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I too really struggle with dealing with the comments from other people.  That's why I wax before our family beach trip every summer.  I know that I should be ok with who I am (and the copious amounts of dark hair I've got everywhere) but it's so hard to smile and ignore the comments from small-minded people that I find myself caving to the pressure of hair removal.  Sigh.  DH is not critical/not exactly supportive of my hair either so it makes it a little more challenging to think of myself as sexy when I don't really get the vibe from him that he's digging my hairy legs/bikini/lower stomach etc. 

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Hi, I am a hairy mama!


I shave my legs about once every 6 months and I occasionally trim (but dont shave) my pubic hair. I do have to admit that I shave my toes.

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I think I'm a hairy mama in training - I haven't shaved anything but my pits in a couple of months, mainly out of lack of time.  In some ways, I really like it - it feels awesome to have the wind blow through the hair on your legs!  In other ways, I'm still freaked out by it.  My hair is pretty blond except for a dark patch that extends past my bikini line.  My hubby is totally supportive - he's confused when I tell him my bikini area is gross.  I'm definitely the only person I know who isn't shaving right now, and I hang with a crunchy bunch! I think I'm definitely going to stick with it through the winter... we will see how I do when the weather is warmer!

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So I just found this thread and there are a couple hours left of 2010 :)


My mother never shaved, so I'm not sure why I was so big on hair removal for so long.

I switched to diy waxing in my 20s thinking  it was more environmental and efficient.


When I was pregnant in 2009 I decided I needed to work out my issues with body hair.

My thoughts were if I had a little girl, I would want her to love herself the way she was.

I'm not a do as I say, but not as I do kind of person so I stopped removing my hair.


I started shaving under my arms again because it was painful having hair there.

I had problem (painful) with bikini hair as well and trimmed a few times, however I've been

to busy to do it again and noticed that it stopped hurting.

So maybe I should see if the underarm hair pain goes away after a while also.


I had a boy, but I'd still like to be a shining example of self love.

So if you are all going to join up for another year count me in.

I'll need some support if I'm gonna re attempt the underarm grow out.

Besides my mom who lives far away I don't know anyone that doesn't shave.



Oh and does anyone know how long it takes for eyebrow hairs to grow back.

I stopped plucking 2 years ago and only a few hairs have grown back in.

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Hi :) I don't shave/wax/trim anything except my underarms. I shave about once a month for personal comfort. My leg hair is very fine and sparse..I have no idea when I shaved last!

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I wonder if the OP is going to start a new thread now that it's 1-1-11.


I've never heard of hair hurting, except for the occasional hair that my clothing pulls (I think an individual hair gets caught in the weave of the cloth or something. But if your other hair stopped hurting, I'd say it's a good bet that your underarm hair will, also.


I wonder if anyone has let their hair get long enough to braid?


I wish my leg hair was fine. It gets darker and thicker the farther up it goes, too.

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cant wait for another year of hairy momma threads.

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hey hairy mamas, did someone start a new thread? possible to link to here?

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Start one, majikfaerie. I'm not well-enough known for anyone to pay attention to.

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oh ARP! don't be silly, being well-known is nothing to do with it, and anyway the mamas on here know you and love you.

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oh anyway, NEW THREAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Hop in, the water's fine :)

hopefully a mod can lock this thread for us. :love

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Thanks, majikfaerie, for the compliment - and for the new thread.

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I wrote this poem last year after deciding to giveup shaving my down-there-lady-hair :)  Hair sharing is caring!

               **Sometimes its hard to love you

                  unpredictable, unkempt

                  due to years of repression,

                  denial, left to a razors edge.

                  My inability to accept,

                  a wirey, transformed part of me,

                  at the ripe-old-peach-fuzz age,

                  of a fresh-faced-naive teen.

                   But I've seen

                   a little more

                  'nd have come to despise what I have done.

                   Deforest myself all for your pleasure,

                   so you could have more "fun" **

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I am new here.  I am a man, married to a wonderful woman who does not shave a little over half the year.  She does it because she is lazy primarily, but she knows I like it.  joy.gif She had been trimming her pubic hair for years.  I asked her to consider letting it grow and she did that all summer and continues to do so. ( I like that also! winky.gif )  I am eagerly awaiting the fall regrowth of her pit and leg hair!  I love it! 


I told her when we were first married that I would rather she let her leg hair grow than be stubbly all the time. The choice was hers, but I wanted her to not feel like she had to do it for me.  I also, in the interests of full disclosure, told her that I prefer hair where there is supposed to be hair.  Unfortunately, she has never grown to embrace the hair or the way it looks, plus I think it is not worth it to her to deal with the family issues, etc if she were to keep it year around, so off it comes every summer.  I respect her choice, but still prefer the hair.  I LOVE the natural look and feel and I would like to thank you brave women for being natural and being yourselves.


As more and more of you continue to be natural, the look of a real woman will become re-accepted in our society.  Future generations of women will have you all to thank for that!

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