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post partum weight loss?

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I'm sure this DDC is about to be closed but how is everyone's weight loss going? It's going so slow for me. I cut back on eating but working out is very hard to fit in to my days. I still have 22 lbs to go to get back to pre-pregnancy.
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Weight loss... um.. not so well. In fact, not at all. I need to arrange for a thyroid test though as I tend to be borderline hypo, but I suspect the function dropped well below borderline a few weeks ago.
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well I'm down to pre-pregnancy weight but I don't look the same. My belly is still really soft and jiggly so I'm not sure what's going on.

I'm no nutritionist but to lose weight, I don't really eat less, as much as I eat better. So I'll completely cut out sodas, drinks, and candy, and cut back on the simple sugars. Eat lots of fiber and whole grains, fruit, veggies, throw in some dairy.

Also, there's that saying "9 months up, 9 months down" so don't be too hard on yourself that you haven't lost all the baby weight yet.
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i'm starting to lose weight now, i think since baby is eating more and more and i am eating about the same. to be at pre-preg weight i need to lose about 14 lbs but you know at this point i don't care if i get to that weight. according to average weight for my height i'm still in the normal range just on the curvier side of that scale which is fine by me, i'm a mother now and i like looking like a woman, i like my curves. that said i do still have more of a belly than i would like. can't suck that in like i used to at this point but i think the muscle tone will return after a while.
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I've gained back 10 lbs. Need to get back to eating healthy and hope to be able to get a gym membership so I can get some exercise (too dang cold to go for walks - it is single digit temps here with subzero windchills).
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I'm amazed, after gaining 40-45lbs I haven't had any trouble loosing weight ( I know, I know, I'm lucky). Today is exactly 3 months since Noam was born and I am only 5lbs from my pre-pg weight. But as PP have mentioned, my body is different now. . .my boobs are bigger and I have more tummy than before, so not all my clothes fit yet. Not sure if the tummy issue is from stretching, lack of muscle tone or just those last 5lbs.
I do feel lucky though, I haven't even thought much about my eating. . .I mean I just try to eat healthy, but I haven't dieted at all. I am BFing after all, so I need the calories. In fact, lately I have been really hungry. I wonder if its b/c I am getting back to my normal weight, so now my body wants to stop loosing and needs me to eat more? I am curious if the slow-but-steady weight loss I have experienced will stop on its own when I get to my pre-pg weight.
Whatever the weight though, I do feel out of shape and need to get back to some exercising--especially core strength!
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still 25 or so to go. boo. i had only dropped like 8 by my 6 week checkup and maybe lost 2 more if that.
i'm just shocked that with nursing and not really eating all that much (at least at first when i was lucky to have 5 minutes to grab a granola bar) and water-weight loss, and carrying a 8-11 pound weight around all day, that more didn't come off.
so i'm blaming the weight on the super-sized boobs.
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With my first, I lost it all by my 6 weeks PP visit, but not this time. I still have 10-15 to lose.
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I am still about 13 lbs over. I don't lose weight from nursing, never have. I have just now started to lose (got 5lbs over original pp weight and decided it was time) by cutting calories. I am down 5lbs over the last 2 weeks, so I am hoping I can stick with this. I am not exercising yet because of a prolapse, if I am on my feet all day I feel it more so I am not ready to exercise!! Don't be too hard on yourself, your body has been through a lot and it's hard to take care of ourselves when we are caring for an infant!!
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Well, I'm back to pre-pg weight already, but my pre-pg weight was already 30 lbs. overweight, so I still have quite a bit to lose in my efforts to regain fitness and health. And when I hit 35 three years ago, my metabolism slowed waaaay down, so I find I have to work much harder than before to lose anything.

Like Siobhain, I have a really hard time losing weight while nursing -- Mother Nature seems determined to keep extra fat stores on me in case of starvation, lol! And honestly, knowing that the holidays were approaching, I haven't even tried diet and exercise yet, b/c I knew all the yummy food at this time of year would sabotage my efforts, anyway.

However, it's a New Year now, so I want to try and get going. I'm setting modest goals for myself, or I'll give up quickly. So instead of trying to lose a certain number of pounds a month, I'm going to commit to a certain amount of exercise each week (my plan is to walk on our treadmill for 30 mins. 4-5x/week), combined with deliberately eating smaller portion sizes of our regular meals and attempting to cook more Weight Watcher-friendly menus. If that doesn't do anything, then I'll have to step it up further, but I'm all about making small changes that I can sustain, rather than embarking on a dramatic transformation that I'll give up at the earliest opportunity.

While the weight loss will be great in terms of looking better, I really want to do it for health reasons -- I have chronic hypertension, and b/c of my pre-eclampsia and HELLP Syndrome with Duncan, I'm still on a really high dose of BP meds and would like to be able to lower it. I also have high cholesterol, a fatty liver (even though I rarely drink and eat mostly vegetarian), and suspect I may have some insulin resistance going on, too, since my dad does and I seem to have inherited every single one of his medical issues.

My ultimate goal is to get in MUCH better shape by the time I'm 40 (2 yrs. away), so that I have the energy and health to keep up with my kiddos for a long, long time!

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Like some others, my weight is gone, but I'm definitely NOT the same shape. Because of how squishy everything is, I technically should probably weigh about 10 lbs less than what I do. Seriously, my muscle tone is just GONE. Legs, butt, and especially abs. I did manage 5 sit-ups yesterday, which is a huge improvement from zero, lol. I don't want to push it too fast, though, since my abs are still separated a bit.

I have one pair of pre-prego jeans that fit, but I have some serious muffin-top issues... And I never realized how clingly most of my clothes are! It seems like everything I wear really shows off my little tummy bulge.

Now that I'm back to work, it's going to be rough to find time to work out. In warmer weather I'll take Ethan jogging with me, but that just doesn't work when it's 15F and snowing.
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I still have about 20-25 to lose to get to my optimal weight (10 to get back to pre-preg weight). It is coming off, but very slowly, about a half a pound per week.

I started working out with DVDs a few weeks ago, but I didn't really see a difference. I just joined a gym about a week ago and started running on the treadmill and I saw and felt an immediate difference -- mainly in my posture. My core muscles are wrecked after having four babies!!! Dropped a pound last week, that felt great.

Honestly, tho, I'm working out mainly to battle the baby blues. I'm having a really up-down PP experience, and I don't want it to turn into depression like with #2. I feel a huge difference after working out, but I start feeling depressed and overwhelmed within 1 or 2 days, so I have to work out every other day. I think I'll see about 1lb a week for the next couple of months, as long as I keep running regularly, before I am back in my pre-pre-pregnancy shape
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Since the day before delivery I have lost 52lbs. I was plus size to begin with. I have cut out white bread, taters, sugars, sodas etc... I have added tons of veggies to my diet and have started portion control. I havent been this low since before I was pregnant with my oldest. But I do have about 30lbs to go until I am at a happy weight.
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