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Originally Posted by jenP View Post
Hi Barefoot! Welcome!
I love being a cavewoman too.
I've been hairy for years and years, but I am still looking for the self-love to stop covering my gray. I hate this feeling of not wanting to look "old"... but there it is. I'm afraid to look old. I use all-natural henna, but still, I color my hair. I even make excuses. I tell myself it's because I want red hair (naturally I'm dark brown.) but who am I kidding? Yeah, I do love red hair but even so it is mostly because I don't want to be silver... yet. I love beautiful long silver hair on older women... but I guess I'm not yet ready to call myself an "older woman."
Help anyone?


My best friend has gray hair and has since she was 17. She hasn't died it in years now and I think she is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. I don't think she looks "old". I no longer worry about going gray, i actually look forward to it. I've also seen a picture here of a member with gray in her dreadlocks and i cant WAIT for my hair to look like that! I just love it.

I hope you can get to love your body's ever changing process Jen!

I put hairy armpits in my siggie and the same little "emoticon" as my facebook status lmao I've already got a few likes....from men of all people! Wonder if they get it or just think its boobs HA!
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Thanks for the support and encouragement, barefoot!
I'm thinking I might just give it a try... I've already got about 2 inches of roots anyway.
What's the worst that could happen? I let it all grow in, and I don't like it, so I henna it again, right?
Still not sure if I'm ready to take the plunge though...

I do love to see gray or white dreadlocks, on ladies and men! Little skinny neat ones, big ol' long fat ones, they all look so cool.

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welcome barefoot!!!
I haven't removed hair from my body since I was 18, and only rarely since I was 15 (thought I started at 11) and I love my gorgeous self

I also look forward to having grey hair. it's gonna ROCK
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jenP, my DP has grey hair and I LOVE it. She gets a ton of compliments on it as well! She does admit though, it took a lot of guts for her to finally make the decision to grow it out. So worth it though... she's a silver fox. Only 30yo too.
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Originally Posted by Barefootinthewoods View Post
My best friend has gray hair and has since she was 17.
I knew someone who had grayish white hairs when we were in high school. It's not that common, though. I saw my first white hair the winter before I turned 25 and I'm now 36 with a whole lot more than one white hair and the rest of my hair is dark brown. But, I've never dyed or colored or altered my hair in any way other than the occasional trim. I just like it the way it is.
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Joining - and grateful that I'm not alone. I shave at times because I'm still run by peer pressure, but would like to get to the point where I could care less what others think. I've only shaved above my knees a handful of times in my life.

It looks like facial hair is actually normal, from what I've read here. I've had electrolysis done, which got rid of the majority of it. Yet, I think our society should change, not us!

An honorary pall bearer doesn't carry the casket. It's sort of like, "We have more people than we need to carry the casket, but we want them to feel included, so we'll make them hpb."

Thanks for the tip about coconut oil. I read a thread about an hour or whatever ago, that mentioned milk of magnesia, but get the kind without bleach in it.

I think, in today's society, any natural odor is considered b.o. I stayed at an aunt's house once who, after I took a shower, could tell by sniffing the air that I hadn't put on deodorant and made me go back and put some on. I knew that she wasn't smelling my stink. She was smelling my lack of chemical (I was a teenager at the time). I mean, if I was dirty, I should have been told to wash my armpits again.

Anyway, I've been married twice (and div the same) and neither husband had a problem with hairy legs; they didn't mention pits as far as I recall. I was the one that freaked out a few times a year and had to shave.
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hey ho hairy mamas
I just got home after a few weeks at rainbow gathering where pretty much all the women are gloriously, naturally hairy
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Is anyone else going to join us?
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well, I'm hairy enough to join twice, I think
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Originally Posted by majikfaerie View Post
well, I'm hairy enough to join twice, I think

I think our society really needs to change its aversion to women having hair. It seems like, about a hundred years ago, women who shaved were considered prostitutes and I heard that, about 25-30 years ago anyway, the same opinion prevailed in Central and/or South America.
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Hey mamas! I stopped shaving my legs and pits regularly almost a year ago, and I haven't shaved at all in a few months! I think I'm finally comfortable being hairy.
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Good for you! I still feel like people are staring at me if I don't wear long pants (luckily it's November now, even if we are in southern AZ), but I am determined to overcome *sword in hand, raised in victory*.
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yay to both of you!
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Hellooooo, Hairy mamas!


I finally found a place on MDC where I unequivocally belong!


I'm hairy in pretty much every place you can be hairy.  I do wax my eyebrows occasionally and I wax my legs, bikini, and lower stomach once a year for the family beach trip. 


So tell me, are you other mamas really hairy or do you have sparse/light hair that no one can see unless they are close?  I have a very hard time being comfortable being hairy and open because all my hair is dark and thick. 


Happy to have found you all!

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I don't ever remove any of my body hair for anything. Haven't for at least 12 years, and before that I only waxed my legs sporadically because I was with a partner who pressured me to. (what a waste of time that was!)

I love my body, and I love that it's natural, in the way God made it. I believe that hair is there for a reason, and it's preposterous for anyone to say that a woman must remove any and all body hair, for "hygiene" reasons, when it's perfectly acceptable for a man to have the same hair. It's ridiculous for anyone to say I'm not beautiful just the way I am, and even worse to say I'm gross or revolting for not altering my natural body. I'm clean and healthy, hairy legs and all.

And yes, I have quite dark leg hair - it's noticeable. I go to the beach with pride.

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I am still hairy and loving it. I have shaved my legs a few times since last I left the tribe but stay hairy most of the time. DH is really starting to enjoy natural me.  Anyway thats me hehehe! missed you all terribly. I know some might not remember me but I have missed you all.kiss.gif

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Thanks, majikfaerie

Originally Posted by dicksonley View Post
So tell me, are you other mamas really hairy or do you have sparse/light hair that no one can see unless they are close?  I have a very hard time being comfortable being hairy and open because all my hair is dark and thick. 


Happy to have found you all!

I've seen hairier people than me, but my leg hair and armpit hair are dark brown. If I'd had blonde hair I would have gone natural from teenage years on up.

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Hi, hairy mamas! wave.gif


This thread is awesome to read. It's so empowering to have a support team. It seems so silly that other people get so upset about anyone else's hair, but yet it's so pervasive in our culture. I have gone through periods of unshavenness over the years and really do find it so freeing to not shave. Now that my DD is getting older and starting to notice things about bodies more  and more I strive to set a good example and help her establish a good relationship with her body. We live in a sort of rural area and have some crunchy friends who are like minded about eating well and living simply--and about being hairy. But during the summer at the lake (we live in a lake community and spend a lot of time at the many beaches here) a group of mean mamas are known to make nasty remarks about the hairier mamas. It's so lame and disappointing to have discovered this petty gossiping is going on. I don't personally know these people but have heard some of the things they say about our friends and it makes me sad that they are setting this kind of example for their children, who have been know to tease the hairy mamas' kids (wonder where they got the idea from?!). Anyway, it's made me think a lot about the little sacrifices we make to fit in to our little worlds. I am making it my mission over this winter to learn to embrace all-season hair and get over my summer-shaving habit.


Personally I think that in-between stubble stage is way less pleasant looking than the opposite extremes of shaving or having full hair. My skin is also so much drier from shaving, especially in winter.

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Welcome, Coco. When I started shaving less, it was in the winter. I told myself it was to keep my legs warmer, but I think it was to avoid the kind of experience you described. I really think/hope/pray-for-the-day when women wearing their natural hair is just fine and no one is made to feel like a misfit or an ogre for it.

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welcome coco!

and CDM! :love I remember you

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