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3 month growth spurt?

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my LO will be 3 months tomorrow and this week he has been eating and sleeping non-stop. Maybe he is just recovering from our Christmas travelling, but I am wondering if this is a growth spurt.

anyone else notice this around 3 months?
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DD is going on 14 weeks and I haven't noticed this. Maybe your son is changing and starting to sleep more. I hope so!
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My daughter slept a ton today...I was wondering if we had a growth spurt coming on. We have been busy, but I can't keep her awake for more than 1.5 hours
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For us, the growth spurt (at least that's what I'm now thinking it was) involved lots of eating, fussing, crying, and non-sleeping. For about 10 days, Ethan was about the most miserable baby ever. He'd scream when he got tired, cry the second he was hungry, and was just generally unhappy. I felt like a failure as a parent.

Then yesterday, right after I posted a message in "Life With a Babe" begging for help... He took a 2.5 hour nap. In his crib. Without crying. Then we took a car trip about an hour away, and he was happy in his car seat. We ate dinner at a restaurant. And we both got to eat. At the same time. Sitting down!

Today has been more of the same. He went down easily for his first nap, and without much fuss for his second. I didn't have to walk laps around the house trying to calm him down.

Growth spurt? I dunno, but I'm glad it seems to be over.
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