looking forward to seeing more of your tests!!!
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I'm waiting for a buddy to head over to the September DDC with me.
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Negative again this AM although there is a line on the first response it isn't pink. Today is 8dpo so I'm not worried (and since we agreed to try again NEXT cycle I'm not too hung up on it being positive this cycle...at least that I what I'm saying out loud.) one way or another yet. Temp was back up this morning...

We'll see...

Mae? Adorkable?

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I'm 8dpo. Temp last two days has been really high! I haven't has post-o temps so high relative to my coverline! I am not testing today because I had a bfn yesterday but I'll test again tomorrow.

Mae, I can't wait to see your bfp!
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Good luck Brandy!!!! Keep us posted!
Jenne - still early days yet!

My boobs are still sore this morning. Boycotting testing today since it's only been 10 days since we BD'ed. I'm going to try my best to hold out till Wednesday. So sick of BFN's.
Oh, and I realized I was taking my bbt wrong, so ignore those low temps. I'm a dork! :/ 98.3 this morning.

Ya know, I'll almost be as happy to see AF as I would a BFP! Stupid body. CD57.
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12dpo and my breasts STILL do not hurt... but I woke up several times last night (my usual roll-over wake ups) and each time I felt so sick to my stomach.

Stuffy nose... when I blow it its bloody...

I have a lot of signs I am... but Im still feeling like Im not.

http://i235.photobucket.com/albums/e...rogression.jpg (this was taken after the time limit so the line looks darker due to the test starting to evaporate)
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lol... you can tell which one I dipped in water, eh? Thats just neat.
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Ohhhhh dangit Mae, pee on a FRER already!!!!
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i did pee on frers... a couple days ago. Im NOT going out again until i HAVE to though... Just drove from Ludington to Ohare to my house last night... I am sick and TIRED of being in cars! LOL
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tested again (SMU, had to pee SO bad). such a blatant bfn that there is no point taking a pic.
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Mae- I see something for sure but no color. Is there color IRL?

Ladies, i need your help! I got OPKs on New Year's eve that I thought was maybe positive. The next day, New Year's Day I had a fully positive ferning on a saliva microscope test. But yesterday the ferning was only partial, and today it's back to negative. How long these fernings supposed to last, anyone know?

CF the last few days including yesterday is still EWCF quality. From my temps, I cannot tell if I have O'd or not. Technically today is 3rd temp above cover, but these are not what I would call high temps. Of course our room is freezing for the last month.

I had two days of negative OPK's following New Year's Eve. And they were very clear light line negatives. I never normally get this dark lines for a BFN, if that is what these are. But this morning I had another I think is almost positive, or maybe it's positive? Can you ladies help me obsess over my tests??

This one is from this morning. It is Wondfo brand.




What do you think?

And these are from New Years Eve. I know they are dried, but at least one was darker IRL before it dried. There was a dark side to the test line which matched the control, but was not fully matching.


Any of these pozzie? Almost? If so, which one(s)?

Any thought when I should test again?? Best times? Because I am running out of tests, and don't want to miss it if the surge is on it's way. Or do you think this is it?

Totally appreciate your help ladies!
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Xposted to save my fingers ans my iPhone

Traveling since mid yesterday. Drove a few hours away to take my mom to go see Avatar. 2nd time for me, this movie is amazing! The 3D is brillantly done.

Still just super light cramps, kinda floating around rather than my " getting down to work" ones I'm used to. Only had a few minutes of those and was on NYE. spotting is still rediculously light, probably wouldn't be using anything but I'm traveling, and in the tampon camp my whole life.
Did not temp this morning, would be meeningless at my moms on the couch, everything is different here. Left therm. At home so I wouldn't bother. Usually I don't care about temps at this point, but hard not to wonder, I would guess it was down more today.

Will not test again unless my af never really starts. My RE automaticly test at the start of every monitored cycle. So I'll call them tomorrow and let them know where I am by then and see what they want to do.

Nipples still sore but maybe less so, I've mostly let go of this cycle, as much as any of us can when ttc for so long.
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Tara2: peeonastick.com has some great info (and pics) on OPK's. I use Dollar Tree's OPK's and am almost sure they're the same manufacturer as the brand you're using. For those tests, if ANY part of the test line is as dark as the control line, it's positive. I would call the manufacturer and ask what makes a positive. It can vary between brands. The more recent OPK's are negative but the test on top from New Year's Eve looks like the left side of the line matched the control line and that *could* mean positive! Fingers crossed for you!!
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as I said... testing every time I pee.

Peed again...
bottom ones that test, top ones a test I found that I took LAST cycle when I got my tests to see if they give evap lines (was no way at all I was pregnant last cycle so I figured it would be a nice control right?)

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I see it, but I did get evaps or something like that on the save on tests.
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