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~*Bitter Sushi Ladies - January*~

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Welcome to the January Thread, Ladies!!!!

Most of us are former TTC 6+ Month ladies. And at this point, many of us are at or past 12 months, many have had losses, many are dealing with various forms of infertility, and some are just in a waiting period until they can TTC again.

The name? Well... we tend to be a little bitter sometimes. So read with care . And due to everything, our emotions run a little raw . This TTC business is something that seems to "just happen" for so many... but we just can't get "it" right. So this is where we can "be together", share and express anything.

Some of us have gotten a little quieter lately... there is only so much you can post in the "I want to be PG, but I'm not" category. However we are here in spirit and most likely LURKING!

Trying to keep up with past BSLs who have made it to the glorious Other Side? Here is the current thread to stalk BSL grads in I'm Pregnant. May we all move on to the I'm Pregnant thread and eventually need a Life with a Babe thread!

~Current Bitter Sushi Ladies~

Apricot - married 10 years, homebirth midwife, TTC since 11/08, m/c 4/09 and ectopic 12/09. Waiting 6 months to try again to allow my tube to heal.

BarefootGirl - TTC using Clomid to combat anovulatory cycles, m/c at 5 weeks 11/09.

BelovedK - Mama of 2 (14yo DS, 9yo DD). Wife to one incredible man. Residing in Central VA. TTC someone new since November 2008, m/c 7/09. An avid bellydancer, and firedancer, who works part time doing hair, and who is giving her loving energy nowadays more toward her DH than TTC.

*Christel* - TTC with DH for two years and two months. Trying Clomid.

Court - TTC #3 (dh's #1) since 08/08, Madly in love with dh and my boys and raising our family in the Pacific Northwest. Tried 2 iui's, decided to try naturally, against all odds, with male factor for awhile, until moving onto IVF in the distant future.

enigo - TTC #2 with DS (06/06), mc 2/09 & mc 10/09.

fierbugg - TTC #1 for 9 years, losses 8/00, 5/04, and 1/07. Currently on a TTC break, getting life back in order and awaiting hormone testing to help figure out what's going on!

Grahnola Mum - Loving our wonderful family of me, DH and DD (12/07). TTC #2 since 11/08 with four losses.

hsmamato2 - TTC for over 8 months and appreciative of a space to vent out that bitterness!

jessica_s - Currently TTC #2 since 10/08, m/c 5/09. I've got 23 fertility friend charts, two angels, and one awesome little boy.

JustKiya - Married to my darling DH for 5.5 years, TTC#1 since March 2007, diagnosed with PCOS in 06/08, on Metformin since, one CP.

kel32brown - KelliSue, upstate NY mama, warmly married to FarmBoy and raising 5 little ones.

KellyTTC#1 - TTC#1 since June 2007. Currently hoping and waiting for IUI#2.

kparker - Waiting to be Ready. TTC #1 since 9/08 with male factor, now on hold due to DH no longer wanting children.

ladyjools - I'm a 25 year old Scottish girl with DH for nearly 6 years and TTC for 5. We lost our baby boy, Samson, at 16 weeks in July and are now TTC again.

lapis - TTC #1 for over a year. Living in a new country with a calmer lifestyle and trying not to get sucked into the TTC vacuum.

LuvMyWestie- TTC for 2 years with no clear diagnosis, m/c 10/08.

- TTC #3 after taking 17 months to conceive #2. Hoping the magical Clomid/Gonal-F/IUI combination will work again!

- TTC a rainbow baby after losing baby William (born still 4/09) and two m/c in 09.

millefleur- A 33 year old aspiring baby mama in upstate NY. Happily unmarried to DP for 5 years. 9 week m/c 12/08. TTC again since 6/09.

Nanette56 - Married for 7 years to DH, DS (5) with two dogs, two cats, two horses and a bunch of fish. TTC #2!

praying4baby - TTC #1 for over a year, loss late 2009.

Rochelleann- TTC #2 since 2008 with loooong irregular cycles.

- wife to T and mama to Luka. m/c in 2007. TTC #2 with PCOS since 3/09, 2 m/c in 2009.

SimplyRochelle - TTC #1 on and off since 5/2007, m/c at 12 weeks 9/08.

Tear78 - 31 year old elementary school teacher. Married to hubby since 2006. Love camping, fishing, reading, and working in the yard at our beautiful new tiny little home. TTC #1 since May 2008, m/c 12/08 and 2/09. Seeking medical help and trying to remember when hope was strong and healthy.

YummyYumYumMama - TTC #2 since 3/09 and still holding out hope for a 2010 baby!

Recent BFPs!
Stick little babies, stick, stick, stick....

jillc512 - TTC #3 since 9/08, due 5/1/10.
Jelinifer - TTC #1 since 12/08, due 5/8/10.
starkyld - TTC #1 since January 2008, due 5/22/10.
Rhiannon09 - TTC #1 since January 2008, due 6/?/10 with twins!
Pinoikoi - TTC #5 for 6 months, due 6/21/10.
Lisko15 - TTC #1 (or #3) for 14 months, due 6/26/10.
colorbywords - TTC #1 for 13 months, due 8/?/10.
LZP - TTC #1 for 17 months, due 8/10/10.
MaerynPearl - TTC #3 (or #1) for 6 cycles over 2 years, due 9/14/10.
aidanraynesmom - TTC #? for 5 cycles over 14 months, due 9/?/10.
Carlyle - TTC #2 for over 12 months, due 10/1/10.
Lyndzies - TTC #1 for 10 months, due 10/4/10.

Our Happy Graduates (from the 6+ Thread)

minsca - Seth ~ born 10/20/09 ~ 6 lbs 10 oz
KaliShanti - Zion Merciful ~ born 11/22/09 ~ 7 lbs 11 oz
Lauren 31 - after 15 months - due 02/08/10
Valid28 - after 9 months - due 02/04/10
Mrs_Lurker - after 14 months - due 2/14/10

Check in with us when you can, Ladies!

And MrsTC We are thinking of you and hope all is well. PM one of us if you can!

Check out last month's thread here.

(Please let me know if your first page blurb needs to be updated in anyway. As well, new ladies are welcome, but please join with care.)

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welcome to the january thread! hsmama, i added you to the front page - what i meant by blurb was, just a line or two about you for the first post. does what i put sound okay? if you (or anyone) wants me to change your blurb, i'm happy to! that goes for all of you - just hit me up.

in happy news, i stalked rhiannon09 to learn that she is expecting twins and things look good!! her due date is in june, but as twins can come early they may make their debut in may. she was hesitant about joining the recent BFPs after she had her + due to repeated losses, so i'm waiting to add her there until she responds to my PM. just wanted to share!
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still hanging out, not TTC

Though if I did O, the chances are good (though good timing never made any difference before)
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Mannnnnn, I'm out of maca. I hate when I run out of a TTC vitamin in the middle of a cycle! Two months ago I found it half the price online as what I pay at Whole Foods. Same brand. I didn't buy it because I figured I would be pregnant before it came in the mail. Maybe I don't need it....maybe I do. If I'm not pregnant I need all the maca I can get for the next cycle...sigh.
Plus, FF STILL didn't give me my big red flashing pregnant sign at 5dpo, I just checked... again

Ooooh 5dpo, I forgot to start squeezing my boobs until they hurt...um...to see if they hurt.

YYYM Not that it really matters but on the list it says my last mc was 10/09 rather than 11/09
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YYYM - Yeah I hope thats it! I went bowling today after eating not even half as much breakfast as I did past days (hoping that maybe it was overeating that was causing it) and no... still getting random bouts of UGH WHERES A BATHROOM subsiding into whew, that was a close one! and getting closer each time.

If its not a baby I will be angry to have to put up with this the LAST day I have DF home!
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I have half a bottle of open maca. I'll ship it to you if you have a next cycle, enigo.

We're seriously dieting starting today. Dude I'm fatter than I thought.
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This is generally where I get my vitamins.


Are you supposed to keep taking maca once you get pregnant? I was hoping to be able to quit using Royal Jelly too. I could have bought a baby off the black market by now.

Oh thanks Apricot, did you quit taking it? Did you find out some new info I missed about it actually DEcreasing fertility? (Happens to me every cycle.)

I "happened" to look at my past few charts and it seems the one cycle I didn't time O perfectly (O was 2 days after we last BD, still good I know, but not as good as the past 2 months) I got pregnant.

Man please let this be it, I am so tired of sucking my gut in
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I took it for one cycle, then started clomid and just didn't want to mix the two. Since I'm on hiatus for a while, I want to pass it on since it's opened.
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Maca is fine to take during pregnancy, according to my research. If I have time I will come back and edit with a link. It sounds like maca would be good to take during pregnancy due to it's balancing action on the hormones. Back with a link

HERE it is, maca actually helps to keep progesterone levels high during pregnancy.
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Oooh I like high progesterone!
I know I am only 5dpo, but I am feeling decidedly nonpregnant. Of course I did last time I was pregnant too, so who knows.

Crud, I've been taking the extract.
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Thanks for the new thread!!

I have 28 FF charts now super special I know.

Ok so I'm on CD 13 my cervix is so HSO that it's hard for me to find the sucker. No EWCM since CD 10 though, hmm. Well anyway I figured it's 3 more days of marathon BD'ing and then I'll be happy with my timing at the very least.

That's.. uh.. 8 days of BD'ing if we make it to CD 15. Whew, that's more BD'ing than the past two months combined. We usually deal with low libido but we're doing pretty good so far!
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Originally Posted by enigo View Post
Man please let this be it, I am so tired of sucking my gut in
Seriously. I need an excuse to let it all hang out, no holds barred.
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Look at my chart.

If those CHs go solid then the timing is great to conceive. Still in limbo about that. I guess it is almost time to obsess
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Originally Posted by enigo View Post
Oooh I like high progesterone!
I know I am only 5dpo, but I am feeling decidedly nonpregnant. Of course I did last time I was pregnant too, so who knows.

Crud, I've been taking the extract.
What? you have been taking the maca extract? I take a blend of the extract and the whole maca, I don't remember seeing that it was not good to take it. I guess I'll reread the article.

Oh, and both recent cycles where I was pregnant, the only thing I noticed was that I felt non pregnant, no symptoms, zip. Good luck
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Originally Posted by BelovedK View Post

Oh, and both recent cycles where I was pregnant, the only thing I noticed was that I felt non pregnant, no symptoms, zip. Good luck
Same here. I felt like AF was on her way from about 10dpo the last few times I was pregnant from what I can remember.
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took my temp over an hour early, so it probably was lower than it would've been at my normal time, but look at how high it is! (for me, i mean, and what's normal for me at this phase.) maybe yesterday's temp was not a new year's fluke after all!

i just hope it actually means something. but it might not. no way to know till i know... sigh. i'm trying to be zen. i have a massage appt in an hr so that may help! aching for tuesday (10 dpo) so i can start the testing game.

still no computer, using phone. love to all!
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thanks for starting Jan -YYYM, I think that blurb says enough.... sad but true!
Well,AF showed on day 18!!! according to my history,that is so late! But I was in freaky mode this month,so I tested enough beforehand-
So....vacation time very soon,and while I won't be here too much while I'm away,the positive side to this is I will hopefully not have much time to obsess or worry.
I cannot believe I'm 42 years old! ack! I don't FEEL old!
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Originally Posted by Lyndzies View Post
Seriously. I need an excuse to let it all hang out, no holds barred.
lyndzies and enigo, you two are cracking me up. I've decided I need more humor in 2010. And..maybe...just a little less bitterness? Like, maybe I need to start being hopeful and excited and naive again, with a good dose of realism. I don't know. I think I just need to lighten up.

YYYM, thanks for the new thread!!! Hooray for a brand new year!!! Someone hugged me at midnight on new years and wished me only good things for this year, and I started crying. I so hope so. 2009 was hard.

afm, I had some brown spotting this morning after some pretty hard cramping (AF-style) with bm today. sorry for the tmi. It's just weird. anybody had this before? I usually get this with AF. I'm about 5dpo. argh. Don't start stressing now.
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Originally Posted by Lyndzies View Post
Seriously. I need an excuse to let it all hang out, no holds barred.
We went to our neighbor's house for New Year's. Very nice time for my son as there were about 15 kids there. They ran and rode bikes until my son turned into a (hysterical) pumpkin at 11:30 pm....so close. We have an acre and so do our neighbors, I bet he put 50 miles on his shoes.

Of course you all remember my pain and suffering of the neighbor's friend who asked if I was pregnant last week? I've been sucking in ever since. Well...she was there. Turns out she has asked 3 different people that in the past couple weeks. (WTF, who. does. that?) One of the other "wounded" was there so we had a lot of fun. Wounded girl was drinking champagne and I asked her "Should you be drinking in your condition?" Of course you know her drink came out her nose...Good times!

Annnyhoo, my neighbor told me the next day that the girl had asked her again if I was preg (Come onnnnnnnnnnn pick on someone your own size). She told her about my 2 mc's and told her to stop asking me that. The girl was so embarassed she went home. That's what real friends do lemme tell ya! I knew those mc's would come in handy....er or something.

On the symptoms front...I just laid down with DS to get him to take a nap as I do every day. I feel asleep. I NEVER do that. The last time I fell asleep when I laid down with him was when I was....Oh!

Tear I would say that brown spotting is an awfully good sign at 5dpo. I had that with one of my many pregnancies at about 6dpo.
Humor is the only way I get through my day. If I were serious I would have already been committed...long before this whole TTC thing started.
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Originally Posted by enigo View Post
Humor is the only way I get through my day.
hear, hear! I'm going to try to take a leaf from that book. I've been relying more heavily on the "tortured, angry, and sour" edition. well that's not fun!

I really hope your nap was hormonally induced! !

I'm glad that girl got put in her place, and that your neighbor stood up for you. I have put on about 10 pounds through my two m/c and the residual chaos of spirit. It's amazing how being pregnant just sucks pounds onto your body...and I don't have the kind of metabolism where I'd be one to lose weight during the first trimester....nor probably during nursing. I felt really proud of myself this morning when I stepped on the scale and saw I didn't gain any weight in Germany. Wow, that's gotta be like a first!!! So I went and ate some chocolate.

I also got my hair cut in Germany, which makes me feel fun and perky. It was below-shoulder length. Now it's below-ear length. Fun! I know, also random.

I had more brown spotting...ok, I had to go looking for it while I was in the shower, but it was there. hmmm........ I'd LOVE to have to cancel that surgery appointment. hehe. But then again, I'd be so nervous of another m/c, since the risk is higher with endometriosis possibly in there. anyway, this is silly: it's early and I'm going to wait this out. I don't have control over this. Time to go play video games!
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