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Originally Posted by mamameliaISback View Post
I'm in. I'll start tonight.

Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! De-cluttering is my favourite thing. Are we able to post update pictures?
Please!I love seeing update pics.It motivates me even more than reading all the great progress.But I guess that's because I'm a visual person.
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Originally Posted by rere View Post
Please!I love seeing update pics.It motivates me even more than reading all the great progress.
+1 from me, plus I love to see how other people actually manage to tidy their homes, mine still looks insane even though the decluttering is flying along nicely
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I love seeing before and after pics too!

Today so far:

5 Old makeup samples, random stuff- trash
3 pairs of old undies- trash
2 more brand new pairs of hose still in package- donate
1 new lanyard- donate
1 new hair clip- donate
4 old bras- trash
1 cheapo sweatshirt I got for free- donate
1 plastic clothes hanger- trash
1 broken bread machine- trash
3 metal folding chairs- back to my mom

22 more items!!

147 = 22 = 169!!
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freecycled a bag of baby clothes....maybe 30 pieces?

So 80/2010

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I've lost this list twice so far this evening, so I'm going to type it up while it's still in my hand...

2 old advertisment DVDs - bin & covers to recycling
2 brochures - recycling
2 computer manuals - repatriated to DH's workplace
1 torn map - recycling
1 CD - charity
1 pile of what can only be called "floor stickers" - bin (DD went through a "sticking stickers on the floor" phase, which thankfully she seems to have finished, she helped me remove them today!)
1 bedsheet - charity
1 bag of craft stuff - posted to new owner
1 leaky pen - bin (ink is still all over me)
2 very old holey vest-tops - bin
2 nice vest tops - charity
1 handbag - charity
1 nice bra - charity
6 very old unpaired-since-forever socks - bin
1 old bra - bin
1 pair of leggings - charity
1 pair of gorgeous summer shoes - charity (bought while pregnant with DD, but my feet got bigger while pregnant and never went small again It feels good to finally get rid of them! Ah well, an excuse to get new gorgeous summer shoes this year)

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Not much the last couple of days. I went through my pajama drawer and got rid of six items of clothing.

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4 old powder compacts (trash)
1 key chain (donated)
1 used eyedropper (trash)
1 mismatched sippy cup lid (donated- It was from a very common, interchangeable sippy cup.)
1 torn, rubber jar opener (trash)
1 package of spoiled cream cheese (trash)
1 duplicate kids book (donated)

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I'm a little late but I'm in! We're moving this year and I haven't decluttered in probably 3 years!!
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Dh had a phone call to take while we were watching biggest loser so I did some in the LR. Took a bunch of movies out of their cases and put them in the binder we have for movies and then did some video cames as well. Tossed the cases and a few other random things. So 27 more things!

107/2010 WOOHOO

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Cool! Will do

I won't be able to do 'before' photos of my bedroom or the lounge room because I already de-cluttered those areas before I joined the challenge. I can do pictures of: The spare room, the computer room, the kid's room, the kitchen and the laundry.

I did not start last night as I slept unusually early, but I'm about to have my coffee and go nuts!!
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86/2010 so far!

I'm working at the speed of light

UPDATED: Managed to get to 104/2010 for today. I'm sure I can hit 200 by tomorrow. Will upload some 'before' pics soon. Please don't be scared lol
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Bits n' bobs....

1 pair hiking shorts - charity
1 pair child's leggings - charity
1 child's top - charity
3 old socks - bin
1 pile old unsticky stickers (recovered from various pieces of furniture-we are on a sticker-removing roll here!) - bin
1 pair child's gloves - charity
1 CD holder - recycling
1 old ripped top - bin
25 random pieces of plastic lids etc. - recycling
1 icing nozzle set - charity
3 x cookie cutter sets - charity

So... 545+39=584/2010
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Cleaned out my desk drawers (which I use as a sort of vanity as well) and came away with quite a haul:

1 box (recycling)
2 CD storage containers (trash)
1 pen case (trash)
2 broken jewel cases (trash)
3 unbroken jewel cases (donated)
1 graphic art photo DVD (donated)
1 empty tin (recycling)
1 pile of paper (recycling)
1 completed workbook (recycling)
1 random animal flashcard (recycling)
3 bottles of dried-up nail polish (trash)
3 old tubes of lip gloss (trash)
2 beat-up bookmarks (trash)
1 bundle of unidentified string (trash)
1 old tube of mascara (trash)
1 weird, plastic clippy thing (trash)
1 broken compact mirror (trash)
6 bits of random weirdness (trash)
1 key chain (donated)
1 used-up nail file (trash)
3 used-up pens (trash)
1 lazer pointer with accessories (donated)
1 tube of colored pencils (donated)
3 bottles of dried-out finger paint (trash)
1 ruler (donate)
1 bottle of dried-up glue (trash)
1 empty, glass jar with lid (recycling)
1 pile of change rolling papers (trash)
1 broken hair tie (trash)
1 empty watercolor paint set (trash)
1 unused, metal bookmark (donated)
1 pack of dried-out markers (trash)
1 old eyeshadow kit (trash)
2 expired powder compacts (trash)
2 broken lipstick (trash)
2 used eyeliner pencils (trash)
1 pot of eyeshadow (trash)
1 random, detachable purse strap (trash)
1 travel makeup case (trash)

From other areas:

1 moldy soap dish (trash)
8 destroyed cat toys (trash)
19 never-played-with cat toys (will donate to shelter or trash if they don't want them)


Whew. I don't even know where it all came from!
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Not much today, but every bit counts:

1 pair frumpy postpartum jeans- donate
1 pile coupons- sorted and filed and most trashed
1 beach bag- donated

3 more items today = 172 / 2010
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I'm up to 224/2010! I told myself that I still have to fill another box, so we'll see how high it gets for today. About half of this stuff is going to our local children's hospital (toys, books, games) and half to charity (clothes, glassware, general home stuff). I've only thrown out one CD and three small ruined crayons.

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few more random bits....

1 broken pen - bin
1 old mobile phone - charity recycling
7 random pieces of gift wrapping materials - recycling
1 rubbishy decoration bow - bin
2 cardboard boxes - recycling
1 pair of child's leggings - charity
1 sock - bin

So... 584+14=598/2010
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pixiemammy - You're doing so well!

I went up to 271/2010 today. Tomorrow I start with the kitchen.
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Originally Posted by mamameliaISback View Post
pixiemammy - You're doing so well!

I went up to 271/2010 today. Tomorrow I start with the kitchen.
Ah thanks So are you! You'll be flying along in the kitchen

A quick warning to everyone.... when decluttering the utility room, try not to drop a scissors on your foot. Take it from me, it hurts! (My foot survived, thankfully I was wearing very thick socks and slippers so I just have a bruise rather than a severed foot ) Decluttering is dangerous work!
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Cleaned out dd's art stuff & put things away in the attic (so, pulled out other stuff to discard in both places).

1 big bag paper
1 garland
3 small toys
13 asst. holiday decorations
5 misc books
4 stuffed animals

now at 60/2010
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