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Originally Posted by mommajb View Post
Now you know, it really is easier to parent when they are on the inside.
Too true!
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somebody has a ddddc
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you rock

birth - the Staples "easy button" way.
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alicia: wow, i really hope that my birth goes that easily!

rachel: you're so super close! i'm getting excited for you!

hey everyone, officially out of the first trimester and happy happy! have my 16 week appt tomorrow, and ro's super psyched to hear NomNee's heartbeat.

as far as life goes, well, my husband has been offered a really great job, and the only thing standing between him and the offer letter is verification from his last job that he worked there! they've had the paperwork for a week, and they refuse to respond! he's working on getting them to understand that this is a thorough background check and needs to be done. i need prayers and crossed fingers for tomorrow morning that his old boss comes to his senses toute suite.
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Crossing my fingers for you and DH, Lindsay!
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lindsay - I hope it all goes well

Rachel - Yeeaaay! Count down is on for you, now
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thanks for the crossed fingers! they submitted the paperwork today. trev should have his offer letter tomorrow morning!!!

this is an amazing opportunity at a company that is difficult to get in with.

it means we can move apartments within a month or so. it means we can stay close to my parents with like a 5 minute commute for trev. it means we can afford a homebirth.
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leanbh - More fingers crossed for you over here. I hope it all turns out just right!
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We have snow! Not a ton, but enough to stick. Tonight it's supposed to get below freezing and all the slush will turn to ice. The general recommendation has been to not drive at all because they don't have enough people to clear the roads but I still see some of my brave neighbors venturing out.

I have a date for the soonest Andrew could be home since he managed to pry it out of someone, I'm not allowed to give it but it looks like we'll be seeing him at the end of March Too awesome that February is a short month!

Also ordered myself a few new discipline books tonight. As Liam gets older we find ourselves facing new challenges so I need some solutions. He's come incredibly far with the sensory issues using a combination of flower essences and OT at home, I would say that most of the issues we faced are gone. He has learned ways to cope and develop outlets for the sensory seeking behavior, like at the end of the night he'll run laps around the house to calm himself down and he spends a lot of time coloring now that he has access to his crayons and coloring books. I would like to improve our interaction together though and feel more positive about myself as a parent.

Laine is just on the brink of getting her first tooth. I can't believe it's taken this long, Liam had 4 teeth by this age. She has been suffering badly the last few nights and kept me up, not really anything new from the last 4 months. I'm kind of at my wit's end with coming up with a solution to help her sleep better, she still wakes every hour and stays awake for hours in the middle of the night. Next time I will wish for a baby who sleeps perfectly AND is a happy baby
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What did you order Katie? I take most of mine from our LLL library and sometime I get suggestion from mdc that isn't 'approved' and I have to spend mymoney on those. Our public libary's collection doesn't advocate sorporal punishment but I would say therere is a lot of main stream media available.
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Katie that is AWESOME!!!!
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I ordered Positive Discipline A-Z and the How to Talk book. I'm a zombie right now, another bad night. I thinking all the caffeine I drink is upsetting her sleep but what the heck do I do to stay awake?
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Katie, I am not saying that the caffeine is upsetting her but it is metabolized more slowly by her body that by yours so it can build up in her body.

According to Hale the half-life in an adult is 4.9 hours and in neonates can be as high as 97.5 hours. This decreases with age 14 hours at 3-5 months and 2.6 hours at 6 months and older. Wait, that doesn't makes sense that it gets to shorted than adults? But that's what it says.

Peak levels in bm are found 60-120 minutes after ingestion. He goes on to say that irritability and insomnia are reported rarely but that the risk is that it may reduce the iron content of milk.

I just thought I would throw that out there. I really reduce coffee during pregnancy and then ramp back up over time. Right now I need to reduce because I am counting pots not cups per day. and
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that you have dates for ANdrew! That is getting so close. You have been amazing this year.

(And I like the how to talk book, I've seen A-Z but not read it yet that I remember.)
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That's good to know about the caffeine since I really depend on it. It has gotten to the point where I am so sleep deprived that my eye twitches involuntarily like a crazy person. The moment I get into bed she's awake and impossible to get back to sleep. Then she'll sleep for about an hour and be awake for three. The last three days she just hasn't gone back to sleep at all, Liam comes in around 6:30 or 7 and we're all awake. I try to take a nap on the couch when she naps in the morning but I feel bad that Liam is awake. I am honestly debating whether setting her up with her own sleep space would be the best option at this point, like a side-car crib arrangement. We don't own a crib, she's outgrown her co-sleeper but did spend a few months sleeping in there partially so I know it's possible. I did some looking online yesterday but I really don't even know what to do.
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katie, i'm so psyched that you have a date for andrew! that makes me want to do a little dance of joy for you!

hey, everyone! we have baby movement over here at 15 weeks.

on another note... can i just leave it here in this thread that i hate january. there's one more hour of this month left, and tomorrow needs to be better than the last 31 days. it's just been cruddy, worry-ridden, and tiring. i'm just leaving it all here and picking up something new tomorrow.

here's hoping the full moon pulls in some good.
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Katie, so glad you have dates and it won't be long!

Lindsay, hooray for a job and a wiggly baby!

I'm way behind, as usual these days.

Judah's potty-learning! He has actually been dealing with awful tummy troubles and has been withholding stools horribly. It's been just awful! But in the process, we caught a few pees on the potty, and then yesterday he kept telling me when he had to go potty! At home, he was dry/clean pretty much the whole day! When he went to my mom's, not so much. :/ And then today we were pretty much out all day. Sigh. But, hey, he DOES know and so we've made huge progress! Before, I had pretty much never seen him pee, because he goes so infrequently! Maybe in the bath, but that's about it. Now, he's gone quite a bit on both the big and little potty and can clearly identify it. YAY!!

DH was out of town all last week, and it was rough for us. It always is. I can't imagine how you mamas who do this regularly cope. I felt better myself by the end of the week (nasty headache earlier), and we actually got some cleaning done around the house before DH got in. So that's better than some times when he leaves and I tell him he's just lucky we all made it to the end of the week! Poor Judah really missed DH, though! One day he said, "We go home, see Daddy!" And I said, no, Daddy wasn't home. He said, "Oh. Be home, one minute?" Unfortunately it was two more days... But he's back! And then I realize that sometimes, it's easier not to have another adult around. Especially when that adult gets rather grumpy!

After DH got home, I had a dream I was pg, and then later in the dream that we had 4 baby girls - i.e., quadruplets! (They were so tiny and sweet!) And ev.ery.one. is asking if we're having more. We're at the furthest distance from the last pregnancy we've ever been, which means 3+ years if we do have another. Getting to the point where it'll be beyond my comfort zone for spacing before too long. And while it's probably unlikely, I think I may hold my breath for the next two weeks, thanks to DH's coincidental trip timing and potentially advantageous return date. Not tied to any particular result, but that dream was pretty wonderful!

Hope everyone has a great Monday!
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Mommajb - could use your input on the caffeine in night parenting
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