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Originally Posted by althara View Post
Books, clothes, and craft supplies are my weaknesses. I have serious hoarding issues with those things. I also hoard food, but have been a lot better about it since I'm living with my parents while I go through my divorce.
Me, too. I don't know if I'm a hoarder, but those are my weaknesses, too. I'm getting better about clothes, but books are the hardest for me to ditch.
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1 set of salt and pepper shakers
1 pair of slippers
1 calender (I always think I should keep them and make something)
3 misc. crap
1 pile of tp roles that I thought I was going to do something with
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I am going to try this. I know I have a number of things ready to go to donation, so I'll make sure to do a count before I take them to see how many things are in the bag.
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14 misc. bathroom items went in the trash

a few things went in the donate bag but I'll count those when they leave

4 bath bombs are in a bag for my sister.I see her on the regular so those will be out the door in just a few days.For sure.
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HA...just got an email reply from my sister..

1 vase going in her bag!
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Originally Posted by Gray's Mommy View Post
1-4 = 40 Christmas cards
5-10 = Happy meal toys
items 11-280 = children's clothing in various sizes (4-5-6-7- & 8)

I haven't counted the size 3's yet--I'm exhausted from sorting

280-472 size 3 clothing
472-480 recycled my magazines finally
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10 Christmas cards...gone.I always save those too thinking I should make something.In the trash they went.

I keep posting thinking "ok I'm done for tonight"and then I throw away something else.But this time I'm really done.
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We have lived in a 3 bedroom house for alomst 10 years & will soon be moving into a 2 bedroom apartment. We NEED to do this. I actually did soem purging today so I believe I am at about 42/2010
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Getting ready to get back into our regular routines tomorrow so probably won't do too much today. I did throw out 5 old gross things of playdoh and 2 old yucky dishclothes. So 7 more added to my tally
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A little more done today...

5-9: 5 old magazines to recycling
10: 1 magazine given to my mum
11: 1 old tin into recycling
12-46: 34 books off to 2nd hand bookshop
47: 11 more bag of shredding papers

I am counting things as they get allocated into their boxes, we are carfree so I have to be creative with how the decluttered items leave the house. So these things will get taken to their new homes at different times! But the rule is... once an item is counted and goes into the box, it doesn't come back out in our house! And once a box is full, it is labelled and sealed and not reopened until it reaches its new home

Happy decluttering all!
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10+ magazines
3 articles of clothing
20+ CDs

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1- deleted emails(I just deleted more than 500 emails that have been cluttering up my computer and my mind)

I'm going to head down to the dungeon.I might not make it out.

I think I'll bring the camera for motivation. I'll start on my daughter's side cause you know...it's way easier for me to throw out her crap than mine.
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what a great idea. i'm in.

i was a bit intimidated by 2010 (such a huge number), but i noticed people are counting things like christmas cards and the like, so i think this could definitely be doable (is that a word?) also noticed some of you have cleaned out your underwear drawers. think that's what i'll tackle today. i've got a drawer brimming with at least 50 pairs (and i probably wear the same dozen pairs over and over).

just one question...what happens if i bring new things into the house? do i have to subtract that from my total?

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I'm in!
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Ok I am in! Hopefully this will keep me motivated! We could be looking at a move this coming summer so I really want to get everything sorted and only have the things we really want and need! If you don't see me back here someone yell at me please!
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As I've been tossing things into boxes/bags to donate/give away/trash, I was wishing I did count! I feel like I must be at 2010 already, and I didn't even think I would have that much stuff to get rid of.

Instead of counting, I think I will take a picture of the pile we have to donate and post that to show my progress.
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I made it out of the basement.I'll do way more when we move rooms around but that won't be for a few months.

47 misc art supplies(2 bags of garbage went out but I only counted the stuff I was "saving")

4 calendars

1 pile of papers
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so joining this year. i sorted a ton of socks out. and several other items of clothing.
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Just spent the evening starting off the New Year deep clean of the kitchen cupboards, and I've doubled my total so far
Up to 94/2010 now, shameful really.... New Year's Resolution no.1 : I will not let larder staples go out of date without using them up first!
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6 keys that go to nothing (how nice to finally let go of those!)
2 more CDs
2 broken toys
Assorted paper crap (counting all of it as one thing)

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