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• TTC #1 in our 30's January • Ring In The BFPs!! •

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Conceiving #1 In Our 30's January 2010!

New Month, New Year, New Decade*, New BFPs!!!

Last Month's Thread


•Adorkable• ........age 35 ...STC since 12/07 ...profile 1
BrownLioness ......age 29 ...TTC starting 08/10 ...profile 1
Faithswonderful ...age 38 ...TTC since 2005 ...profile 9
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greenmulberry ....age 32 ...TTC since 11/09 ...profile 11
Jenne ................age 32 ...TTC since 5/09 ...profile 1
JustKiya .............age 33 ...TTC since 3/07 ...profile 1
kmlcu................ age 33 ...TTC since 10/09 ...profile 11
Laggie .............. age 35 ...TTC since 9/09 ...profile 12
livinzoo ..............age 31 ...TTC since 3/09 ...profile 9
Maurine .............age 31 ...TTC since 8/09 ...profile 10
mollytommy ...... age 33 ...TTC since 10/08 ...profile 12
Monarchgrrl ........ age 32 ...TTC since 1/10 ...profile 1 New!
Newbian Mama .... age 32 ...TTC since 1/10 ...profile 1 New!
orandalady ......... age 30 ... TTC since 6/09 ...profile 1 New!
Shabbers ............age 38 ...TTC since 5/07 ...profile 1
songtothemoon ... age 39 ...TTC since 05/09 ...profile 9
Tear78 ...............age 31 ...TTC since 5/08 ...profile 1
Teetina ...............age 31 ...TTC since 1/10 ...profile 1 New!

If You Would Like To Join, Welcome!
Please give us your age, when you started TTC
and a link to your chart if you have one.
and feel free to share a bit more, we are a really friendly group!


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Sju88b .............. at age 30 ..... after 2 months! ... profile
Somegirl99 ......... at age 38 ..... after 5 months .... profile
Taylah ............... at age 36 ....after 7 months ....profile
CareCare ............ at age 30 ....after 10 months
Suka .............. at age 30 ....after a yearprofile EDD 8/10
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PixieLittle ............ at age 32 ....EDD 8/10 profile
Houla055 ............ at age 33 ...EDD 9/10...profile

List Maintenance:

***This #1 In Your 30s Thread welcomes everyone who's interested to participate in this thread. You are welcome to come and go as you are able, just please be aware that in order to keep the list of members manageable, the username of those who haven't participated in the thread within the last 6 months will be removed-- If your name is removed, you are always welcome to rejoin the thread at any time.***
Graduates are listed indefinitely for the joy it brings!


Members are most welcome to take a turn at threadkeeping for a month. It is easy and fun. All help you need will be happily given.

*for those of you that think the decade doesn't start till 2011, you're right, technically.
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Welcome a tad early ladies, figured i would get this done before we count down the year.

Question for the month:

What is something this year, besides all the the baby related stuff, that you are looking forward to?

for me, its finally getting my home metalsmithing studio set up! my Beloved has given me a wonderful workbench so i finally get to set things up and get to making beautiful things!
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It's already New Year's Day in Germany! Thanks for the new thread, Adorkable, and Happy New Year!!! I'm glad you and DH had a good talk, and I hope the hormones come out of you quickly and smoothly. I'll think of the question of the month later...right now it's time to leave for the airport and our trip home. A wonderful 2010 to us all!!!!
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Happy New Year

Thanks for keeping us going into the New Year. I'm already in bed here and it is only 10. (No dirty thoughts DH is at work!) I doubt I'll be ringing in the New Year at midnight, more like 6:30am when I wake up.

I had a complete moment this evening when I realized that I have not gone to pick up the Femara that my RE called in yesterday and therefore may have to pay for it all. I had met my deductible for the year which then meant I only would pay 10%. Oh, well. We'll see what happens. I think it might be okay because they'd have already packaged it so maybe I'll sneak in under the wire.

Hmmm...is it cheating to say my BFF's pregnancy and birth? I mean, that isn't related to any baby for my family but is a cool experience to be the BFF of someone going through it. I don't have any friends with kids (for some reason a high percentage of DH and my friends are childless by choice--like 6 of the 10 couples we know which I think it statistically improbable.) so this is my first time going through this. I think I get to be her hypnobabies coach which is cool.

But if that doesn't count...I was going to go to India in February so I was looking forward to that but it fell through. I'm probably not going to go to Dragon*Con again this year due to DH's job. Okay, nothing? I mean I'm thrilled to have a New Year and it will be fab but I just can't think of anything big/special/wonderful...oh, wait, BEING OUT OF DEBT...that will happen sometime mid2010 and that is exciting.

I wish everyone a safe and happy New Year's eve and a great start to 2010!!!!

Because we could all use more dancing produce!!

Okay, my question:

What good thing did you do in 2009 that you will resolve to continue doing in 2010? Why? In what ways will it continue to enhance your life?

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Originally Posted by Jenne View Post
Okay, my question:

What good thing did you do in 2009 that you will resolve to continue doing in 2010? Why? In what ways will it continue to enhance your life?

mmmm good one, I keep thinking about thing I atempted to do and need to do better, that's no good.

Oh oh my hair! I know this sound silly but last feb I decided to go back to creatively dyeing my hair, figuring at 35 I didn't really have to impress folks anymore and could justify just impressing myself. So I dyed my hair bright scarlet red! I have since done a number of shades and colors of red and kept myself really happy. It has had was less fallout with the dh's army life that I thought it might and it makes me feel really beautiful and creative. So this year I'm going to keep playing with my hair as a easy creative way to exspress myself. (I have already thought up a ton of more chemicly baby friendly versions when the time comes for that!)

As for a update on my cycle of torqure:

Like some sort of mean joke my temp when back up today. That was even taken a bit early for me, and no, I only had one glass of champane last night so that not it. But I also found the slightest bit of pink if I really check my cervix out, so I just think the temp is to torqure me. A bit part of the moodiness seems gone and that is a good no matter what it means! Probably meens af is here.
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DH and I are sitting side-by-side with our laptops. Him "I'm watching Star Wars videos on YouTube and you're looking at fertility charts. This is what WiFi has wrought." It's sad but true, this is pretty much what we've been doing all afternoon.

Anyway, Adorkable, those were YOUR charts I was looking at, and I have to say, it's pretty amazing how different this month is from previous cycles. It definitely doesn't fit the pattern. Could that bit of pink have been just from you checking your cervix? I don't mean to contribute to any anxiety, but I am VERY curious about what tomorrow might bring.
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hmmm i doubt that it was from checking since it was evenly pink with just a tiny streak rather than a normal cm with streaking, but you never know, either way it has totally gone away, absolutely nothing for the rest of the day.

i know i shouldn't go there, but the whole this is strange as you mention, it may be simply that i usually kind of half has chart in the tww once i confirm o, but this does seem strange in a few ways.

so humor me if you will on this question, could yesterday be a implantation dip? it would not explain any on my symptoms so in that does not clear things up(the could have been explained by the shots as well), but i know that i o'd very late in the evening on cd15 so it kind be easy to see each dpo as a day less, could i have implanted on 13dpo? could today's pink be something from implantation? i really never spot before af, i mark it as such just becasue it is not full flow yet, but it quickly goes from one to the other.

and that brings the other question, we talk about how long lp needs to be in general and that in a big way is based on when implantation usually happens... so how long does it need to be between implant and usual af? how long is long enough to get the signal to where it needs to be? i don't really expect af till sunday 16dpo over 50% of the time my lp is 15 days or up to 17 in a few cases. (ff is so great to get to look those things up!)

ok i'll shut up now, i know it is all silly conjecture and i will know either way on monday and hte rest is just a silly girl amusing her hopes, thanks for playing along
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I think it could but also, I've been obsessing over FF charts today and it looks like there can be some striking up and down variance after the initial triphasic phase...

Also: http://www.firstresponse.com/kcAccuracy.asp

To me, it explains, for instance why I might be having hot flashes, high temps, nausea, bleeding gums but not a positive test and also only be 7dpo. *If* a blastocyte begins generating hormones right away to signal the body that implantation is coming and *if* one were sensitive it figures one might respond to those hormones...just what I have been thinking today...because if I'm not knocked up I am having some seriously psycho body issues!!!!!

It seems like you are feeling better today Adorkable...I'm glad to hear that. Cool about your hair! I did lots of that in college but now that I'm "professional" I don't feel like I'm old enough or European enough for it to be accepted...which sort of sucks but I guess there is always that to look forward to again when I retire or turn 50!

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yeah im feeling much better, just that quick chat with my hubby meant a lot. i still think we need to work on things, but i do feel way better emotionally
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I just wanted to drop into the thread to subscribe -- I hope to join you all in TTC my first in March or April (at which point, I will be 33), and until then I'll probably lurk but not post. I'm trying to not get ahead of myself.

I did start taking a prenatal vitamin yesterday...

Something else I'm looking forward to this year is a one-day-a-week internship with a sound studio. I'm an audio engineer and trying to decide if I want to keep it as my career.

Jenne -- My best friend had a baby in 2008 who is now 17 months old. This baby changed my life. It has been so amazing seeing her every few days as she grows up. Initially I was really jealous my friend was pregnant, and I expected to be jealous both of her having a baby AND the baby getting more of my friend's time, but knowing the baby has transcended all of that jealousy. She's such a lovable kid, and she loves me back as a friend of the family. So I agree that's something to be excited about!

Something I started in 2009 and will keep doing in 2010? Exercise! I've been exercising regularly for almost 2 months and it is making me feel better about myself every day.
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nueromancer- Welcome! You'll feel right at home here I'm sure!

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ok, what am I looking forward to this year? Seeing my nieces, both of them, as much as possible. Hopefully finally getting tenure at my teaching job and FISHING when it's warm.

Adorkable, thinking of you! give us an update!

afm (TMI): anybody ever had serious period-like cramping with bm mid-cycle? I usually get this with af. I would think I just ate something funny (totally possible with airplane food), but I had a little brown-colored CM right after. I'm about 5dpo-ish. I don't really know. Just wondering if anybody else gets this.
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I never get cramps before AF, but usually when I am pregnant I have a crampy/twingy/heavy lower abdomen feeling right before AF would be due.
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thanks, enigo. I would honestly chalk this up to the coffee I had this morning, since I had to waves of this that led me running to the bathroom. But the tinged CM is weird. le'sigh. I'm still trying to decide how I would feel if we had a surprise BFP right before my surgery.
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Thinking of you, Adorkable!!! I hope yesterday's spotting leads to a BFP today! Yes...I'm stalking you.
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Traveling since mid yesterday. Drove a few hours away to take my mom to go see Avatar. 2nd time for me, this movie is amazing! The 3D is brillantly done.

Still just super light cramps, kinda floating around rather than my " getting down to work" ones I'm used to. Only had a few minutes of those and was on NYE. spotting is still rediculously light, probably wouldn't be using anything but I'm traveling, and in the tampon camp my whole life.
Did not temp this morning, would be meeningless at my moms on the couch, everything is different here. Left therm. At home so I wouldn't bother. Usually I don't care about temps at this point, but hard not to wonder, I would guess it was down more today.

Will not test again unless my af never really starts. My RE automaticly test at the start of every monitored cycle. So I'll call them tomorrow and let them know where I am by then and see what they want to do.

Nipples still sore but maybe less so, I've mostly let go of this cycle, as much as any of us can when ttc for so long.

welcome nueromancer!!! great group of ladies here, very helpful. I will add you to the main list in a few days when I'm on more than a iPhone.
Have you started charting? Do you plan to? (really sujest it unless you are clockwork regular, even then it's interesting) my first sugestion to everyone is the read "Taking Charge Of Your Fertility" it's amazing, and referanced a ton on these boards (referred to as TCOYF) I considered myself very female health educated, and I was shocked at how much I didn't know or how many small parts to truths I had just wrong enough to matter.
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Originally Posted by •Adorkable• View Post
welcome nueromancer!!! great group of ladies here, very helpful. I will add you to the main list in a few days when I'm on more than a iPhone.
Have you started charting? Do you plan to? (really sujest it unless you are clockwork regular, even then it's interesting) my first sugestion to everyone is the read "Taking Charge Of Your Fertility" it's amazing, and referanced a ton on these boards (referred to as TCOYF) I considered myself very female health educated, and I was shocked at how much I didn't know or how many small parts to truths I had just wrong enough to matter.
Thanks for the welcome. I don't think I'll start charting in the first few months of TTC. In fact, I don't even know if I will strictly be "trying" as much as "letting things happen" at first -- without a BCP.

My general plan, once my husband and I both feel ready to stop using protection is to go off the pill and give us a little time just to see how things go. Without making any special efforts, you know? If I don't get pregnant, and we find ourselves wanting "an edge," then I may chart. I've already read a lot about charting online, so I know basically how it works.

I've got that book on my "library" list, too. I'll have to look through it. Reading is my favorite thing to do while thinking about TTC. I've put together quite the reading list from recommendations on MDC and other sources.
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Welcome Neuromancer! I didn't chart the first few months, either, and then I got really curious. It was amazing how much I learned about my body. Most significantly, I learned that I was ovulating about five days later than I thought, and had a short lp. I'm on a break from TTC, as I was diagnosed with a molar pregnancy (basically a rare, funky kind of miscarriage) in December and have to wait six months per my doctor (long story), but I can't wait to start charting again once I get my periods back. I got pregnant my second month of charting so I think there's still a lot to learn. For the most part, it was reassuring just to see I was ovulating. It's hard to explain the utter thrill I get seeing how all these different elements work together--it's like a really cool science experiment!

Anyway, welcome and good luck!
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PS Adorkable--
I understand what you're saying about letting go of this cycle and I really admire your attitude. At the same time I know it's so hard when you have every reason to get your hopes up--feels like you're being tricked. For what it's worth, until you get AF for real I'm pulling for you!
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for Adorkable
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