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Originally Posted by mnnice View Post
I have found that for my crew one of the things that keeps us out of resturants is figuring out a few ethnic take out type dinners to make at home. We like Thai so figuring out a decent pho and pad thai has been helpful. Friday night fish fry is a big regional food here so we have the coleslaw, homemade oven fries, and storebought fish fillet to tame the cravings. I still think that a slightly less than healthy semi-homemade dinner is still better both nutritionally and dollarwise than a full blown meal out. Personally I have given up on homemade sushi though.

I attempt to make a lot of ethnic foods sure it might not taste as great BUT it is cheaper...and I also don't attempt Japanese night anymore...(occasionally make maki rolls for lunch/parties) but for 11.99 each dh and I can go out for all you can eat veg sushi for lunch(they never charge us for dc ) and get WAY more selection/side dishes then I have time to make and those days I don't have to make dinner we're so full
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We cook vegan...I'll write when not vegan

1. Lunch-leftover enchalada casserole w homemade tomatillo sauce(WICKED!)
Dinner-All you can eat veg sushi-G/C from xmas(I don't count it as eating out)
2. Chickpea potato curry w tossed salad and roasted eggplant
3. Homemade pizza w coleslaw and carrot sticks
4. New meal-chop suey w toasted almonds on rice, roasted eggplant, carrot sticks. Ds gobbled it up! Dd tried lentils for the first time and gobbled them up! YAY!
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1/1: MIL brought over dinner
1/2: kids had mac n cheese with sitter, dh and I ate a late lunch out for "date night" and had popcorn later in the evening
1/3: SIL brings over steak and scalloped potatoes for dh's going-away party, I make bread and veggies
1/4: Kids ate mac n cheese and grapes. MIL brought me over a twice-baked potato, but I am not hungry because we ate Mickey-D's after the preschool pickup at 3 p.m. Weak. I am weak.
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Family of 4. DH and I both WOH. Girls and I eat Breakfast, snack, lunch at work/school/daycare.

1) baked turkey, pasta salad, green veggie
2) Applebees (will use $50 GC from Christmas)
3) turkey pot pie, salad
4) eggs and toast
5) (planned) spaghetti (sauce in crockpot), salad
6) (planned) turkey and vegetable soup, garlic bread
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1. dinner out with the inlaws. Their treat!
2. flatbread pizzas, leftovers
3. crockpot roast, peas, buckwheat pilaf
4. thai fish noodle dish (put in WAY too many rice noodles)
5. veggie soup with leftover roast/ sourdough toast with butter/maybe salad
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1/1 pancakes
1/2 spaghetti and meatballs, garlic bread
1/3 roasted chicken, potatoes, carrots
1/4 grilled cheese and tomato soup
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1. everyone was some place else except ds2 and I, so we just snacked, nothing of note
2. roasted butternut squash with sesame oil and soy sauce over brown rice
3. bean and cheese pupusas, pinto beans, green salad with walnuts, spinach, romaine, carrots, and broccoli
4. cheese tortollini for the kids and spaghetti for me, both with tomato sauce and steamed broccoli
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1. Chicken makhani, and broccoli and potato curry
2. Out, my dinner plans fell through and I didn't have a back up plan, so we caved and went out.
3. My mom took us out to dinner (I only count meals out against us if we pay for them!)
4. Cashew chicken and broccoli over rice
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January 1 - Franks and beans. Exciting, I know.
January 2 - Cereal for lunch, pasta with sauce and garlic bread for dinner.
January 3 - DD asked for bean and cheese nachos.
January 4 - Fresh from the oven, homemade bread with butter, jelly, and peanut butter (not all together!) We ate so much, nobody was hungry for a 'real' dinner. Have black beans soaking for tomorrow.
January 5 - Turkey dogs wrapped in crescent rolls.
January 6 - The beans still haven't made it onto plates yet. I was planning on making sweet potato burritos with the black beans, but I napped with the kids, so we had a mishmash for dinner - yogurt, carrots, salad, random stuff.
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I tried this last month, but didn't manage to stick with it too well. All meals are vegetarian.

1. Bean, rice & veggie meat burritos & gorditas
2. Black bean & corn chopped salads
3. Pizza, ice cream & cake to celebrate DS1's birthday.
4. Vegan sausages & gnocchi with broccoli in garlic & oil
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Started in on the 4th...

Jan 4 - Baked potato pizza
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Originally Posted by cody'smomma View Post
I just wanted to report back that I went to the store today and I STUCK TO MY LIST. (other than some snacks for lunch )
That's awesome. I love being able to stick to a plan - makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, huh?
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1- homemade pizza, 1 pepperoni and 1 onion, red pepper, black olive. made a white bean soup but any way I puree, it still has tiny chunks maybe freezing will help.
2- homemade biscuits and gravy with pot roast leftovers. made "healthy no-bake cookies"
3- chicken & pasta casserole (I had enough for two last week), yummy salad. whole wheat banana bread with flax & ground oatmeal.
4- we had an odd schedule today and it was sort of FFY. There was a delicious linguine marinara for a late lunch. I have conceded that a pasta sauce from a jar is acceptable, especially when our only way of making "homemade" marinara is to use canned tomato products (we rarely eat any other canned foods, and tomatoes are more acidic thus posing a greater threat if stored in bpa-lined cans, so why would I leave those in our diet?)

still planned:
crockpot chicken w/ lemon & herbs, carrots... I want to get this marinating tonight!!!
homemade pizza with roasted eggplant (did I get that idea here?)
tacos with chicken leftovers
rice & peas, maybe try to revive the white bean soup
and for further in the future.. thanks to a deal I couldn't pass up, added two more pot roasts to the freezer.[/QUOTE]
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We are in.
My wife and I go between cooking a lot at home and eating out or take out a lot.
We want to get back to cooking at home and eating out 1 time every two weeks as a treat.
I get lunch at work and my wife eats a sandwich or leftovers at home. The baby is on breast milk and just starting to eat a little bit of foods.

1/1 - doesn't count because we spent the day in airports and on planes
1/2 - sub from subway before restocking fridge after holidays away
1/3 - slow cooker BBQ chicken w/ rice
1/4 - veggie omelet with sweet potato fries
1/5 - sausages and mashed root veggies with rapini
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1-ate at my mom's
2-out for dh's work party
3-zesty grilled hamsteak, baked potatoes, stir fried veggies, berry cobbler for dessert
4-tomato soup, rolls
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I only post dinners, and I'll noted if a meal is veggie only.


1 - Shrimp cocktail, leaf lettuce salad, N.Y. steaks, mashed potatoes & wilted spinach (Happy New Year!)
2 - Roasted Chicken, root veggies (squash, rutabaga, & green apple) with simple risotto
3 - Pot Roast with veggies (carrots, brussel sprouts, potato, green bean) & mashed potatoes
4 - Leftovers
5 - Speghetti w/ meatballs & spinach salad
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Originally Posted by fierrbugg View Post
That's awesome. I love being able to stick to a plan - makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, huh?
Honestly, I always plan to, but the thought of being able to come back to this thread and say that I did kept me accountable!
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I'm in again this month! This thread was incredibly helpful to me last month.

1. Fried rice with terriaki chicken
2. Fried rice and terriaki chicken again
3. Out
4. We were all in and out at different times so it was fend for yourself night, but we all ate in.
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I'm going to try and do this for January. I've made the meal plan for the month so hopefully we can stick to the plan.

1. Roast pork shoulder, black-eyed peas, rice, spicy collard greens, cornbread
2. Pizza (I worked late so DH picked up take n- bake)
3. Turkey Brats, chili, on buns, chips
4. Homemade broccoli cheddar soup, baked ham, homemade yeast rolls
5. Baked lemon chicken, PW baked lemon pasta, green beans, salad, garlic bread

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1. Chicken soup
2. Tuna and macaroni
3. Spinach soup and hardboiled eggs
4. Pasta bolognese
5. Lentil-kidney bean-carrot-curry soup
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