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Great...just great!

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I'm 99% sure my period started today and this isn't residual pp bleeding.

My 6 week check-up appointment is on Monday afternoon. If it hasn't stopped by then I have to reschedule.

I'm so glad to see my long lost 'friend'. Blech! I had aaaalmost stopped spotting from pp bleeding and now Aunt Flo has reared her ugly head. Boooooooo!
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Aww, mama, I'm sorry. AF showed up for me two days ago (8 weeks pp). I've given up ever nursing "clean" (hate that term) since this is my third baby and the third time I've gotten AF at 8 weeks pp or earlier (4 weeks with ds1) in spite of nursing on demand/cosleeping/tandem nursing. Grr...
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I started today too.
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Srry to hear that that I posted the same thing a few weeks ago. Igot it back at 2mos pp to the day.
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