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Sounds tasty!!
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Originally Posted by BRmama View Post
I decided to take Landon and surprise my dh at his work and eat lunch with him.
That's what we ended up doing, too. A fun time for all.

Kris - I'm sorry for ringing your doorbell. I hope you are both feeling better.
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Rachel would you be okay if we exchanged phone numbers? I can pm you mine that way we can all call each other on Fridays. In fact I have no problems making a list
with everyone's phone numbers and passing it to you guys. Just an idea, what do you guys think?

Rachel I m glad you had fun too. I'm sorry you drove all the way there.
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Hey everyone! How is your week going? Everyone's up for the mall on Friday, right? I have my mei tai now, so I should be able to keep track of Andrew.

Andrew had his consult with the developmental pediatrician yesterday, and it was a total crock. I am now even more angry that people take doctors so seriously. I'm feeling better about it now, but geez, what a colossal waste of time.

Everything else is going well for us. We'd love to see some friends this week, though. I think we'll plan for the mall at 10-10:30, and if no one comes, we'll just run around there again.
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Hey Leah I'm so sorry you had to go through that. I read the post and this dr. sounds like a crock! And Prozac for an almost three years old wow! I hope you'll have better luck with the OT.

By the way (if you don't mind me asking) where did you get your mei tai? I was debating whether I should get a mei tai or a Maya wrap since Landon is getting so heavy for the sling.

We'll be there Friday at ten. If things work out I should be able to bring my nephew and future niece.
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Don't worry about asking about that kind of stuff, Livvy. I love to give information!

I got my mei tai at BabyHawk. I have also heard really great things about Kozy Carrier. The straps on the Kozy are wider and the body is wider and taller. Since Jane really loves to see out, I chose the Babyhawk because it seemed to have a wider viewing angle. Both companies have excellent reviews. I had mine custom made and it took about 3 weeks to get here, but it is gorgeous and I it. I wore Jane in it for 2+ hours yesterday at the dino museum and I barely felt her.

I wouldn't go with a Maya Wrap because it is a ring sling, essentially the same thing you already have. While I still do use mine for a hip carry because it is really quick and easy, I get a lot of upper back and shoulder strain with it because she weighs nearly 22 lbs.

I'm going to put up some pictures of Jane in the mei tai soon. I have an album of all my various babywearing stuff on Facebook.
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Anyone else coming today?
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We will not be there today due to a previously scheduled appointment. I hate it when there's nothing going on all week and then suddenly there's multiple things at the same time and I have to choose.

BRMama - I would also avoid the Maya wrap at this point. We only use it for a hip carry once in a while and it's been that way since she was about 6 or 7 months old. Actually, now that I think about it, I don't have a Maya, but a competing brand of ring sling. I really like my Ergo, which is basically like a mei tai with buckles instead of ties.
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Hey Leah just sent you a text, my computer has been really sloooow lately. Anyway I was planning on going but my brother who flew in yesterday needs my car so I'm carless
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Look, I know that everyone has very legitimate reasons for cancelling evey time we plan this, but I am getting really frustrated with telling DS that we're going to meet friends, getting everyone all ready to go (which takes at least an hour) and then finding out that no one can play. I'm totally sympathetic to people being sick, etc., but I think we need to take a break from the disappointment for a while. I have NO friends, so I'm going to start pursuing some other people who have expressed an interest in playing with us on Fridays. If people want to plan to do things other days of the week, that's cool, and we'll try to come, but a regular Friday thing just doesn't seem to be working out.

Sorry to be so blunt, but I'm really lacking social interaction (as is my son, and at this point I really need to be able to see how he's doing around other people/kids) so I really just need to get that out there. I really like spending time with all of the people I've met here, but everyone seems to be relatively unavailable most of the time.

Apologies if I offend anyone. I really don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.
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I got your text, Livvy. Enjoy your brother's visit! Where does he live? It's nice that he was able to come see you.

What did you decide about the wrap?

I wanted to add that I don't want to make anyone feel like they need to change their plans or make changes or anything for me. I'm just trying to take care of my own needs the best that I can....again, sorry if I offend.
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Hey Leah no worries. Our problem is that our life right now depends on the stupid bank to sign a dang paper so we can buy our house! I mean hell how hard can it be? You pick up a pen, then the paper then you sign it....sigh. They already accepted our offer and even the seller wants to sell the house to us. You'd think in this economy they would act soon...

Anyway my brother comes twice a month so his ex can visit with her son. They live in Vegas. I used to live there and I loooove and miss there. He's also about to get married soon and his fiance doesn't have a car so I lend my out to help them out. She lives here.

We also need the social interaction here. I know Landon does very well with all kids especially older kids. He did really good with my nephew yesterday who is three. I love my brother but I hate being carless.

Thank you all for the info with the slings. I decided then after reading your posts that I'm not going with a maya anymore. I had no idea that I was already using one . Right now I've got my eye on a mei tai and I saw a really cute one at babyhawk. Thanks Leah
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Oh geez, I know what you mean about being carless. My car was in the shop on Monday to fix the brakes and get a tune up. $720 later and the battery just mysteriously died two days after they had it. It was a 5yo battery, so I can't prove that they did anything to it, but I am carless....again (well, I have DH's car, but I hate driving it because it has no radio, and I have to install the carseats again.) They also didn't do the brakes quite right. I couldn't put my finger on what was wrong, but I just wanted them to do it again. Now we're out another $100 for the battery.

That's great that you get to see your brother so often! It was so hard in CA having family live so far away. It has really made me appreciate how nice it is to have them here. After having dates with DH every 3-4 months, we are now getting out on a regular basis and I just can't be more grateful that my parents and ILs are willing to watch and play with the kids. And I just love that they are such a big part of the kids lives. That's something I really wanted when I was little, but my family is spread all over the US.

So I took the kids to Target the other day and Jane fell asleep on the way there. I usually can't transfer her to my Maya, but it was so so easy to wrap her into the mei tai and keep her asleep. She slept through the whole shopping trip! I can't say enough about this wrap. I even wore Andrew in it for a while the other day, and he is 38lbs. He loved being so squished up next to me.
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ARGH guys, sorry about last week. Toby was so barfingly gross. He slept in till noon last Friday, it was ridiculous. But then of course as soon as he woke up he was fine. Dang kid.

Maybe is there another day we could get together? We are usually free every day except Thursday, and honestly we suck at doing morning things because Toby's sleep schedule is so weird (last week he woke up at 7-8 every day except Friday, this week he has been sleeping in till 10-11 every day.) We'll have to figure something out, because I really need mommy friends and Toby really needs to be around other kids.

But for serious. Let's plan on doing SOMETHING on the week after next. I think it's the 19th. Is anyone up for swimming? I would like to take Toby swimming at the Lehi pool, or if people would rather do the Murray one that's fine. I've been to the Lehi pool a few times and I love it - it's great for all ages of kids, even babies, and the pool is really really warm and nice. It's $5 to get in, but OH SO WORTH IT.

I am having a hard time getting on MDC lately because I feel like I am not the bestest mother in the world and coming on here makes me feel guilty, so here is my email address if you are interested in going swimming with us:

krisis86 at gmail dot com

Okay, I am writing it down on my calendar so NOTHING ELSE gets scheduled that day, and unless the world ends, I am going. Toby can barf all he wants, but we are still going to the pool. He may not swim in it, but we're still going to be there. I AM DETERMINED TO MAKE PLAYGROUPS WORK. DE. TER. MINED.

HEAR ME ROAR. (roar)
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Oh my gosh, swimming in the middle of winter? I don't think any of us even have swimsuits. Will they let Andrew in without a diaper since he is under 3? I know some pools have rules about that kind of thing.

I should take your lead, Kris. I have been on the computer way too much lately and I feel pretty guilty about it too.
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Okay hmmm....if anyone should feel guilty about being on the computer way too much that person is me .

Kris don't feel guilty none of us are perfect here. I'm always up for swimming. Landon has swimming lessons every saturday at ten thirty. We go to Dive Utah, they're okay but the water was freezing last time and all the kids were crying and they still did lessons . Anyway hope this Saturday is warm.

Leah uggh sorry about your car. I hate that. You take your car for one problem and it comes back with two or three more. That's why I let my dh deal with that. He's way more blunt than I am. Oh and as far as I know the rule where Landon swims is, the kids who are not potty trained need to wear either two swim diapers, or a swim diaper and a swimming trunk over it. Not sure if this is that way everywhere or just where we go to his swmming lessons.
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I just bought Toby a swimsuit last week. Spent WAY too much but oh my gosh, the frog one at Gymboree, it was so cute I could not STAND it. All the other swim things I found for his size were skulls and crossbones and pirates which I don't like, or sharks, which just aren't as cute. Toby does have 2 extra suits that Andrew might be able to wear, I think they are either a 2 or 3T. I promise it will be way fun!

Last year I took Toby swimming all the time and only had him in a swim diaper. I think the rule is that you are supposed to have waterproof pants over the diaper, but I didn't even know where to get waterproof pants last year. This year I have several pair in preparation for potty training, so I can share but they are all 2T.

It's gonna be fun, the pool is kept at 85 degrees or something so it's super warm. Then we just chillax in the building until we're warm and dry, and then we don't freeze! I just really want to swim and I know Toby loves it. And I love the nap he takes after he swims hehehe.

Oh, and I'm not on the computer less, just on MDC less lol. Reading the forums makes me feel awful sometimes, you know? I am not super crunchy and I feel like I lose my temper ALL the time, so all the awesome mommies on here kind of intimidate me. Sigh.
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Looks like we'll have to go find Andrew a swimsuit. I find it odd that you can buy any swimsuit you want right now, but when DH wants to find snowpants, he's SOL. It's still winter! Why is all the spring/summer stuff out?

Kris, I lose my temper on an almost daily basis. Toddlers are a trying bunch. I think people give better representations of themselves on the internet. The ones that intimidate me are the ones that cook traditional foods while raising ten kids and homeschooling and knitting/sewing their family's clothes and not having a car because, you know...that wouldn't be responsible. I'm just trying to make it through the day.

I'll have to call the pool and ask what the rules are because Andrew is potty trained, but he's under 3. Some pools assume that all kids under 3 are not PTed, so they have a policy about diapers. I'm not going to put Andrew in a diaper.
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I think I'm going to start walking MW next week. I'll walk at the mall at 9:30-10. Let me know if you're coming so we can agree where to meet.
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I know last week didn't go too well with everyone meeting up, but...

I have to go to Southtowne tomorrow for an errand. I would love to meet some of you in the play area around 10 if you don't already have plans. I will dress my daughter in a green Oscar the Grouch t-shirt so you can "recognize" me. Or her.
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