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1. Ate out
2. Lemon pepper steak and hasselback potatoes
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I tried this last month, but didn't manage to stick with it too well. All meals are vegetarian.

1. Bean, rice & veggie meat burritos & gorditas
2. Black bean & corn chopped salads
3. Pizza, ice cream & cake to celebrate DS1's birthday.
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Originally Posted by beansmama View Post
1) Creole stuffed bell peppers and fried sausages
2) Enchilada Casserole, corn

I was just going to make enchiladas...but caiesmommy's casserole idea sounded super...so I think I'll go with that! Same ingredients, just less work

To less work I even threw our corn into the casserole so I wouldn't have to dirty another pot making the corn...I have a dishwasher, but I really hate doing ANY form of dishes
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Yay! Month 4, here I come.

1. Chicken soup
2. Tuna and macaroni (also made a liver casserole, will freeze some and eat the rest for lunches since DP won't eat it)
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1/1 pancakes
1/2 spaghetti and meatballs, garlic bread
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The fried rice was actually really good. I recommend the cookbook I mentioned earlier. Once again, it's called Eat It Fast, Cook It Slow.

I was surfing today and found this awesome instructional post on making fried chicken:


And wouldn't you know it, we have a whole frozen chicken in the house. It's now merrily defrosting in the fridge. I have to say that melding my preggo cravings with this home cooking challenge is a best case scenario.
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1. everyone was some place else except ds2 and I, so we just snacked, nothing of note
2. roasted butternut squash with sesame oil and soy sauce over brown rice
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Ok, this is coming in at a perfect time for me. We have had our staple-type meals, but we really eat out an awful lot. I've always wanted to start a freezer stash (we're super-busy) and I finally did last week!

So, hopefully this will make it easier to stick with the plan!

1) leftover pizza (doesn't count because it was from NYE!) and for dinner: black bean soup and cornbread. One quart of soup put up in the freezer for a busy night.
2)More black bean soup, ham, salad and cornbread.
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I'm in. I'm going to try to rotate out all the food that has been in the freezer and will go bad if we don't eat it soon.

1: Pasta and Meat sauce (from the freezer)
2: Beef Stew (from the freezer)
3: Mac and cheese (from the freezer, not home made)
4: Bean soup (yum!)
5: Chicken Picata (from the freezer)
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YAY! Did fairly well last month considering all the running around...hoping this month willbe better

We cook vegan mostly

1. Lunch-leftover enchalada casserole w homemade tomatillo sauce(WICKED!)
Dinner-All you can eat veg sushi-G/C from xmas(I don't count it as eating out)
2. Chickpea potato curry-used the leftover potatoes frm. breakfast, leftover tomato sauce frm enchaladas, some tomatoes that we're way to soft/mushy in the fridge. Served with roasted eggplant and a yummy tossed salad using the olives from enchaladas...I LOVE meals that use the ends up!
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Started this last month, but let the last week or so slide.

We're a family of eight, with six kids ages 9-2. Dh works out of town during the week fairly often, which means the kids eat a lot of cereal for dinner. Not good. I want to cut out the convenience meals/take out, and make real dinners for the kids and me even when dh isn't here.

1. Took advantage of the free kids meals while shopping at Ikea, and hit the sweet spot when they were finishing off breakfast and starting to serve lunch, so dh got the free breakfast, too. I had the meatballs.
2. Leftover turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole (our Christmas dinner was just a few days ago, so not as scary as it sounds. )
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Well this is the perfect thread for me. Dh and I have a goal of cutting back on eating out this year. He works 24 hour shifts and I tend to eat cereal or PB&J's on those days. Hopefully I'll be inspired to eat 'real' food instead.

1. Homemade Mac & Cheese and Meatloaf
2. Spaghetti & Garlic Bread (cheated w/ store bought spaghetti sauce)
3. Leftover Mac & Cheese (forgot to pull the ribs out of the freezer last night )
4. Beef Stroganoff
5. Leftover Spaghetti (just me, didn't feel like cooking)
6. Slow Cooker BBQ Ribs (mmmmm)
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1/1 Chicken, rice, broccoli & rolls
1/2 spaghetti & garlic bread
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I'm in!! THis week though we are going out to eat twice. Once to celebrate DSS's Bday, and another one my family is footing the bill, relatives are in town.

I've got my meals planned, they are all vegetarian.

1. Creamy tomato soup, chickpea/quinoa pilaf.

2. Leftover honeybaked lentils, and t. soup with crackers.

3. Veggie 'meatloaf' and mashed potatoes, collards with currants and pinenuts. (planned)

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1) baked turkey, pasta salad, green veggie
2) Applebees (will use $50 GC from Christmas)
3) turkey pot pie, salad
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I'm in!

1. Chili's take out (oops)
2. lasagne
3. meatloaf & potatoes
4. Leftover Medley (yay! no $ and no effort!)
5. tacos
6. yucky burger king
7. ham and potato soup
8. Italian take out (but used a GC)
9. Noodles and butter
10. Family party - got dinner free (but brought brownies)

WOW - this is eye opening. Either I am not as good as I thought or this has been a tough month!!
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DH is going to be out of town for a week. That should make it easier not to get takeout - the kids and I are much more likely to improvise from the pantry


1/1: MIL brought over dinner
1/2: kids had mac n cheese with sitter, dh and I ate a late lunch out for "date night" and had popcorn later in the evening
1/3: SIL brings over steak and scalloped potatoes for dh's going-away party, I make bread and veggies
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I want in, too! We're trying really hard to pay down debt this year, and I think this challenge will motivate me. Our meals are always veg - mostly vegan, but not 100%. I have a meal plan for the week - I'll come back and edit it if we fall off the wagon:

1: Teriyaki Tofu and Orange Sesame Broccoli
2: Taco Cabana after church - it was under $8, though (black beans and tortillas)
3: Lasagna w/ Cashew Ricotta, green beans
4: leftover lasagna
5: Potato pancakes and red chard
6: Black bean soup, tortillas, pico de gallo, etc.
7: Creamy Cajun Chick*n Pasta, salad
8: Spicy Mung Bean Stew, sweet potato fries, tortillas

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1-ate at my mom's
3-zesty grilled hamsteak, potatoes, stir fried veggies
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I have to join this thread. We NEED to stop going out to eat so often. So far so good:

1st - Baked pork ribs, Pierogies, Sauerkraut
2nd- Leftover Chicken Cacciatore (dh homemade, mmmm) with rice.
3rd - Spaghetti with tomato sauce & crumbled sausage.
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