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Finally tackled the top drawer of my filing cabinet and recycled/shredded:

5 big piles of paper

Randomly tossed:

1 ripped dress
1 old pr underwear
1 ripped book
17 bits of junk

To my baby neice:

5 toys
1 new in package baby toothbrush

Total 31 + 652 = 683/2010
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5 items of kids clothing given to friends
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We were on vacation for nine days. I had gotten rid of a bunch of stuff before we left and then a few more items went out the last day we were home. While on vacation, we used items from the inn (free loans) and it inspired us to leave the items we no longer needed behind for them to loan out to others in the future. (I left a note so they didn't think we left them on accident and we told them at checkout. They were appreciative!)

We kept our vacation "treasures" to a minimum, so I feel good about posting everything we removed from our belongings.

recycled a bag of shredding previously not counted (large bag I count as 3 items)
half a dozen items I have forgotten hit the recycling or trash
one novel
two pairs of "trash" sneakers for hiking in the muck (mine survived for awhile longer)
two swimsuits
one pair of goggles
one beach mat
half a dozen items our kitten destroyed while we were away or that our DD decided she no longer wanted after the long plane ride home

We also have more items tucked away into our charity pile at home that will get counted when it leaves the premises.

= 22
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We went to the kids swap meet today and got rid of:

- 1 book
- several CD Rom games (we'll say 5, DH didn't count)
- several items of baby clothes (again, 5)
- Bumbo
- exersaucer
- Megablocks (>100pcs but 1 in my count and I am SO glad it's gone, it was the mega sized stuff, I much prefer the smaller megablocks, easier to clean up and store)
- 2 never used glass bottles
- 2 diaper covers

All told, we made about $100 and got rid of approx 18 things (probably more, but I'll count 18 here). I'm thinking that there is more stuff in the garage and I'm going to organize it and have a garage sale in a few weeks to get rid of the rest.
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DD finished emptying the final travel bag today and gave away/threw away/recycled another half dozen items. I'm counting the four that left the house.
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5 nursing bras given to a friend

Question: I have some lightly worn expensive bras, should I try to give them away(FFS here?) or try to sell them somehow? They are harder to find sizes, which is why they were expensive.
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You could always try ebay...however it depends if you want to put the time into listing them as selling second hand bras may not make much money to make the time spent worthwhile. But you could be lucky...you never know with ebay!
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Originally Posted by dkenagy View Post

Drum roll... 1730/2010!!! Can I get a what-what??!!

I think I'll make it to 2010 before the baby comes!
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Originally Posted by Punchy Kaby View Post
As I was filing paperwork tonight, I found some lost jewelry (for 4 years!)
Oh that is great!

I have mislaid some jewellery too and hoping it will also turn up one day when I am decluttering.
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1 broken toy to the trash

that brings me to 100 things left to declutter!!!!!
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I just watched my DH pack 2 white garbage bags and 1 huge black garbage bag and 3 cardboard boxes of decluttered items (some kitchen, some kids' books, some from our closet, some baby girl clothing) into the back of his truck and drive them away forEVER!

I'm sitting at 1832/2010 and 4 weeks till my EDD... I think I can do it!!
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Originally Posted by clutterwarrior View Post
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Holy goodness we finally finished cleaning the garage! (it took an ENTIRE day and we didn't exactly get everything done but it's about 85% done now and that makes mama happy! )

80 plastic hangers to Goodwill
4 plastic bags
5 small boxes to recycle
1 set of sheets to Goodwill
1 small broken trashcan to trash
1 moose head golf club cover thingy to donate
2 plastic cups
1 pair of glasses
4 rolls of tape
4 pieces of wood
1 horrible plate to trash
1 extremely large drafting table to sell
1 drafting arm
1 gooseneck lamp
2 glasses
1 jester hat to donate
1 set of crutches
1 old swiffer
1 small ironing board to donate
51 cassette tapes (some donate, some trash)
1 wooden wine box
2 air filters (wrong size and DH didn't return )
1 wooden montessori map donate to friend
1 VCR w/remote
3 water jugs
20 computer cables and bits
10 pieces pvc pipe
15 bits of irrigation supplies
20 bits of electrical gear to donate
10 rags
1 crib mattress to sell
1 mini-fridge to sell

Which brings us to 1771/2010

Think I can get the remaining 239 by June? I bet I can!
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Donated all the stuff that didn't sell at the swap meet to a co-worker/single-mom-to-be.

- about 50 items in baby girl clothing
- 1 bouncy chair
- 1 jolly jumper
- about 15 baby toys

so, 67 more things to add to my list! I think there may have been more but that's all I can remember.
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Finished the kids' playroom this evening and came up with 35 more items to trash or donate... also filled a grocery bag with puzzle pieces and parts; we will spend some time this week/weekend putting them all together and trashing the ones that are missing pieces (may be all of them!!)... so I'm now up to 1867/2010, leaving me with 143 more items to find & trash/donate before baby comes... woot!
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Cecimami and dkenagi-you re getting close! So am I, I have 84 more to go!

16 more today....kids clothes and toys
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10 more for me today, finally cleared out a rubbermaid bucket that's been sitting in the kitchen for FOUR months! tossed 10 items, put about 12 books on the shelf in the living room (running out of room for books...)

slow but steady, I'll make it to 2010 by the end of the year!
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We just got home from a vacation last Thursday night and I am headed to a scrapbook weekend Friday morning, so I emptied all the toiletry bags and containers and pitched a few items and refilled a few and I'm ready for the weekend and everything is back in place again.

While getting ready for the scrapbook weekend, I have been organizing our papercrafts [again]. At least a dozen items hit the recycling bin! A few dried up pens hit the trash, too.
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Originally Posted by Punchy Kaby View Post
Cecimami and dkenagi-you re getting close! So am I, I have 84 more to go!

16 more today....kids clothes and toys
Thanks Punchy Kaby! I'm really hoping to get it done by the time baby gets here...well really by June so I can sit down finally!
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Amazing what you can find when you re-visit a space...we actually started our de-cluttering in our studio (when we got rid of a ton of books) but I quickly moved on from there and never looked back, apparently, at the clutter that was still in there! Here's what I added to my total today:

4 plastic magazine holders (i really prefer the cardboard ones)
2 wire shelving units to sell
2 small boxes recycle
1 music folder from high school...why did I still have that?
2 full bags of paper recycling (the innards of old grad school projects and stage management books from my previous life...)
54 old magazines that I'll never read again
3 D-ring binders plus dividers to donate to the kids coop
1 certificate frame (I may regret this one in a couple years but it's pretty crappy...ah well)


170 to go and the studio is nowhere near done yet...wahoo!
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