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Okay I think I'm going to give this a shot! I'm not here on the forums much, but this will bring me back more, and I have a lot of stuff to get rid of!

Let's get it started:

1. Various styles of pull-ups (were given to me by my SIL and while I am starting to potty-teach my DD, these are way too big for her, and I'm not interested in using disposable ones, except for the 5 hours a week she's at Mom's Day Out, and hopefully DD will learn before she's big enough to fit into these huge ones)

2 - 8. Infant toys

All of this is being donated to the Mom's Day Out program. I sub there frequently and I'm the secretary on the board, and I've witnessed minor crises when a child has a dirty pull-up and "Mom" didn't put more in the diaper bag.

9. A ton of plastic sacks (going to the recycle bin at the local grocery store, as our curb-side recycling trucks don't pick up plastic sacks)

10. Paper bags (going into our recycle cart)
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I definitely need to get rid of 2010 items.Let's see if I have the energy to count and keep track.Actually a goal usually motivates me so...
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Sign me up. I've got more stuff than I can store. Some of it has to go.

And I need to stop myself from bringing more in.
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I think I'm in. I'm determined to be more organized this year.
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subbing again this year

Last one was great
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I'm totally in. I've been doing the 5 a day challenge for January, but I've almost hit the mark already.
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*Got rid of 15 CDs (counting that as one)
*Threw out one wicked ugly scrunchie
*Dumped a truly yucky diaper cover I'd kept from dd's diaper days.
*Also got rid of a stained baby sweater.
*Donated three unwanted Christmas gifts

I guess 7 for today then? Hoping to improve on that tomorrow!
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I'm in! I hope I stick with this.
I'm currently going through clothes for a consignment sale in February - I hope to have maybe 100-200 items for that. I'll post my total when I get everything ready; I've got 40 items so far.

Today I did:
1. One nearly done jar Yankee Candle. Melted the wax and recycled the glass.
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My list of goodies

1-4 = 40 Christmas cards
5-10 = Happy meal toys
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Starting slowly... tidying up the filing cabinet for the new year has given me

1. Bag of papers to be shredded
2. Bag of papers to be recycled


3-4. 2 2009 calendars into recycling.
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It was only a few pieces of paper, but I totally decluttered my file folder of recipes I've copied and pasted, then printed out. I only kept the ones that I've used and we actually like.
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Ok well... here's a little bit less stuff.Before and after.I'm not counting stuff yet because I'm Queen of putting it in a bag to go and leaving it in the closet.
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So far today, it's just been:

11. Bag of Christmas ornaments to go to Goodwill today
12. Dancing Santa that doesn't dance anymore, also going to Goodwill
13. Old spool of jewelry wire I didn't need anymore

More to come later when I have a chance to go on a clutter hunt!
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Last night I went through my bathroom while my daughter was taking her bath. I was able to throw away 5 things, and pack up 40 items for the shelter.

Today I've done a quick run through of baby/toddler dishes my daughter doesn't need any more. I've got 8 things to donate. Two of which are multiple cups/bowls still in the packaging.

I'm in the middle of going through the stuff piled up in on the floor my bedroom (it's bad) and picking out the things in my daughter's room that I know she doesn't like or use any more.

I'll post an update when I'm done with the stuff that isn't put away or doesn't have a home yet.

I'm too scared to touch the books. I may need some cheerleading to get through that.

Books, clothes, and craft supplies are my weaknesses. I have serious hoarding issues with those things. I also hoard food, but have been a lot better about it since I'm living with my parents while I go through my divorce.
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Originally Posted by rere View Post
Ok well... here's a little bit less stuff.Before and after.I'm not counting stuff yet because I'm Queen of putting it in a bag to go and leaving it in the closet.
Looks great
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Well took down my Christmas decorations today and cleaned out my underwear drawer. Threw out 21 bits of junk. I also have 8 cotton nursing pads to get rid of, but I won't count them until I either give them away or sell them
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Originally Posted by Hollysmom View Post
Looks great

Yay for everyone's progress!It's not just motivating but also helpful because I'm reading things that I hadn't even thought to go through.
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I did some decluttering/organizing of our closets today, and got 3 big bags of clothes to send to Goodwill. As well as a hallway full of things that packed dh's truck.

I almost feel like I am walking on air with all that stuff out of my house.
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I'm in! I started last year, but pooped out pretty early into what turned out to be a tough year. Hopefully this year I can keep it going. We certainly need to get rid of LOTS of crap.

Dh is finishing off the basement this week, which means all the stuff that is normally out of sight, out of mind is right in the middle of our front room. I started going through boxes today, and have gotten rid of a lot. Today's items will be estimates, and I'll probably guess a bit low. Some of this is going into recycle, some to charity, and as little as possible to the landfill.

30 magazines
2 calendars
6 file folders full of paper
20 out of date homeschooling items
2 half-finished, icky craft projects
7 empty cardboard boxes

So, not a bad start! 81/2010
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This is a great idea. I don't know if I can make it to 2010, but why not try?

I started with:
4 pairs of old underwear (trash)
2 pairs of old stockings (trash)
2 old knives (donate to work kitchen)
2 pairs of slipper socks (giveaway)
2 decorative bottle stoppers (giveaway)
1 refrigerator calendar (giveaway)
subtotal: 13

(Hollysmom -- I cleaned my underwear drawer, too!)
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