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Nursing Mamas TTC January

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The plan for January

Waiting to be Ready
*arianascrunchymama ~

Waiting to Catch the First PP Egg!

Waiting to O
Cadi's Mummy
*peaches' mom
*Simply Mama
SparklingGemini ~

Latte Mama
SoCaliMommy ~

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January Thread Hostess: SoCaliMommy

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Hope every one had a good new years eve.

queen5supermommy~Welcome to the group.

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HAPPY 2010 EVERYONE!!!!!!!!! here's to a new year, new pregnancies and squishy new babies for all of us!

could you add my chart to the master list, SoCali (btw, your chart is looking beautiful!) http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/25a530
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arianascrunchymama~ Your chart looks great also.

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Hi! I've been missing a while because of visiting family and moving, but we now have internet set up in our new place--hooray! I've missed a lot--it looks like a lot of people need congratulating! Yay for all the BFPs! I hope your good luck rubs off on us all.

My chart has gone completely haywire. I hope it's from holiday/moving stress and calms down now that we're settling in. My DH wants me to take a pregnancy test because he thinks I've not ovulated or had AF because I'm pregnant. I know I'm not, but I'll probably take one just to show him. What are the odds I can do that without getting sad when it's negative? I'm still recovering from the evil trick my body played on me for Christmas; it sure looked like I ovulated on Christmas Eve, but alas, no. It was absolutely crushing.

Happy 2010, everyone! Hopefully we'll all be ringing in 2011 with lovely new squishy babies!
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Sending everyone here some special baby dust!! Happy New Year and I hope you all get a soon!
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Thanks for the new thread, and Happy New Year!

My chart is kind of confusing this month. I don't think I've O'd yet, but I just got crosshairs saying I'm 6dpo. I think I either just O'd on CD 19 or I'm about to in the next day or so. I hope I'm not 6dpo, because our timing would make our chances just about nil, but I guess it would be a good sign for my overall fertility if my O date moved that early in my cycle. What do you all think?
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Yuba_River~ I'm not sure about your chart, since looking at the one before according to ff having a doted coverline it said it wasn't sure about ovulation, yet your first chart it looks like clear ovulation. Maybe just override FF to the O day you think you O'd on. I had to do that one cycle because it tried to say i O'd on cd14 with a 16day lp which totally conflicted what my tcoyf chart showed.

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Happy New Year! Well, we finally night-weaned! Phew! It's been about 3 weeks with approx. 6-7 hours at night with no nursing and some longer stretches during the day also. Any thought on how soon I might see O return? I'm going to start charting. Anything else that might help?
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Hi there - Can I jump in?

I am TTC #2 and nursing my 22 month old. We were trying but not trying last spring and got pregnant, but lost the baby We have been trying again since Sept-Oct approximately, and I just started charting last month. Here is my chart

Good luck to everone else
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Happy New Year, Mommas!

Not much new to report here. Still charting, still nursing. DD is 7.5 months now, eating minimal solids and still nursing in demand morning & night. This morning I got my highest temp ever. Not sure if I had restless sleep this morning, but tomorrow should clue me in, hopefully. I've been haviing increased CM compared to the past few months. Clear & watery yesterday... I think I might be the only woman who can't feel her cervix, so no insight from that. I would be delighted if I O'd, even if we missed it.
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Updated List To Here

PhotoJournMama~ Welcome to the group. I put you under waiting to O.

Wendlynnn~ No advice besides saying its great that your going to start charting temps.

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Well I O'd - so you can put me in the 2WW now!! I am currently 3 DPO! :-) We timed things perfectly too- so really praying it happend!! Post O temps are a bit low- will start 200 mg(at bedtime) progesterone now because I have a progesterone deficency and always miscarry if I don't get it started asap to help my lining thicken up etc. I will start testing around 8-9 DPO and if and *when*(thinking positive!!) I get a positive HPT then I will up my progesterone to 200 mg morning and night (twice per day) until I am around 14 weeks preggo- then the doctor has me gradually taper off.

Here's my chart link if anyone wants to take a peek.
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We're trying. Still lots of night nursing. DD is teething, so needs lots of comfort. We got pregnant early summer, miscarried in September, had a D&C. Took some time to menstruate again. The time from start to start between my first two menses was only 21 days, so I am really unsure what is happening. I haven't been charting because the temperature thing doesn't seem to work when I nurse so frequently at night. Nonetheless, we are trying and hoping.

Lots of luck to all the other nursing mamas out there! Hopefully we will all have a new baby to hold and love in 2010!
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Thanks for looking at my chart, Socali! I just got my first ever positive OPK, and FF took away the crosshairs, so now I think I'm gearing up to O in the next day or so. Whohoo!

GL to those in the TWW! When is everyone planning to test?
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I am on CD 8... but wont be charting closely this month.
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Hi.I'm trying to lessen my ds' daytime nursing. He is 16 months and I thought if I could feed him when he wakes, has a nap and again at bedtime, then maybe that would help get my fertility back. I don't want to night wean because we co-sleep and honestly I just don't have the energy. I have heard conflicting advice - some say it is necessary to night wean, others say it is necessary to have 6 hours between nursing, others say it needs to be less than 100 minutes of nursing a day. Anyway, I'll try the daytime partial weaning and see what happens.

The hardest part of this is that my LO wants it all the time, so I pretty well can't sit down without him pulling up my shirt! I keep offering drinks and food, but I guess it is the comfort he needs.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I would just really love to have a chance at ovulating again!I'm also doing acupuncture and taking herbs to try and help things along.
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Ds slept 8 hours without waking last night!!!! I'm sooooo happy we decided to nightwean, now if my first ppaf would show up we'd be good to go!
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Nightweaning is what did the trick for me! I got my first PPAF about a week after nightweaning- and my dd now sleeps every single night ALL thru the night without waking up! It was super easy to nightwean her- she only fussed a little a couple of nights off and on, but I offered her comfort and rocking and her paci- Dr. Gordon's methods are very gentle for the child. :-)
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Hello, popped in here a few months ago and couldn't figure out what exactly was going on in the thread, started charting recently and think I understand better now. Been TTC for 8 months, probably a few DPO. Hard to tell as I got LH surge on tests for 6 days straight and ovu seems to be late in the cycle. I am checking to see if I have short luteal phase, as I am still nursing my just turned 3yo. Checking to see if maybe progesterone low/prolactin too high. I also have thyroid issues, partially medicated, and take a number of supplements, but that has not helped yet obviously. Hoping that the charting can help give me a better idea of what is going on. If my AF comes at the usual time, then my LP will definitely be too short. I will have to check that fertility program you guys are using. Maybe it is easier than the one I use now. OK, good luck to everyone. At this point, I am just waiting to see if AF shows and when.
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