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1-ate at my mom's *ds2 & I had lunch out
2-out for dh's work party
3-zesty grilled hamsteak, baked potatoes, stir fried veggies, berry cobbler for dessert
4-tomato soup, rolls
5-quesadillas *dh had lunch out
6-dinner at my mom's
7-fried potatoes and onions, eggs *we got takeout, long story
9-meatloaf, mashed potatoes, corn
10-potato and ham soup for dh and I, leftover tomato soup and quesadillas for the kids, french bread
11-fried potatoes and eggs we didn't have last week *we did panini's and roasted potatoes instead
13-leftover night
14-baked trout sandwiches, veggies, baked fries
15-ham and pineapple kabobs, roasted potatoes
16-hamburgers, fries
17-not sure yet, I'm thinking twice baked potatoes and sauteed cabbage
18-dinner at my mom's
20-fish sandwiches and fries
21-penne with vodka sauce salad and garlic bread
22-pizza night
24-ham and hashbrown hash, steamed broccoli
25-hot dogs, applesauce
26-hamburgers, veggies
28-breakfast - eggs, waffles, sausage
29-pizza night
30-I ate out, the boys had something at home with dh
31-tuna melts, fries

Ok so 4 dinners and 2 lunches out. Not too terrible, but we could definitely get that down.
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I only post dinners, and I'll noted if a meal is veggie only.


1 - Shrimp cocktail, leaf lettuce salad, N.Y. steaks, mashed potatoes & wilted spinach (Happy New Year!)
2 - Roasted Chicken, root veggies (squash, rutabaga, & green apple) with simple risotto
3 - Pot Roast with veggies (carrots, brussel sprouts, potato, green bean) & mashed potatoes
4 - Leftovers
5 - Speghetti w/ meatballs & spinach salad
6 - Leftover Jambalaya with extra shrimp from NY dinner.
7 - Beef Stew with rice
8 - Chicken Tikka Masala & sliced mango
9 - Dinner out - StoneFire Pizza for a birthday
10 - BBQ night/Football Sunday (Ribs, BBQ Chicken, Wings, Dips, Chips)
11- Leftovers of football sunday/bbq night with spinach salad.
12 - Brinner for Dinner
13 - Leftover Beef Stew & rice
14 - Leftover Chicken Tikka Masala w/ Rice and leftover honey baked lentils
15 - Take & Bake Pizza & spinach salad
16 - Pork Chops w/ asparagus & creamy rice
17 - Homemade Speghetti with Meatballs
18 - Smoked Turkey Sausage & with leftover sides (rice & aspargus)
19 - Dinner out - Chicken DH sick & I had to work on top of it
20 - Turkey smoked sausage with carmelized onions & salad
21 - Meatloaf with mashed potatoes & corn
22 - Homemade Pizza with pepperoni, sausage, & fresh spinach
23 - Flank Steak with brussel sprouts & greens salad
24 - FFY
25 - Chicken Chow Mein with steamed veggies (califlower & broc)
26 - Brinner for dinner! Yum
27 - Tacos
28 - Leftovers
29 - Homemade pizza with salad
30 - Roasted Chicken with sauteed asparagus (and failed potatoes au gratin)
31 - Speghetti w/ meatballs & homemade bread
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Who wants to start Feb Thread?
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1. dinner out with the inlaws. Their treat!
2. flatbread pizzas, leftovers
3. crockpot roast, peas, buckwheat pilaf
4. thai fish noodle dish (put in WAY too many rice noodles)
5. veggie soup with leftover roast/ sourdough toast with butter/salad
6. lentil and potato curry with sauteed swiss chard
7. leftovers
8. taco salads with homemade fermented cortido
9. date night with a gift card! Plus leftovers for lunch/my mom (the babysitter) ended up spending more than the card on appetizer and one more glass of wine (which I did NOT need)
10. Vietnamese roast chicken in the crockpot, chilean squash (from moosewood cookbook) and leftover coleslaw.
11. Leftover chicken, green beans and potatoes, maybe a pilaf
12. leftover chicken, squash casserole, pilaf
13. cauliflower cheese pie (moosewood), chicken, squash and two donuts from the grocery store
14. ravioli from a bag plus sauteed chard and mushrooms
15. mongolian grill with the inlaws (their treat!)
16. snacks at my sister plus dinner at a pub with a gift card that I"ve had for over a year. Spent an extra $5 on the tip.
17. can't remember...need to update more often! We've been kind of fending for ourselves lately.
18. salmon stir fry with rice noodles
19. had salmon wraps, ds had noodles with sauce
20. made a roast in the crockpot but it wasn't ready for dinner so had pizza on a tortilla, beet salad and other random leftovers
21. roast, I did go out and have dinner with my mom, didn't mean to, but she wanted to so I got a salad and a glass of wine ($20)
22. finish leftovers, want to make that zucchini bisque soup
23. tostadas with ground beef, eggplant and other veggies. Used up some stuff from the freezer
24. Put bean, veggies, spices and some frozen ham and bones in the crockpot all day. We were gone and got home later than expected at 6pm and it was SO NICE to walk in the door to some good smelling food. All I did was puree the beans and chop the ham and dinner was served. It was VERY good.
25. pork chops, ceasar salad
26. ravioli with italian sausage, sauteed swiss chard
27. beef stew
28. chili
29. at my mom's
30. at my mom's
31. Out but used a coupon and have leftovers for lunch. $26
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Originally Posted by LizzyQ View Post
Who wants to start Feb Thread?
I will!
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1-1 bean and cheese burritos
1-2 chicken and wild rice soup for lunch--leftovers for supper
1-3 guacomole burgers for lunch and more leftovers for supper
1-4 miso soup, green salad, edename,rice
1-5 squash, corn, and grilled lamb steak
1-6 DH and I had more burritos and the kids had more burgers
1-7 DH made beef roast, carrots, potatos and gravy
1-8 lentil and chard curry and fresh bread
1-9 spagetti and meatballs (with vension which I usually don't like but these were good), garlic toast
1-10 tandoor chicken with rice and some of the leftover curry as sides
1-11 leftovers
1-12 homemade frozen pizza (last time I made pizza I made an extra) and salad
1-13 potato soup and fresh bread
1-14 We ended up at Famous Dave's which would have been okay, but DH and DS2 went out for lunch too I sort of felt like I fell off the eat at home, flexatarian wagon.
1-15 pasta with a creamy sundried tomato sauce with some sundried tomatos that had been in the cupboard a very long time and bread and green salad.
1-16 I made French onion soup for lunch and DS1 made boxed mac and cheese and canned corn for supper (pretty good for only seven)
1-17 DH made stir fry for lunch and I made biscuits with sort of a beef pot pie filling for supper.
1-18 Beef barley soup fresh bread
1-19 pork chops and red cabbage
1-20 red curry with veggies and rice noodles
1-21 I think DH is going to make lamb and a couscous dish
1-22 birthday cake, pizza, and mayhem (DS1 birthday sleepover) This ended up being take out pizza
1-23 ham and bean soup and cornbread
1-24 nachos and football
1-25 sausage and shrimp gumbo
1-26 The best meal so far this year! DH grilled fliet mignon, made a pasta dish and a salad. Yea DH!
1-27 I'm making pizza
1-28 DS1 and I ate leftovers (DH and DS2 ate at SIL's)
1-29 DS1 and I went out for sushi (DH and DS2 ate at SIL'S)
1-30 chili and fresh bread (DH and DS2 ate lunch at a diner on the way home from SIL's)
1-31 mac and cheese and brocili
We ended up eating out or getting carry out three times plus an extra lunch for DH and DS2 not too bad.
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Ok, I totally sucked in January! Let's start again for Feb!!
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