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Your pre-birth to do list?

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What's everyone else got on their 'must do' list before baby gets here? I thought this would be a good thing to share; we can update it as we finish things, and maybe remember some things from other's lists that we would have forgotten otherwise. A thread like this was invaluable to me on my last DDC!

*re-doing mine because some things have changed...*


-Prep prefolds
-Get travel system so we can use carseat with baby and stroller with Reese

-Organize diapers into dresser
-Bring the girls' beds into the toyroom, revamp their bedroom into a 'school' room.
-Paint the bathroom
-Launder, purge, and put away all clothes (in progress!)
-Crochet wool sleepsack and 2-3 nb diaper wraps
-Get items for placenta encapsulation
-Buy birth kit, organize into 2 baskets; one for things we need if we wind up with a super fast accidental UC again, the other with everything else.
-Get some foods in the freezer for after the birth
-Purchase gdiaper newborn kit, and a few more prefolds
-Shampoo carpets and couch
-Maternity pics
-If we can swing it, splurge on prenatal massage, bikini and leg wax before baby gets here!
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Well, I could make this post really short and just say "everything." But since the point is to actually be helpful for ourselves and others, let me see if I can sort of break it down.

First we need to close on this house. If this house falls through we need to make our current house have room for a baby (which will make DH heartbroken because it will mean getting rid of the drums).

Assuming we close on the house then we need to pain the baby's room (I guess not NEED, but I would like to). I'm planning on magnetic paint (at least a big wide stripe of it if it's too expensive) and painting the bottom half of the room blue with the top half white and making felt fish and under-the-sea themed things.

Get my FMLA and short term disability paperwork together and figured out.

Get the crib and other assorted baby items from my friend's grandfather's house (which is where they've been storing it all). This stash includes lots of clothes, a bouncer, bumbo, and swing. Plus I'll be borrowing her newborn stash of cloth diapers to see what I like.

Get a dresser for the baby, and get the clothes organized.

Figure out what kind of pump I want and either buy it, or add it to the registry.

Have a baby shower.

See what still needs to be bought after the shower and buy it.

Figure out if it is better to add baby to my insurance or DH's.

Take a birth class (starts Monday!)

Take the breastfeeding class at the birth center? I'm thinking this is a good idea, but I'll see what the birth class covers first.

Get a massage! (scheduled for the January 19th... I'm so excited)

I'm sure there's lots more that I'm not thinking of right now. I'll be back to update later.


and here I shall add things that you guys remind me of:

Stock the freezer.

Get the things that I will need PP.
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finish moving/unpack/organize

set up everything baby: swing, vibrating seat, etc.

BUY: prefolds and covers, baby bath tub, phil and ted's stroller, carseat, boy blankets...INSTALL carseat

wash blankets and prepare diaper bag

prepare things for return to work: moses basket, diaper bag

pack for hospital

do the bellycast

do maternity shoot

figure out meal plan for after baby

i am sure there is more...just on my mind right now
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- DH needs to finish the new bedroom downstairs. Paint & trim.
- DH needs to finish the new bathroom downstairs.
- Move boys downstairs. Paint their room for baby girl.

THEN I can get to work!

- Buy carseat, stroller, sling/pouch.
- Set up nursery.
- Figure out what hand-me downs I'm getting and wash clothes I've bought/been given.
- Buy birth kit.
- Hospital tour.
- Talk to doula.
- Maternity photo shoot.
- Stock up freezer.
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Great idea for a thread:

Finish organizing dd's playroom so there's more room to play (incl. buy matching bookshelves)

Get glider in/squeaky rocking chair out

Pull out newborn diapers/newborn clothes

Buy birth kit

Buy birth tub (La Bassine--so ready for big one this time)

Buy lambskin and bouncy chair (dd hated the swing we used during showers, so maybe this babe will be more impressed with the vibrations)

Knit wool sleep sack

Knit longies

Knit baby blanket (?)

Make sure the carseats will fit side by side

Paint bathrooms (unrelated to baby..)

Get postpartum herbs (and buy sitz bath for this)

Get things together to dry and encapsulate placenta

I guess that's it..
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  • buy a carseat and have it installed at the carseat safety check.
  • relax
  • might tidy the house up a bit for the inevitable visitors.
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- Hire contractor to renovate upstairs to make into master bedroom (includes: opening up stairwell so a bed will fit up the stairs, ripping out small closet, adding door to bedroom, adding completely new bathroom and master closet)

- Move into upstairs master bedroom and out of baby's room.

- touch up paint in nursery

- Buy adult bedroom furniture so we can use the kid's dressers we've been using for the babies stuff.

- rip out nasty carpet and get wood floors underneath refinished (we had a 100lb dog that we had to put down last spring and he had incontinence problems before he died. I shampooed the carpets but still it's gross)

- install diaper sprayers on toilets

- go to baby shower and hopefully come back with cloth diapering supplies and crib.

- buy new or used baby supplies that I don't get at baby shower

- boil and wash prefolds to make them more absorbent

- clean used toys

- paint one more butterfly painting and hang the set of three in babies room

- start hypnobabies home study course, it's supposed to get here next week!

- Hopefully get dh to help plant vegetable garden

- install car seat

- pack hospital bag

- pack emergency birthing kit in case the baby decides to be born on the hour and 15 minute ride to the hospital

And then hope I didn't forget anything!
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Originally Posted by Sunshinesmiles22 View Post
Great idea for a thread:

Get things together to dry and encapsulate placenta

Ah yes! I forgot this one. Adding it to my list...
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great thread . maybe if it gets stickied i can come back and use this list, and add to it!

- discuss all needs for labor and birth at home, as well as PP with midwives, make a list, and gather supplies

- plan food and stock up freezer/fridge (last minute)

- discuss PP visiting/help with DH and make decisions regarding a PP doula, and how we want family and friends to be around. talk over w/ family.

- borrow sitz bath from sister

- register for/buy necessities: cotton prefolds, wool covers, cloth wipes, snappies, swaddling blankets, open sleepers, possibly a few other clothes, thermometer, diaper pail/sack, ergo carrier, car seat, kanoe, nursing tanks, breast pads, lanisoh

- decide whether to register for or buy a breast pump and a few glass bottles

- finish reading pain management techniques in birthing from within, practice with DH, practice relaxation techniques regularly

- read the womanly art of breastfeeding

- read at least one book on vaccines

- visit transfer hospital, do L&D tour, write up emergency and non-emergency transfer plans (lengthy exercise for us, possibly make one-pagers for staff)

- familiarize self with standard tests and procedures on baby after birth in case of transfer

- establish care with a natural friendly family doctor before due time

- begin attending LLL meetings in february

- take infant cpr/first aid course

- take birthing class offered by MW and doula

- call insurance company to find out exactly how/when to add baby

- discuss with midwives how we will get a birth certificate for baby

- decide on names, combinations of names we like

- knit wool longies, shorties, sleep sack, blanket(s), hats

- decide whether to spend money on prenatal yoga, or just take a gentle yoga class for free at the YWCA

- continue regular aerobic and strengthening exercise

- decide on and buy a first year with baby kind of book, mostly for further education on illnesses, what to watch for...
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-buy hoses for the birth pool

-find recipes to cook and freeze

- buy gender neutral newborn clothes and wash DD's newborn stuff if this baby is a girl

-set up our bed for co-sleeping

- buy supplies from midwife's list

- finish priming the baby's room and choose color samples for each gender so when the baby is here DH can go pick up the paint

-strip our cloth diapers so they're fresh for the baby

-work extra hours so we can pay our birth photographer

-do more prenatal yoga/toning exercises

-spend as much time as possible with DD before baby arrives
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First and foremost: move. That will happen this week, and then I can start obsessing.
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Get carseat, strap it in, have it double-checked.

Get list from MW, buy supplies.

Pack back-up bag, in case of transfer, including tape, index cards, and sharpie for "no circumcision" and "no pacifier/bottle" signs

Get supplemental nursing system, research, pick out, and and order organic formula to keep on hand as backup, add both to back-up bag. (After birth, I'm having DH hide the formula from me, so I don't freak out too early and won't start using it if it's not really needed.)

Buy sheets for and set up co-sleeper. Figure out what to do about the rock-hard vinyl-covered "mattress". (I think it fits standard play yard mattresses, does anyone know where I can get a better one?)

Wash the prefolds (I got them today!!), get pins.

Make flannel blankets and cloth wipes. (I got the cutest fabrics!)

Order sling rings and make sling.

Make wool sleepsacks (out of old sweaters, I don't know if I have the patience for knitting at the moment).

Buy a box of bi-o-kleen detergent.

Buy a few more long-sleeved baby shirts and short-sleeved babyshirts, a pack of baby socks, and a couple more pairs of baby leggings.

Patch the baby blanket my great-aunt crocheted 30something years ago.

Get a nursing bra or two.
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laughingfox-No clue if you're looking for an organic option, but I know that when I worked at Babies R Us they had mattresses in the store that fit the playards and such...and they were about 1-2" thick and much softer than the ones that came standard.
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~ move!

~ set up baby dresser/diaper changing station in our room

~ set up swing downstairs

~ baby shower! make list of things we still need that we don't get at the shower and buy them

~ get birth kit and a huge bunch of NB-12m baby boy clothes from my friend

~ start feeding the freezer (after we move, so mid February)

Right before:
~ sterilize pump parts/bottles

~ get clothes washed/organized/set out and handy

~ get carseat and have it installed. required moving two other carseats since all seats will now be filled in the van!
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Well - I have already been doing a lot of it! hehe...

All I have left on my list of things to do is - repaint the entrance hallway. I will save that for March though when I have free weekends again (maternity leave) and can open up all the doors - with lovely weather - the paint should dry fast! hehe

The only 'things' I have to do is buy a few things. Thats really just about waiting until the money is right - I may well save that up for doing in March as well. The list various from homeopathic kit, tinctures and some wanted slings hehe.
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Thanks, justamama! I guess I'll have to check the stores in person?
I figured someone must sell a simple replacement mattress or something, but I haven't been able to find one online, except for the $100+ organic ones. I'd love an organic option, but that's more than we can afford.

As much as I love the idea of the co-sleeper, I'm just not so keen on my baby sleeping on what is essentially a vinyl covered board, KWIM?
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Got the boys' new room painting started! We had to finish our basement when we moved into our new house and after measuring on the w/e, we figured out we're going to have to put them back in bunkbeds if they want to be comfortable in their new room. The 12 yr old isn't thrilled and I just pray my 9 1/2 yr old will be comfortable enough on the top bunk for a few years still. Good thing it was time to buy them new beds anyways! It'll be wierd having them 2 floors below us at night.

One step closer to having an empty room to change into the nursery!
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Wow.. I don't even have a list. There's lots that I need to get done, but I know that if I start it now, it'll just make the next four months drag. I guess I'd rather leave it for another month or two..

But seeing everyone's lists makes me feel behind!
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Most of ths stuff can wait until after my clas is done in March

- Get one more NB cover and some NB wool

- Figure out if my bassinet is on recall

- Wash clothes

- Wash diapers

- Switch around bureaus so and add shelving for diapers above burearu/changing area

- Lanolize and wash wool

- Buy anything else I need in the short term - like NB sleepers

- get a mini medicinal cabinet refill - gripe water, tylenol, nose sucker

- go through DS's toys, and generally make room for baby!
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-pick up a gdiaper starter set...we may or may not use them until meconium passes, and until the AIOs we have start fitting when we're out. not sure, but they'll be nice to have around just in case. plus we LOVE using the covers with prefolds anyway.(might do the FLIP diapers instead of g-diapers, not sure)

Just so know, I found out that the NEW-ish covers won't work with prefolds. They do the cover differently. So try to get the old covers if you're planning on doing them with prefolds.
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