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3 Piles of Paper

1 Letter

1 Moisturizer Container

Lid to Toothpaste

4 Shampoo/Conditioner Bottles

1 Push Pin

1 Razor Cover

1 Card

1 Ribbon

1 Bag

6 Envelopes

1 Newspaper

Junk Mail

Newspaper clipping

Old Receipt

2 Old Bills



1475 + 28 = 1503/2010


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52 old broken bits of toys

15 freezer burnt items

15 bits of junk




7 magazines




2 baby bottles


91 + 1430 = 1521/2010

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Originally Posted by FillingMyQuiver View Post

clutterwarrior, you're so close to your goal!!!


frontierpsych, I'm only organized b/c my computer is in a central location in my home and I keep the window for this thread open throughout the day so I can update as I'm putting things in the trash/ recycle/ donate piles.  Plus, keeping good "records" keeps me motivated b/c I'm very Type A.  Knowing exactly what I'm decluttering and where it's going keeps me on top of things b/c I like to see it all listed out.  It keeps me wanting to add to that list and get ever closer to my goal.  It's definitely my personality.  I take pleasure in making lists and crossing off items or tasks.


Well, right now, I'm taking a few days break from decluttering b/c DH's grandparents are in from out-of-state.  The control freak in me wants to keep going and not lose my mojo, but I think it would be off putting to them.  If I can get a few things collected, I'll update my progress.

I'm a type A too, which is why I would love to be able to create nice little lists... I'm all about lists and charts and graphs and stuff, lol!


But really, my husband is very type B, and I think that keeps me grounded and not making lists about everything. When he was in Iraq I had a big chart hanging in my bedroom to track my weight loss and all my measurements. That's a little OCD for ya!

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2 perfumed body lotions gone off

old comb

old cooler bag zip broken

hessian shopping bag I don't like

unused facewash

expired biscuits and corn chips





Hoping to add more later today.

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Trying to get some decluttering today in between packing to go to the ILs.


1 old bottle of bubbles

1 old card


2 total for today

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Took 8 clothes, 10 books and 2 toys to recycled kids shop...got $77 yay!

Also donated 2 handbags and 2 clothes items to charity


4000/4020...nearly there!

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Adding a few more from tonight...trashed/recycled/garage sale

1 play helmet

1 fire fighter costume

1 plastic drawer container

2 composition notebooks filled

1 popcorn bowl broken

1 suit jacket

1 tie

1 pants

1 halloween costume

1 broken camcorder

1 file folder

2 brown grocery bags recycling paper


adding 14 to my total!

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20 Christmas things

Pile of papers


3 Freezer Items

Expired Coupon

Plastic Wrap


Holiday Gift Guide

Junk Mail


1503 + 30 = 1533/2010

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Adding to my total!!!

start 1885


1 pen refill

1cookie dough fundraiser bucket

1 torn treasure map

19 magazines

1 yoga strap

1 halloween container

1 mardi gras bead

1 book holder box

1 telephone

6 children's books

5 pictures

1 hook

2 page protectors

15 hotwheel cars

1 toy ring

1 colored pencil

9 wooden animal toys

2 bags rags

1 bag recycling trash




1885 + 70 = 1955


55 to go!!!


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Well Im not going to make it...

I did a final sweep/major clean where I pulled EVERYTHING out of corners, cuboards, closets, dressers, under beds, off shelves, cleaned the area and put back only certain items. The house looks GREAT, the holdiday decorations have been released, and the count is up to {drum rol}




                                                    bellyhair.gif 1843 yay!! bellyhair.gif

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Ready to start again.  Starting at 1473


6 empty pen pkgs (my DH has a pen addiction)disappointed.gif- trash

1 popped blow up plane- trash

35 magazines/ sale circulars/ catalogs from DH's bathroom- recycled

1 curling iron- donated

3 empty pkgs- trash

1 handful random trash

9 containers old/ expired meds- trash

1 old drain plug


57 total for today

Edited by FillingMyQuiver - 11/30/10 at 9:09am
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1775 + 25 of clothing = 1800!


Just a little more to go! Going to start cleaning out our last cluttered closet, tomorrow. Got a big box for donations!

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It's December....I better get busy...


A few things to add:


5 pieces old clothing

1 broken kids table

5 broken toys


1521 + 11 = 1532

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tossed old foot scrub with no scent left

tossed old soap container with grungy soap inside

3 kids things...gave to my 9 yr old niece

plastic container gone icky





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Uh-oh, I have been decluttering in short, small doses, but I forgot to count and keep track for this challenge. blush.gif

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Originally Posted by sunnysandiegan View Post

Uh-oh, I have been decluttering in short, small doses, but I forgot to count and keep track for this challenge. blush.gif

Oh well...as long as you are making progress, that is the main thing!



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makeup gone off

mascara dried out

plastic container

jam pot (donating)

old ribbons & hair ties


old hair comb

cardboard folders

old colouring book

bag full of broken mirror pieces..(kept these for years with the intention of using for collage but decided it's time to toss them).

container of stale macaroons


2 expired tubes of ointment

cosmetic bag

unused white glo toothpaste




Yippee I did it!!!!! joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif  orngbiggrin.gif







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4 Bath Poufs

3 bars of soap

12 Cards

2 Gift Bags


8 Papers

Old Package of Gum

2 Candy Packages




2 Empty Tissue Boxes


2 Books


Hair Brush

3 Pieces of Clothing


Mug Warmer

2 Photo CDs

2 Medicine Bottles

Lid to Bottle

Door mat

2 Bottles of Iron Guard for Hair

Coffee Table

3 Boxes


1533 + 60 = 1593/2010

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5 Books

4 Photo discs




Pair of Shoes


2 Boxes

3 Envelopes


1593 + 19 = 1612/2010

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Counting 20 items... I was gone a week and tossed somethings at that location

Came home and while I was back needed to clear a place to put the xmas tree (yes it was that bad)



DS has a laundry basket of DVD's and nintendo games for the resale shoppe.  This is never-ending plus I think he is ready to let go of the primary books finally. I am so not ready for the holidays...


Right now I am counting 20 toward my goal....




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