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September 07 mamas - Happy New Year!

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Since I'm not particularly busy (yet) I thought I might as well start the new thread...

Hope you all had healthy, safe, fun, loving NYEs! May this year be full of wonder, joy, health, vibrancy, love, and laughter for all of us
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No New Year's baby, Falicia?

I spent NYE's hanging pictures up around the house. Soooo exciting. Liam has been sick since early yesterday morning when he woke up with horrible diarrhea so I've been taking care of him. He's fine otherwise with no fever. I made him pizza for lunch and he ended up throwing up all over his plate before he even got to eat any of it He ate mine afterward, so it couldn't have been too bad. I'm trying to get him to drink pedialyte but he hates it, I may have to try gatorade or something.
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subbing in...

I am home from my race where I hear I was 4th in my age group (old) but official results aren't posted yet.

Is Liam feeling any better?

FG, keep us posted here or on FB. I hope you are cozy and comfortable as can be today.
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He's sleeping on the couch. I'm hearing this bug is also going around the New England area where we just were so chances are good that this is where he caught it.
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Happy 2010! I really can't believe another year has gone by. Just took down the 2009 calendar of the boys (pics from 2008), and put up the 2010 calendar. Kinda sad to see the pics of Judah at a year and under! Where did the time go?!

Now he's a jabbering, pottying (at least sometimes!), running, climbing, kissing, loving, building, breaking, hugging, exhausting, wonderful little BOY.

I hope everyone had a lovely New Year's Eve! After spending a good bit of time feeling awfully sad at how few real friends we have, we enjoyed a nice evening with a group of folks from our church (who are not very close friends, but good people and generally very nice and welcoming). There was yummy Turkish food (which gave me heartburn all night! ), and I worked hard at not being overly protective of Judah as he climbed up and down the two sets of stairs and ran around the large house we were in. (He did fine other than touching some decorative things; Gabriel, on the other hand, got upset about other kids' behaviour and pushed one of his friends. )

We bailed on that around 11pm and picked up my mom before going to our (small) city's celebration - a first for any of us AND for the city. Apparently it was the city's 50th anniversary, as well. We found reasonable parking and got to the square with about 15-20 minutes before the New Year, so it was pretty much perfect! We enjoyed some live music, fun light shows, and then the "dropping of the sugar cube" - which was a 3d light effect - and cool fireworks that were RIGHT over our heads. Judah is still talking about the "boom-boom-boom" today! And, I got to wear him in my new Calyx for the first time. It was, overall, a very nice New Year's Eve.

The big kids are finally in from playing outside for the last 2.5 or so hours. Iain came in and I discovered he was in shorts! Granted it's moderate to most, in the 50s, but that's still chilly for shorts. Even my DH is wearing jeans these days. (I hardly recognize him!)

I think I'm going to go teach them to cut paper snowflakes. If we can unearth the dining room table after the t-rex excavation. DH is with my mom, who's trying to buy a new car after her 7-year-old Toyota's engine died last weekend. 7, not 17, or 27. Hopefully she'll come home with something great!

Before I forget, a couple of personals:

mommajb, congrats! Great job on the run! How long was the race?

Faliciagayle - How are you feeling? When's the official date? I have the feeling little one could come anytime, but I don't remember whether we're actually early or waiting patiently here.

Jess, love the name!

Katie, hope Liam is feeling better very quickly!

Ok, off to attend to fussy children, etc.
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He seems to be over the diarrhea but is throwing up now. He's not keeping much down but is still energetic for the most part so that's a good sign. He's sleeping on the couch now so I can keep an eye on him. He ate dinner but that came up, then he had a popsicle and that came up as well, as did breastmilk along with it. He still hates the taste of pedialyte but will drink ice water. I'm thinking rotavirus at this point but he's still in good spirits so I will take that as a positive. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.
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Originally Posted by HeatherB View Post
Faliciagayle - How are you feeling? When's the official date? I have the feeling little one could come anytime, but I don't remember whether we're actually early or waiting patiently here.
waiting patiently

katie, I hope Liam feels better soon. What a bummer.

Mommajb - rock on with your bad self, woman!
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Well Laine and I are throwing up now. We had synchronized vomiting all night, first she would throw up and then I would. It seems to have hit us at the exact same time, about every 3 or 4 hours. Liam managed to sleep all night and not get sick and is eating toast now, but Laine is super clingy. I feel like death warmed over right now, and I still need to go to the store and get gatorade. Not sure how I'm going to manage that when all three of us could throw up at any time, I might actually go through the McDonald's drive-thru and get several large cups of it After I hose off Liam's carseat of course
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Oh Katie! How terrible. We haven't had vomiting with rotavirus (and the poop with that is not only watering, frequent, voluminous and gross, but immediately identifiable by the horrid smell. I hope somebody is feeling better soon.
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Liam had really awful diarrhea for the first day and a half and then switched over to vomiting. Laine had diarrhea twice so far but mostly throwing up. She hasn't thrown up since about 5am. I'm definitely the sickest of all of us, I can't keep anything down. I was sick like this every other week it seemed as a kid so you'd think I'd have some immunity but not a chance.
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Sending big hugs, Katie! I hope this ends very quickly! Wish we were there and could help!
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I think I have a newborn again. Linus is feverish and sleeping on my arm/lap for a while now. He weighs more than he did his first Jan 2 so I am encumbered and immobile. Add to that I am no longer quite so experienced typing with one hand and I feel cut off from my world.
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Better today. Both kids are still having a bit of diarrhea but no throwing up. Vomit getting all over everything is much worse so I can deal with the other. I feel like a human being again so I can actually eat and do something other than lay on the couch.

As I feared, they've scheduled a ball for the week that Andrew gets back. That means I have even more motivation to kick my butt into shape to lose these last 20 pounds in the next 3 months (Can you believe that's all we have left?!)
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Faliciagayle at starting the new thread…aren’t you just a pregnant rock star Amazing mama!! Can’t wait to hear your big news…on pins and needles!! Hope you’re feeling good

Katie I’m so sorry to hear you all started off 2010 so sick. I saw your FB post too – my heart goes out to you mama. What a messy few days. Hope you are all feeling better now

Mommajb Way to go mama!! 4th is awesome! I hope that Linus feels better soon

Heather Sounds like you had a wonderful NYE. I’m so glad someone did something worthwhile We were so boring this year!

Well sorry to wait so long to wish you all a real happy 2010, but I was thinking of you. We were in the process of moving our office, so my internet access was limited. Then once I finally got it set up, DH hogged the computer You’d think cutting him off of Ebay and Craigslist for ½ a day was like cutting off his oxygen…ridiculous!

We didn’t do anything on NYE. We ordered sushi in (I know, I know…I only do it once in a while) and I fell asleep by like 10 I’m so lame! New Years day we spent running around like idiots - first my grandmother’s house for lunch and then my SIL’s house for dinner. We didn’t get home until 8:30 and were completely exhausted. DH and I got into a massive argument with my mother (who was behaving like a complete child) so that’s always a fun way to start things off. I feel a great separation there (between she and I) – I don’t know what else to do. As a mom, I feel like that’s the worst thing I could do to her, but as a wife and human being I just don’t know what else I CAN do. She’s really critical of everything, mocks our decisions (like our name for our baby) and is really inappropriate about it. She feels she has some sort of “right” to have an opinion and interject it on us, causing influence. She feels like since DH picked DS’ name without any say from me that I should have the same right. The fact of the matter is that we picked Anderson together and both love it, so I would think that is the best, right? I don’t understand why she’s got a problem with it other than that she doesn’t like the name since SHE didn’t pick it?? I am completely guessing here, but all she did during the 3 ½ hours we spent together on New Year’s Day was criticize, make fun of, and drive us nuts. DH is furious, I’m beside myself and she is our ONLY babysitter right now, so I’m really torn. I am getting to a point though that I don’t trust her with my son because she loves to wait until one of us leaves the room and then teach him to say something bad. She used to do it all the time with my dad (whom she divorced when I was 3 – bad mouthing him my whole life) and then proceeded to do it with my step-father both during their marriage and drawn-out divorce 2 years ago. It is ridiculous. She behaves like a child and at 50, that’s just not cute, you know? I’m really hurt and frustrated. Not sure how to make the change and I don’t want my IL’s to be my only family either. Oh, MOTHERS!! I hope to God my son never has these feelings about me!!

My brother and his long-time girlfriend came by last night (she’s in from TX and he’s in from VA – temporarily separated because he got relocated (Air Force) and she’s finishing up college). They stayed for 6 ½ hours and it was so nice to catch up with them. My son got to really bond with his uncle too which was wonderful. They never get any one-on-one time together without my mom. His poor GF confided in me too that my mom is driving her crazy – she’s mean, competing over my brother, and just being really inappropriate. I’m pretty sure she’s “the one” so I really feel for her. Cannot imagine planning a wedding as the woman marrying my mother’s only son. She has no ability to let go or let him grow up. It’s kind of disturbing and disgusting at times.

Got DS moved into his big boy bed, big boy room…I cried my eyes out all day while we were doing it. He’s sleeping great though and now we can officially make our nursery. For the first time I actually feel excited about this baby. That is sad, but unfortunately all excitement has been swallowed by anxiety. I can’t wait to meet him, make his room, bring him home, be his mom…not necessarily in that order I’m starting to really look pregnant which is good since people were giving me lots of concerned comments and looks…not my fault!! I have no idea why this one has been so different – not like I got a choice in it! He’s moving a LOT now though and that always makes me

I hope the new year gets less messy, healthier, calmer, and more free of conflict for all of us soon. This isn’t the way I had hoped to start out 2010, but things never go the way we plan! Well, off to hopefully do some laundry and Christmas thank yous before going back to stinky work tomorrow OH well…vacation had to end sometime!! Happiest of new years to all my favorite mamas
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Mom's dial up is cooperating so I thought I would hop on. Hopefully this posts.

Christmas started our rough but ended up being very nice. I have a bunch of sweet pics to load up on the computer I'm borrowing from a friend (for when I can get to the cafe down the street and use their WIFI so it's fast) so I can share with you guys. Goose is almost done with her thank you notes she insisted on writing and we'll get them out as soon as she's done. I saved back 2 things for her birthday in April and she's already poured through a book or two.

There just aren't words but .

The hearing last week was awful. He and his ppl are playing low and dirty with a whatever it takes to win type of attitude. It's not focused on the girls at all. It's focused on control. I was painted out to be a monster, they tried to put words in my mouth, I couldn't elaborate more than yes or no, but I tried and was able to slide some things in. He sat there so smug but wouldn't look at me. He talks to me civily and amicablly any other time so I'm hoping it's just because he knows what he is doing is wrong. I hope. Sigh. It was continued for 130 tomorrow. I hope that's the end of the ugly part. Goose is starting to have a very hard time. Wish I had a better update. My ppl think it's going well but I don't know. It sucks to have all your eggs and your 2 children's eggs in 1 person's basket hoping they don't trip. Hard and very scary. But I can feel the love from you guys and that helps alot. ALOT.

On a HAPPY note................

WE'RE IN PANTIES (except at night. not wanting to test those waters until they are back with me 100%)

She is sooo proud of herself and of ANYONE who goes potty. LOVE IT. I'm trying to find panties small enough for her tiny size 18-24mo behind. I found some new hanes at work tonight that say 2t/3t but they are a bit droopy. Anyone know where I can find some small that aren't $7 a pair???

I got hired as a doula today. They took me to dinner after work and then drove me home. I'm excited. They are excited. It's not until late April/early May though. But it made me happy and I forgot all about this for an hour or two.

Katie: Hugs for all the sickies. I really hope you guys feel better soon!!!!

Falicia: Eagerly awaiting news!!!!!! Blessings and

Mommaj: 4th is awesome!!!

Jess: You know me too well....colors are beautiful and fit perfect. Hug for mama drama. I know it all too well right now. I love mine. Helped her recover all last year.....but I'm here and I'm 12 and the girls make messes, spill things and she's so set in her ways. I'm happy that brother's GF has you to confide in.

I have more but don't want to tempt my dial up fate. I'll try to hop back on tomorrow night when I'm at a friends visiting.

The hearing is at 130 tomorrow afternoon.......it's getting scarier for me to have all my eggs and the girls eggs in just one persons basket hoping the judge sees things our way and doesn't just err on the side of caution just in case bc he had a bad morning with other cases and mine is last.....I'm just tired of waiting for that other shoe to drop. But I have my small village. And am so blessed to have it.

so much to all.

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sunshine's mama, : for the FT panties. I have trouble finding ones that fit Aili's tiny bum too. What's worse, she always has plumber butt from her pants not fitting over the panties right. She has to wear 18 month pants to fit over panties correctly, but the rise is too low and the inseam is too short, so they all look like capri pants. No big deal except that it's in Buffalo and her little legs will freeze. If she wears 24 month pants, they fall right off.

Happy New Year everyone! Aili was sad to see that Christmas had been taken down. Every time we go into the dining room, she looks in the corner of the living room and asks, "Where'd Christmas tree go?" We told her that it would return in 11 months, but that's too abstract a concept for her right now. I think that she thinks that the neighbors from across the street took our tree b/c theirs is still lit in their front window and she often comments on their tree.

Jess, sorry that your mother has been so difficult. What you need to do, is tell her that she was right, you want to name your baby something else and then say that his name will be Anusial or something equally ridiculous. Defend the horrible name with all your might, then you can at least derive some enjoyment from her annoying behavior.
Katie and Mommajb, I hope that healthiness has returned to your homes and that the sickies have gone for the rest of winter.
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Sunshine Your girls sound so sweet. Yay for panties!! I had a hard time too when Marty was really small finding ones that fit. I ended up on Amazon – not the best quality, but they were multi-packs and they fit. That said, he was in 2T-3T at the time so IDK if that even helps you. I’m glad you liked the clothes . I know the girls need things too, but I also know, as a mom, that we always take care of ourselves last. I wanted you to have some creature comforts too. I’m glad they fit and if you don’t love any of it, please feel free to switch it – I will never know and would never be offended. I’ve been thinking of you all day today and hoping everything goes well in court. I can’t even imagine

Sabo great idea!! If only I could put my anger and general pissy-ness aside long enough to make her believe me . I’m such a stubborn PITA myself and I know who I get that from, hence the situation I’m in. I really just don’t even want to deal with her or have her anywhere near my kids which is just really sad

Hey all…missing my baby like crazy today. Wishing more than anything to be home. Work stinks. People stink. Life is just stinking right now. I also haven’t seen many of my co-workers in about 2 weeks and they are all like when they see me. I know I didn’t look pregnant before, so I’m just choking it up to that, but it is making me feel like a freakin’ blimp

Marty pitched a fit this morning trying to get ready for school. I bribed him with the fact that he’d be in his new class this morning and maybe even get to play outside (yeah right, it’s 15 degrees out there), but it worked. I get to school and they said “oh, no, we’re moving them next week” Just great...now I’m the big fat liar.

Over the weekend we moved a desk into Marty’s room with all of his crayons and coloring books. He LOVES sitting up there and doing his “work” as he says. I love it because all of the toys my IL’s spent all their $$ on are sitting in the closet collecting dust …gotta’ find some joy in it somewhere!!
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I can't talk about what happened today. My brain can't seem to find words to tell my fingers what happened today. Let's just say things didn't go well??? I lost my overnights. Judged latched onto something he said that Goose said that was never said (it was something J's lawyer kept repeating over and over and over....at least now i fully understand what disregard that comment means) and ruled on that ONE thing alone. We go back April 13 on that matter.

Custody matters start Friday at 830.

I came home today (ok, fingers are kinda working now) and when I opened the door, I saw tiny tea sets, tiny socks, a well loved stuffed cat and I haven't stopped crying since.

I have to wait until tomorrow afternoon to find out when I can see them next and for how long bc HE gets to choose now. My poor Goose thinks I"m picking her up tomorrow from school.

I am more lost and more numb to things than I was when this started.

My lawyer said in 25 years of practicing ONLY family law, he has NEVER had an outcome like this, this extreme, on something so little. It's like he's making an example out of me and teaching me a very costly lesson, monetarily, emotionally. Fine and dandy but don't do it to the girls.....Goose will be devestated, she's already having issues. And Lilah? She is so little. The judge gave his ruling and a HUSH fell over the room except on J's side and they were laughing and smiling. Even the bailiff shook her head down low.

Nobody understands. I'm having a hard time finding the silver lining, everything happens for a reason right now. We are going to appeal I think. I don't know. I have no ans's really. Just more and more unans questions.

I need to head to bed but wanted to update. Facebook keeps freezing on the dialup but it's working on here tonight.

Much love and blessings to all. Hug all the little ones extra tight tomorrow for me.

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sunshine's mama, my heart breaks for your family. I can't even find the words to say it. Even though your ex is celebrating now, maybe he'll see that the best thing for his/your daughters is to have them surrounded by the people who love them the most. I pray that he realizes this and makes it easier for you to get back more custody and time with your girls.
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s to sunshine

and a test to see if i can reply this year
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