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Gaye, and Hope you're warm soon!!!

Mochelly, where did you run in Africa? I'm just curious since dh is crazy about the whole continent and has traveled there quite a bit. We honeymooned there
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Gaye - that is INSANE!!!!

Hi Amy! Several ATL mamas here, are you running the ING half? I have a good friend that runs it every year
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Originally Posted by texanatheart View Post
Oh, and one concern I've got regarding co-sleeping: DS2 still nurses quite a lot at night, without bother to me at all. He will sleep usually until 7:30 or 8:00 as long as I'm there to nurse him up until then. I'm curious how I can get up to run before he normally wakes. I'd love to get my running done in the morning, but I hate for ds2 to wake before he's really ready to and to stick dh with both boys (ds1 can be cranky upon waking!) so early. Any thoughts?
Welcome texanatheart! My DS is 20 months and he still nurses at night and especially 5 minutes before my alarm goes off. He keeps hands and/or feet on me at all times to monitor my whereabouts even as he sleeps, so if I get up, more often than not he wakes crying. I've tried every trick in the book but he wants me and only me to be present when he is sleeping.

I WOH, so this is making it hard for me to get to work on time, and cancels out morning running even on the weekends. I think what we're about to do is just start waking him/letting him wake and try to shift his bedtime back to make up for it. He is more able to sleep without me in the first part of the night, so this should work out OK .

Do you have a jogging stroller? One option might be to let him wake but then take him with you on your run. Pack a portable snack/breakfast for him if he is eating those types of solids. I'm not trying this now, but might when the weather is warmer and especially when it will be too hot to run outside other than in the mornings.

ETA: Gaye, glad you're OK and hope the gas is fixed soon!!
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and new running mamas, former running mamas, want-to-be running mamas. It's a great place to be. Half the reason I run when I do is to feel justified in hanging with these awesome ladies!

Now, I really MUST start my kids on their new Spanish program!!!
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Gaye: Wow! Glad you are okay.

to all the new Dingos

Well back to school and work today. It is kind of nice to just sit at my desk with no one calling me or trying to climb on my lap, but I am already starting to miss them. No workout today. I am going to play cards at a friend's house tonight so no time. Looking forward to some adult time.

Re: weight loss. I signed up for Weight Watchers online. It worked for me last time, but I was exclusively nursing then and you get a lot more points Hopefully I can stick with it and keep it off this time.
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Lofty..what language program are you using?
For the liberal arts subjects we just use what our homeschool program sets up. SOTW, Easy Grammer, Shurley, Spelling Workout, Wordly Wise, dd reads a novel each month and does writing and projects to go along with it. She loves this. Both kids love the critical thinking books like Dr. Funsters. I could send you a weekly assignment sheet so you can see how it's set up if you want.
We do Horizons math and Teaching Textbooks for math. For extra helps we use Times Tales and Timez Attack for multiplication memorization.

Back on the no sugar wagon. I'm so sleepy!
Somehow I got motivated to run (on the treadmill)!
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walked for a half hour at a decent pace, then took a super gentle yoga class. it was good to work out the kinks in my hips from too much sitting, and to get a better feel for my limits also. my house is old and drafty, so too for a vigorous yoga practice at home lately.

tomorrow i'll walk again. i think an hour should be no problem.
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When I first started homeschooling I took most of the suggestions from Well Trained Mind. Some of it we have out grown, most especially the Latin and ds1. Some of it we hated (the material suggested for logic was horridly put together with many,many errors). Some of it was just fine and we slogged through (English/phonics/spelling). I do really like SOTW and we will listen to the cds for fun. Science is a bit too loosey-goosey but it seems to cover all the bases well enough for early elementary (lots of usborne read and discuss, some projects when I get my act together but I hate messes...).

My arms are dead after this morning's workout. I could feel it coming as I did yoga after lifting but wow. Just dead. When Linus wants me to pick him up I sit down and suggest he sit beside me.

Gaye, that is insane. Had you already called the hvac guys?

Good luck with WW. Sometimes it sounds like so much food and then other days... It all comes back to good choices doesn't it?

I have another welcome for all the new posters. It is nice to see people pop back in for the new year or come find us for the first time. Dingos are the best.
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Gaye, wow. I have to admit laughing at the thought of the doorbell and the TV station. What a way to start your morning. I'm glad you and ds are fine.

I am definitely going to need to try getting out of here and to the Y earlier, so morning barn chores should be done before the bus comes. It's hard because I don't like opening the doors before the sun is shining, but the days will be getting longer now every day. TMs were packed, so I did 3mi, hit a couple weight machines, and then biked 7mi on an upright. I am thinking back to my best weight loss periods in the (seemingly distant ) past, and I was biking all over town with kids in tow along with the running with double jog stroller. I know the biking helps my quads, too, which is good for the knees and such. I don't know, you tri mommas...there's wisdom in your sport!

My weight loss goal is ~1-2 pounds per week, but I need to lose for a long time to hit my goal weight. Which is fine, as long as I stick with it. I typically avoid as many carbs as I can in a day. I still get some. I drink milk, eat nuts and seeds, beans, and many fruits and vegetables. But also a lot of eggs, chicken, fish and seafood, and red meat probably twice a week. Grains become occasional, and always whole grain. I feel fantastic when I eat this way. No sugar besides what occurs naturally and the occasional, occasional honey in a chai latte or something. I really do have to stay away from grains, regardless what kind. I swear I feel the rush in my forehead when I start, and stopping is so hard.

lofty, I'll see if I can get the book on ILL. Thanks for the suggestion, though. I know I will need to keep the kids both studying through the summer. For our mental health, really.

All right. On to the rest of the day's goals.
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Originally Posted by Mommabelle View Post
Lofty..what language program are you using?
For the liberal arts subjects we just use what our homeschool program sets up. SOTW, Easy Grammer, Shurley, Spelling Workout, Wordly Wise, dd reads a novel each month and does writing and projects to go along with it. She loves this. Both kids love the critical thinking books like Dr. Funsters. I could send you a weekly assignment sheet so you can see how it's set up if you want.
We do Horizons math and Teaching Textbooks for math. For extra helps we use Times Tales and Timez Attack for multiplication memorization.

Back on the no sugar wagon. I'm so sleepy!
Somehow I got motivated to run (on the treadmill)!
Yes, what program? We have some Spanish audio CDs from the library that we are playing with now, but we dont' do any formal program. DD just wanted to learn spanish.

I use Singapore math, SOTW, and Teach Your Child to Read (we're almost done! Finally!) I've been considering Lively Latin, I've heard it's good for ADD-like kids.
For science, we mostly do experiments. DD really loves keeping a nature journal in the nicer weather.
I've found using a file box and doing a "workbox" type graph on the front has really helped me feel more put together wrt homeschool work. It isn't too hard to keep up with it, and most things just stay in their folders to be done the next day. It's also a great way for us to work in more fun stuff that we usually forget to do.

I just bid on a Polar heartrate monitor. Any reviews? I bid on a cheaper F4 on ebay, but now I'm wondering if I shouldn't get something else..? It would be really fun to be able to hook it up to the computer. Otherwise, I really am interested in heart rate and calories burned. Nothing too fancy.
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Gaye wow what a story! I hope you are warm and toasty by now. Holy moly.

Courtney, I you. Thank you SO MUCH.

Now fm to report today. I am feeling sluggish, chilly, and cranky. It's pretty cold here, and dh refuses to turn the heat higher than 63. Which is in reality not that cold but it just feels like I can never get quite warm. So I made bread for my family...but can't eat it. Gr.
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Originally Posted by bec View Post
I'm still all out of whack in my perception of distances from the marathon. A long run just doesn't seem like a LONG run unless it is over 12 miles. Ridiculous, I know, but there it is.
You're not out of whack girl, you're a MARATHONER

Originally Posted by calicocj View Post
Plady - well, I've been MIA too long - I didn't know you were going back to MX!!..
We're just here for two months (which right now is sounding like a lot a lot to me ) It's good to see you back here! Does this mean your hip is good to go? I hope so!

Originally Posted by elizawill View Post
hi. i hope it isn't too late to join in on this thread!
Hi Amy! It's never too late, this thread is the thread that never ends!
And to all the other new names around the cafe!

Nic- I feel your ! It's probably mid 60's here too but it feels cold since all the stone just sucks any warmth away. If you sit in the sun it's comfy, if not .

Gaye - OMG a Fox News reporter pre-coffee is like my worst nightmare! Combined with all the other havoc happening it would be just too much!

So I did some easy yoga this morning. I don't know if it was some yoga (yoga for athletes?) or a massage I got my first day or travelling or what but my lower back has been in full revolt for the past few days and zapping up my sciatica But it does loosen up after the easy yoga - AM yoga with some asian hottie and PM yoga with someone name Patricia of the Unitard. Anyway, tomorrow I want to run, I just want to see how it feels to get back on track and what a basic three miler is like now that I presumably have some muscle tone after my months of weight training.

I'm interested in all this hs talk but what does SOWT stand for? I'm hs'ing Chiara while we're here but I still don't have a plan. She's all excited imagining me at a blackboard and her at a desk but that's hardly my style. I'll probably be lame and lazy and coast a lot. We are going to see about getting Alison into some preschool thing to try to lay the hardwiring in for Spanish. She's picking it up amazingly quickly considering she's mostly preverbal anyway, you tell her a word once and she starts using it appropriately right away.

Okay, I finally feel like I'm back in the game I got my netbook back from our computer guy and he was all, "What the heck did you buy a laptop with only 8 gig of memory for?" ANd I was all, "Huh?" Hello impulse buy! What a dork I am for not even noticing that huh? ANd seriously, 8 gig? Who'd ever imagine a laptop with so little oomph? Anyway, I can surf and here I am!
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Well I asked mil for Rosetta Stone for my Christmas present so we're using Spanish for Latin America. It took me a long to decide b/c I'm also interested in Latin and Greek. Ds1 wants French, but I just decided to go with one and we can also add or switch later. Rosetta Stone homeschool is great for us b/c it allows up to 5 users, so all 4 of us can use it, and it tracks progress and repeats as necessary, and it records your speech. Ds1 (who is disappointed that it's not French - whatever, don't know where that comes from. He heard it spoke somewhere and liked the way it sounded and now likes to make a game of making English words sound like French. Also we play a family game of identifying languages everytime we get the chance.) Anyway, ds1 put on the headset and is pretending to be a pilot while repeating and recognizing Spanish sentences. I'm delighted he's having so much fun; I knew it would take something like that to interest him. So ds2 wants to copy him, of course.

Nemesis, I don't know about Lively Latin. Hmm... I'm interested in learning more... My kids love the Nature Journals, as well.

Mommabelle, I think it's great that you have a hs group that sets up curriculum. I would love something like that. Also, I need to check out the times tables suggestions you mentioned. That's exactly what I've been looking for. And yes, I would love a copy of your weekly curriculum. I am so unstructured that it really hinders, I think. I need the detailed curriculum to help me along. Thanks!

Mommajb, what Latin did you use? Looks like SOTW is a big winner for history. I guess I need to pull mine back out and try again. I wonder if the CDs would make a difference. Perhaps I'll look for some online to go with our the first book we never finished.

Jooj, I know what you mean about the summer thing. Not being in school can be dangerous if I don't keep structure going.

Thanks for the hs help, moms. I know this isn't the right thread but I got overwhelmed over there looking at information, trying to decide where to post and doing it all with such limited online time. My apologies to the rest of you.

Kangamitroo, I love your location.

Alright, off to do more TKD kicks. I'm going to be sore tonight!
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Plady, x-posted with ya. Give my love to SMA. Did you see the article a week ago in the NYTimes called "36 hours in San Miguel de Allende?" It was very postive. Of course. Smooch, I miss you and please give my love to midwife-extraordinaire, Allison! Gracias! I keep thinking I should put in a bid for a housesitting gig with the cuzzes down there who are not there for now since you are!
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I tried Story of the World without the CDs and I just couldn't do it. I am not a huge fan of reading out loud (but I love to read) and we do so much reading already... It was just too much and we just weren't going anywhere because I couldn't stand that much extra reading. I know, lame.. But I bought the CDs on amazon and we've really enjoyed them!
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Story of the World

Latin: He has worked through quite a bit - ds1 is 13 and has been studying since he was about 5 - dh is a classics professor so... Bradley's Arnold Prose Composition but I don't touch it. He uses the Oxford Latin Course for intro on campus I think.

Plady that is the am/pm yoga that WW used to pass out. At least I think that is where my mom got it. The same guy does power yoga and I have been doing the flexibility version for a few weeks. I am surprised at how much progrees I have made from so stiff I can run and it shows to being able to touch my toes of all things. As soon as I flexible enough I may try shaving my legs.

Jo, see above regading shaving. I may be the only one at the gym that doesn't but I have my reasons.
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I asked my parents for Rosetta Stone for my kids for Christmas. She said that was a great idea, and then ignored me. I would really like to get that program for the kids (and me) sometime in the future. There's a Saturday program through the district, though that teaches Spanish. The big kids are signed up for that, and looking forward to it beginning (at the end of January).

Summer bridging work. I had the kids do these Rainbow Bridge workbooks last summer. Mostly to keep Katie fresh. It totally did the trick. She's been jamming in 3rd grade. Everything except math has been a breeze for her. I'm definitely going to do that again this summer with both of the big kids!

Buff I have the Merino wool one in khaki, but there are a range of fabrics. I intend to get a tech fabric one for summer!
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Originally Posted by calicocj View Post

Hi Amy! Several ATL mamas here, are you running the ING half? I have a good friend that runs it every year

yes, that's the one! i'm from atlanta & my 3 sisters still live there...so i'm going there for the half marathon & a visit
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Gaye - WOW! Now that is just scary. It sounds so dangerous but I am so glad you and the family is safe!

LoftMomma - We were in Lusaka, Zambia for 16 months and the run was there on the outskirts of Lusaka. Africa was amazing. I love having a real grocery store again and access to what I could need but there's just something amazing about living in Africa that I can't shake. Zambia is a 3rd world country but because it was civil it didn't feel quite so intense. Where has your husband been? Where did you HoneyMoon? A fellow runner I met there has done marathons all over Africa and has even done two 50 milers down in SA. She says the runs down there are better than any of the marathons she has competed in all her years. :0) Never really asked her to explain.

Kristine - Good luck with WW!!!

Nemesis - I have the F6. I've had the F4. The both work great. In fact only bought the F6 because I wanted the cloth like band for the chest and I was hoping to sync it with my computer. Then I found out it wasn't compatible with my Mac. F6 has more features like keeping your diary etc. However I never use any of that as I do what I did with my F4 since I can't sync it and just input it when I get home. I like knowing how many calories I've burned. Oh and I forgot the F6 has this cool beeping for warning you when you're below or in the high zone for HR. I've used it when I was trying to push myself on speed. It worked. I should probably use that more often!

~ I was hoping to get out and walk with DH and the kiddo. Here you just throw your kid in a sled and go. However it's been a really crappy day. We're suppose to go to Vienna, Austria this Thursday on a Med-Evac for my son. But my husbands amazing command had to be *#@#(@@&#@Q and told us we needed to goto Germany instead. So we spent the evening making changes and working with the insurance to goto Germany to please his $##$*@)@#(@# command, only for them to call us back and tell us we could goto Vienna.

We've been sitting here since December 10th because it's been one headache after another between our insurance, the Regional Medical Officer at the Embassy and now his command. So now we're back on track to see yet another Pediatrician on Thursday morning and then from there we'll see a cardiologist and the Ped GI. At this point I just really want concrete answers. I've been such a hormonal crazy woman since the DX and between stress and the going back forth crap my nerves are shot!
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Gaye, I hope you have everything straightened out! That is crazy!

Welcome Amy....I wish I could do the ING half but I already know I have to work that wkd. I will probably do the associated 5K though with some work people! Atl is a great place to run.....have you done the Peachtree?

Lofty....on Runners' World online there is a BF running forum. It's the best place I've found to get questions answered and they even have a "how to start BF running" sticky thread. There's also info about VFFs and there's a guy on there who wrote a book (downloadable) about BF running. There's also Ken Bob's site, and a new Born to Run site that isn't up and running yet. Barefoot Ted's is mostly advertising. There are plenty of women running BF, but none that are very "visible" yet.

I ran for an hour and a half on the treadmill yesterday (my feet get WAY nastier BF on the treadmill than on the sidewalks!), or basically until I ran out of TV and got bored.

Mandy, that's awesome that you're coming here again, but there's not much hope for it to get warmer for ya. Sorry! We hate it too! I don't have the clothes for this, not to mention my kids! Where is your race?
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