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yep. we will be bding tonight. dh will be pleased with THAT!

MP i'm so glad you reminded me of checking at the cervix. I also have read and loved TCOYF but sometimes its hard to remember everything she says... and of course i didn't bring it with me to Austria... hopefully i haven't missed O... and HOPEFULLY we will knock me up tonight but even if this cycle is a no go, i'm so pleased to have figured out to check internally.

: )
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woo! good luck! just bumping us from THE SECOND PAGE. where's my february threadmistress at? nanette? jessica? anyone? bueller?

afm some brown spotting and slight cramping today at 10 dpo. bluuuuggggggggghhhhhh.
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Originally Posted by YummyYumYumMama View Post
ok...did you write that because of the ad on the left side with Bueller's teacher in it? Or is that just a crazy-a$$ coincidence?
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too funny! it was coincidence! i use adblock plus, so i do not see ads on my browser most of the time!
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I dreamed about EWCM last night... I was stretching a HUGE gob of it between my hands (not my fingers, my HANDS) to see how far it would go.

You know you're obsessed with TTC when.......
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Love your dream MI_Dawn : ) that sounds like a lot of EWCM!!
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dawn, that cracks me up.

phone posting from bed to say, loooook at my temp today!!! (homepage = chart) 7 yrs ago today, dh & i made the leap from best friends to boyfriend & girlfriend.... it'd be a nice day for good news. hopes are sky high. i may test when i get up. pleeease don't be another cyst!
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This has never happened, my charts usually look textbook (not that I get pregnant, they just look good) but look at this month


I thought I would get CHs today. Oh. Well.
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I hate messed up charts!
If we aren't going to get pregnant, at least we could have a decent chart that tells us where we are going wrong.

Temp dropped a bit, no O. I may sit out the rest of this cycle. I can not have a repeat of the two mc cycles and this one is shaping up to be just like them. I know plenty of people have healthy pregnancies with late ovulation, but I'm two for two so far.
I cannot get pregnant again just to lose it. It will kill me. Plus I'll lose another 3-4 months of trying.
Stupid cervix has been high and nearly out of reach for days now, but not soft. I have this image of my ovary trying to cough up a egg like a hairball at this point.

Next cycle, I am not going anywhere, no one is coming here and I'm locking the damn door until I confirm O! Damn! Last cycle was so perfect, I thought all my wheatgrass, maca, epo, b-complex, spirulina...blah blah blah.
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beloved. this has been the year of wacky charts so far!

for enigo too, i hope this cycle just comes to an end so you can get back to trying.

afm, BFN at 11 dpo (just like w/DD so i'm still ok), but the expiration date on the test is the day i'd be due. does that count for anything? =P if my temp's still high tomorrow i'll test again.
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Hi Ladies- Just started the February thread HERE.
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