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Not sure if I am going to make , but I am going to keep trying...


20 broken toys, crayons etc.

1 old undershirt

1 bag candy

2 stacks paper

1 pkg expired food

12 workbook/colouring books


= 37


1555 + 37 = 1592/2010

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I'm at 1876 and counting - a huge box of baby things to return to a friend. Hopefully I can make it to 2010 but if not, I'll just keep going in the new year. I still have a barely touched garage, DH's office, and random drawers to empty.

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Cleaned out under the bathroom sink this morning. Also, cleaned out the medicine cabinet. A dozen expired, unloved, or otherwise unneeded items were pitched or recycled.

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20 items today.   This may be my final count for the year and I'm comfortable with that.

I will definately be back for 2011.  If I happen upon for for this year I will update.




NEW TOTAL 1576!   

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Sorry I haven't been back to this thread in ages! I had a look back and I stopped posting right at the time when we moved into our new house :) It was so good to get so much clutter out of the way before the move, I managed to get 2510 things out of the old house, much handier unpacking boxes when you know the stuff in them is just things you want rather than clutter. But now after a few months in the new house (and Christmas) I am starting to see more things that need a new home so methinks I shall join the 2011 thread in a few days :)


A big congrats to all of us on our decluttering, looking forward to continuing next year!

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I think my count will stop at 1606.  We leave for my IL's in 2 days and I just don't see myself putting anymore effort into decluttering, and I'm okay w/ that.  I got close, and now I have a new goal for next year of 2011.  See you ladies in next year's thread orngbiggrin.gif

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i have soooooooooooo much stuff packed up and ready to leave the house, but i never count it until it's actually gone.  i hope i can get that done on friday!  then i will update my total and i'm sure i will reach my goal.

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well, i joined this thread back in january with the best of intentions.  sadly, i think i only made it to about 100 items tossed.


here's hoping there's a 2011 in 2011 thread.  we've got a baby coming in may and i'm committed to decluttering before (and after) baby arrives.  already have a nice pile started. 


see you next year!

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Found a few misc. items for the trash as I was cleaning up from the Holidays.  Honestly I was hit in the head with an old metal flag pole when I was putting things away so that was tossed immeditely.  ouchdizzy.gif   Total of 5 things were sent out today.


This challenge has really helped me keep a keen eye on what is allowed into the home and what items have over stayed their welcome.  I am quite upset that we missed BIG ITEM pick up. The city had our area scheduled for early December.  We are not scheduled until approx 3/12/11 but you can bet yout patootie I have that marked on my calender.  I have a whole list of BIG things to get rid of!.  Clutter is a never ending battle around here and I fear what this place would look like with an additional 1600 things in it  OMG!


I am going to continue to compact next year as well.  Only buying what we truly need and hoping to make due with what we have for most everything else.  I know I dont need craft supplies, hand soap, candles, things like that right now (or probably for the whole year)

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I'm currently at 1697 I have some stuff in the closet I HAVE to get rid of. Maybe that will bring my number up a little, although I likely will still not make it. BUT on the bright side, I got rid of SO MUCH STUFF I've been carrying around for years. I've purged boxes and boxes of papers, junk, things I don't need, things attached to sad memories, etc. They're GONE.  Now I KNOW most of what is in my home and that is so very freeing. So even if I don't make the goal of 2010, I made so much progress in my home and am deeply appreciative of this thread. I have to count my journey a success. :-)


I've purged 10 more items, so that brings me to 1707. Still a little over 300 to go. Let's see what I can do!

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Desperate to make my goal, I went through part of an overflowing box containing things I've saved for my sisters and mom for years. As I go I'm separating everything into individual folders and small boxes and they will be mailed to the recipients soon. I've made a lot of progress. I'm counting everything because I've worked so hard to meet my goal this year, and, honestly, I've been hanging on to these things for a long time. I'll be back a little later to do some more in this area, but I'm almost at my goal. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Old W2


63 Poems

2 Odd Scraps of Paper

Pile of Paper

3 Pieces of Yarn

Cap to Pen

8 Envelopes

9 Folder

6 Books

Container of Burnt Sugar

Clothing Item

Old Pair of Shoes

Training Packet


Scrap Paper in Notebook



25 Old Check Stubs

2 Old Journal Entries

5 Pictures

2 Report Cards

2 Newspaper Clippings

10 Awards & Certificates

6 Old Envelopes

8 Drawings

25 Cards

10 Old School Papers

25 Letters


707 + 223 = 930/2010

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Just under the wire - I made it!!! Returned 79 baby clothes, 46 baby toys, and 1 infant tub to my friends and discarded 11 expired meds. New total 2013!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!
I am signing up for 2011 now - because I still have lots to declutter and I want to stay proactive with maintenance!

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Made 2010 plus another 1700 although that all may be off set by boat load of Playmobil that we got for Christmas. i have complete 2009 in 2009 and now 2010 plus in 2010. I think for next year I will focus on 1 in 1 out system. Or maybe do 2011 in 2011.
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I left off at 1930!


56 Poems

6 Pictures

9 Journal Entries

9 School Papers

20 Letters

2 Drawings

5 Cards

1 book

Copy of Birth Certificate

3 Envelopes

1 Folder

1 Certificate


1930 +113 = 2043/2010



Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES! I DID IT--and my sisters will all be happy to travel down memory lane when they receive their things in the mail!!!

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WOO HOO Poetry Lover!!!! You should be really proud of yourself!!

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yay well done Poetrylover!!!! joy.gif

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Gray's Mommy - you and I have the same total. orngbiggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by Gray's Mommy View Post

WOO HOO Poetry Lover!!!! You should be really proud of yourself!!

Thanks! I worked really hard and am especially proud of myself. :-)

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