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I just woke up and as I was peeing, I realized that I forgot to POAS, oh well...it is only 9dpo though and it would've been a BFN. I am realizing that this month, I will be extremely bitter if I don't get a BFP. We can't even go in for a fertility workup because we are not actually trying and insurance (as most know) doesn't pay for it. What is wrong with me?? I just don't understand why it has teken us soo long, with perfect tim ing to conceive? I m ight just do it this afternoon, I bought 8 tests to use this month.
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my HPT at 9dpo


Total BFNs I keep imagining a faint line though
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Oh, humor me guys These are from right at 10 minutes, you can maybe see it (extremely faint), it is in another room that I took the pictures. Am I crazy?

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You know I swear I see something.........
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Well.....temp dropped, BFN, and MIL confirmed her visit for the 20th-26th. That ought to cover the next O date.
Man...last night I almost had convinced myself.

..Or what will happen is the visit will end up delaying O (like every time we go to visit her) and I end up getting pregnant very late in the cycle and losing the pregnancy. Just like the last 2 times we went to visit at her place. A cooincidence, I'm sure, but we're two for two here.

You know all this timed BD is killing me. Next month I'm making sure we get it on a + OPK and then not worrying about it. 4 days in a row? Come on!

Come on Beloved! I'm still rooting for you even though I'm not going with you!!!!

and Tear
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beloved, i may see something but i'm not sure, but i couldn't see many of mae's early lines that everyone else saw so don't count on me. i'm hoping though! it's frustrating when DH isn't on board, i know. each month that we get the timing right & it doesn't happen, i worry about whether i'll even get a chance next month! i hope this is it for you. come on sticky baby!

luvmywestie, welcome. i'm sorry for all you've gone through and hope you can find support here!

enigo, you make me laugh so hard sometimes. punched in the neck... rofl. she deserved a good punching. what an obnoxious beast. i hope this is it for you too. keep me busy this month, ladies!

all my FB friends are preggo, and most announced at 4 weeks. wtf? with my daughter i posted it on FB at 13ish weeks, since i couldn't tell everyone in person, and can't imagine doing it earlier. anyone i told before that was someone i could talk to about m/c. one of my early anouncing friends did m/c, but still posted her next preg announcement at 5 weeks. to each their own i guess. i certainly don't want hundreds of FB friends knowing all my business!

my in-laws are happy that we're "waiting." oy. they are one of those couples that "decided" to get pregnant with their kids and conceived both the first try, so if i'm not pregnant we must be waiting. which everyone thinks is great because they think we aren't ready. sigh!
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just saw your post, enigo. can MIL watch your DS and give you guys a date night? i always think each month that i should schedule a couples massage and date night around O time. never works out though! but if your MIL is good with DS and you get a built-in sitter out of the deal, well hey, a little car sex never hurts!
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Hmmmmmmm...I suppose we could have a "date night" and just circle back into the backyard in the bushes....

I wouldn't trust her speed and agility when it comes to DS. He can leap tall buildings in a single bound. She also tends to spontaneously fall asleep while sitting on the couch and DS tends to spontaneously unlock the doors and go outside. We live on a busy street. Blah blah blah

With her here, she will be sleeping in DS's room and DS will be sleeping with us....
She does like to go to Mass several times a week. Hopefully it will be when it is time to DTD.
I bought like 100 OPK's last month and laughed that I wouldn't need them. Crud!

I don't think I would mind TTC alllllllllllll over again if I only didn't have to wait 2-3 more weeks to O again. I so cannot afford all these supplements. I could have bought a baby by now. Hell since I've been at it so long, I probably could have even found one who look likes me too!

On one hand I figure it gives me yet another month to get healthier. If that's possible at this point. I am just so tired of the wheatgrass juice. It is such a hassle to go to the restaurant I get it from. It is 1 block from me, I usually walk. Thing is, they are soooo slow moving in that place I almost pop waiting the half hour (with DS who does NOT wait half hours) it takes for them to get me the damn wheat grass juice. Plus, it's $5 every time. I keep saying I'm going to call it in. Maybe that can be my new cycle resolution.
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Hmmmmmmmmm. Maybe I'm not out... I will certainly not have to get FF VIP again. If I do 'll wait until just before O though to maximize my obsessing
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Beloved, take a picture with the light going the other way. I'm afraid it might be a shadow.

But " for you, as always!

I think I'm going to join you guys... pull up a chair... stay a while...

I'm right in the middle of my cycle (well, just a few DPO) and I have pretty much entered the land of Bitterville. I was in denial about Bitterville for a few months... but figured I better join here now before I go all fetal again when I get my BFN.
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Welcome MI_Dawn!
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Beloved - I don't think I see anything in the pics, but that certainly doesn't mean there isn't anything there! !

Enigo - c'mon! You know you're not out till AF.

MI_Dawn - sorry you have to join us over here, but happy to have you. I hope your stay is short and that there are no BFNs in your future. Boy oh boy do I know this place you speak of (Bitterville). Sometimes I feel like I could be the mayor.

YYYM - Gah, I hate when others feel like they know what's going on w/ you and therefore feel entitled to have an opinion. They can shove their opinions.

AFM - I'm marinating. Got an almost + looking OPK; I'm marking it + for now, but will change it if I get a "more positive" one later today or tomorrow. that I O tomorrow! OH PLEASE OH PLEASE OH PLEASE. My wonderfully sensitive and sweet KD said that we could do another one next week if needed... but he's not available tomorrow or Sunday, so if I do O late, it better be at least a few days late. Otherwise, I'll be sitting here patiently waiting for my Sophie.
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for you Lyndz... you KNOW I want you over there with me (and Beloved lol)
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Originally Posted by MI_Dawn View Post
Beloved, take a picture with the light going the other way. I'm afraid it might be a shadow.

But " for you, as always!

I think I'm going to join you guys... pull up a chair... stay a while...

I'm right in the middle of my cycle (well, just a few DPO) and I have pretty much entered the land of Bitterville. I was in denial about Bitterville for a few months... but figured I better join here now before I go all fetal again when I get my BFN.
MI_Dawn, I'm so glad you're joining us!!! I mean...y'know what I mean. I'd rather you moved on to a healthy baby, but I'm so glad you're here until then! HOpefully soon! !

Beloved, I'm not sure...there might be something there, but I can't see it clear enough. Can you take a pic with the light from the other way, like Dawn said?

enigo, I hope Mae is right and you're just having a down trend before a rise. I love the car sex idea, whoever mentioned it. I guess I should mention it's like -7 windchill here today, which makes that idea even funnier. I hope you don't need those OPKs after all! :

afm - Carlyle, you got me to test. And it was a bfn, but it was only 10dpo-ish. I'm still very crampy and having a little spotting every day. My boobs are HUGE (though they don't hurt as much as yesterday.) Oh my. If I'm not pregnant, this is just mean.

Ok, time to go keep reading and catching up.
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Lyndzies, yay for marinating! I'm so glad you have a such a flexible and supportive KD. for this cycle!!!

oh, and enigo, she deserved a punch in the face. You go, girl! Some people...sheesh.

oh...that reminds me, I was a weepy emotional ball yesterday morning, and THAT'S the morning my colleague (who works with my students for specials) decided to tell them she's pregnant. Then she told me they'll have to help her think of names. All day long my students were coming up to me saying "guess what? Mrs. #### is having a baby!" *dropkick*

YYYM, I'm sorry everybody is Facebook announcing. I hate facebook. Yeah, I said it!!! poo on Facebook.

Mae, how are you feeling?
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Great today. Need to go shovel my driveway. NOT wanting to do that... but Im sure no newly pregnant woman who has ever lost a pregnancy would purposely put her body through that stress if she had a choice right?

but i dont have a choice.

as for your bfn at 9dpo

Originally Posted by MaerynPearl View Post
in case anyone is interested

http://canyouseealine.com/hpts/5231.jpg with labels

these are my ICs... compared to my FRERs which at 13dpo evening was very light, but by 14dpo was considerably more visible

13 and 14dpo digis were negative, clearblue easy brand

15dpo digi was positive (and FRER was VERY visible)

and notice even 15dpo the line was questionable. here is the 15dpo tests, the bottom one is still wet (dried darker) http://canyouseealine.com/hpts/5182.jpg

oh and my boobs hurt and are HUUUUUUUUGE... bought a brand new bra when DF was home and it fit perfectly... now im spilling out! so for ya!
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Tear I wouldn't worry about the BFN, it's still early. I didn't realize we are cycle buds again. I am 9dpo, close enough.

I tested again, 5pm, but I hadn't peed for a while and it was concentrated, still a BFN I am still 9dpo though I know it's early, it is such an exciting moment waiting to see if there is a line, and a let down when there isn;'t even anything to obsess over

I'll come back and post a pic though, I keep thinking I see a faint one, but I know it couldn't be
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BelovedK that is just how I felt about my FRER tests at 9dpo!!! Completely. It was a bfn. Not evne a hint of a line... but OH how I thought maybe i saw an extremely faint one!
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