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~ January 2010 ~ Home Cooking Challange!

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Happy New Year!!! Here is our new thread to help us stop eating out, and cook meals at home!
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Everything cooked at home is vegan & Lunch is usually FFY and/or leftovers

1. Creole Black Eyed Peas

October's Challenge
November's Challenge
December's Challenge
(Keeping track so I remember some yummy recipes!)
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Yay! Month 4, here I come.

1. Chicken soup
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What a great idea!

Jan. 1: MIL is cooking dinner for all us kids and grandkids at HER home. Yay!
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joining... really need to do this..was doing well for a while but these headaches have been my downfall... really need to start doing slowcooker meals or something else that won't require much work for days like today when I don't feel well... luckily tonight we will be having chicken that has been marinating for two days, (DH opted to do his own thing for dinner one night and last night we went to DH's cousin's for New's and ate there), potatoes and veg..or maybe rice instead of potato.. still debating that..

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I'll try to keep up this month!!

1) baked turkey, pasta salad, green veggie
2) Applebees (will use $50 GC from Christmas)
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I'm in again! And off to a bad start too.

1-dinner at my mom's *took ds2 out for lunch
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I've been waiting for January 1 to roll around so I could join

I'm in...but today was a no-go as I had already agreed to go on a date with my daughter.

1. Ate out
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I really need to do this right now. Time to reign in the budget.

1/1 pancakes
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I'm in!

January 1 - Franks and beans. Exciting, I know.
January 2 - Cereal for lunch, pasta with sauce and garlic bread for dinner.
January 3 - DD asked for bean and cheese nachos.
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Yay I've been doing so much better about eating at home since I started posting here!! I'm hoping the new year will be even better!!

1. Chicken makhani, and brocolli and potato curry
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Originally Posted by ultimatemoneyblog View Post
Is this EVERY meal cooked at home for the month of January?
I only post dinner, and mention lunch if I eat out for lunch.
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It's nice to see this challenge is still going! I was really hesitant to start it because, well, I wasn't sure if anyone would join...but woohoo! I'm in...I've actually been in every month, I just get reaaaaally lazy with updating.

Dh wasn't on board with NO eating out this year, but I decided to make it my personal goal to not SUGGEST it (I'm usually the one that does this!). I'm going to be planning a 4 week menu tomorrow - big task, wish me luck!

*everything I cook is vegetarian/vegan, and usually...usually from scratch.,

1) Creole stuffed bell peppers and fried sausages
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Okay... I'll give it a whirl. DH and do budget out for us to eat out once a week. We also each get a $10 weekly allowance which usually goes to eating out as well. I miss cooking at home, and I want to give it a try... but have found cooking to be darn near impossible with my 2mo old DD who needs to held *all* the time. I'm going to try and get creative.

1- Oops! Ordered chinese! i need help!
2- Chicken Parmesan w/ Mixed green salad and balsamic vinaigrette
3- Leftover chicken parm... gotta get rid of it before my weight loss resolution kicks in tomorrow!
4- Chili and cornbread
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I really need to do this. I keep using the exhaustion and lack of help as an excuse to get takeout or something.
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I'm in. I cook at home, but I need ideas to broaden my choice of meals. I'm in a rut!
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YAY! Did fairly well last month considering all the running around...hoping this month willbe better

We cook vegan mostly

1. Lunch-leftover enchalada casserole w homemade tomatillo sauce(WICKED!)
Dinner-All you can eat veg sushi-G/C from xmas(I don't count it as eating out)
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1-dinner at my mom's *took ds2 out for lunch
2-baked potatoes for the boys, dh and I are eating out at his work Christmas party so it'll be free at least
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I like this as an idea to keep me motivated!

1. ILs took us out to dinner
2. leftover chili
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1) Creole stuffed bell peppers and fried sausages
2) Enchilada Casserole, corn

I was just going to make enchiladas...but caiesmommy's casserole idea sounded super...so I think I'll go with that! Same ingredients, just less work
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