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Bad cramping in uterus. Ouch! Miscarriage without bleeding?

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Hi all. I was wondering about this... the other day dp and I rolled around in the hay (if you know what I mean) and afterward I started feeling a bad cramping in my entire uterus. It was as though the whole thing was in pain.

I sat down for a bit and noticed if I shifted a certain way it would hurt, and if I took deep belly breaths, it would hurt when my muscles expanded. Pain scale level at this point was about a 7 or 8.

Last night the same thig happened--minus the rolling around. Just rather randomly. It was the same sensations but a little worse. I layed down and fell asleep and it seems to mostly subside. Pain scale level here was about a 7.5 or 8.

Right now I am experiencing a sharp stabbing like pain in the left of my uterus area. Pain scale now is about a 5 or 6, because its off and on...

I also had a dream last night that I miscarried--probably out of paranoia.

I realize that some cramping and pain is normal particularly during 1st trimester, but could this be a miscarriage without bleeding? Or is my uterus just suddenly in pain because its growing?
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seems like there's a very wide range of pain with round ligament pain b/n women, so i hope you and baby are just fine! i know i've had very sharp and strong pain every once in a while, and several times in the first tri.

if it's very regular, maybe you're going to have a pregnancy with braxton-hix throughout? i'm sure women who've experienced that and had perfect babies will chime in!
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Wouldn't it be kind of early to experience bh contractions? I'm only 11 weeks...

I also am not sure about the round ligament pain... It's not on the extreme side in my pelvis. (I have had some previous pelvic pain, but nothing like this.) It is completely center and anterior (in the front) and it feels like its exactly in my uterus. (Afformentioned when I felt like my whole uterus was going nutso)

I also had a weird sharp but light tweak in what felt like my inner vagina earlier today...
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The same thing has been going on with me and I'm 4 1/2 weeks. I've also noticed I'm constipated and I've been attributing it to that. Is it possible that you, too, are constipated?
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There's no way to know what could be causing the pain until you go get it checked out. I'm not one to run to doctor for every little twinge, but in this case if I were you I would go or at least call ASAP.

It's very likely nothing but round ligament pain, especially because there's no bleeding which would normally accompany the cramps if this were a m/c.
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I am constipated but not in pain from it. I've been experiencing constipation since the first few weeks I was pregnant, and I have also had gas pain thinking it was something else, only to realize it was gas.

My friend said it might be the oxytocin (sp?) released when me and dp had our romp. But I think its weird that its continuing into today. it doesn't feel like my muscles are actually contracting--it feels like a constant pain that lasts at least 20-30 min.

I've done some reading about people who had cramping or pain and then didnt start bleeding for a few days, either.

I dunno. It doesn't feel like the normal twinges I have had either...

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Definitely not too early for Braxton Hicks. Your uterus starts flexing and toning from day one, most people just don't feel it for a while. You know how pregnancy is though, there are no rules. I'm sure babe is fine, but if your head isn't (and obviously you're hurting too!) then check it out if that feels right to you.
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it could be a cyst - i had one with my first pregnancy, very sharp pain to one side of my uterus, but toward the front. it was definitely different than ligament pain, and was familiar to me because i had ovarian cysts as a teen. it grew to be rather large but then went away around 14 weeks. had a healthy pregnancy after that and a healthy baby! if i is a cyst your care provider will probably want to keep an eye on it, it isn't immediately dangerous for baby but can cause problems for you if it gets too big.

the first e.r. i went to insisted that it couldn't be a cyst because i was pregnant and they didn't think that was possible - they kept telling me it was gas pain, until they did an u/s and saw the thing - 9 cm in diameter! apparently the cyst that formed when the egg from my last cycle was released didn't dissolve like it was supposed to and kept growing instead.

good luck! i hope you find an answer to put your mind at peace.
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I got rid of my constipation issue and now I'm still experiencing the same pain like you described. I'm glad you started this thread because it's making me worry too.
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The pain still continues. Its much more localized in small areas of my uterus and vaginal canal--possibly cervix. Its these weird sharp pains now, felt mostly on the left side, as low as where I think my cervix is...

Definately doesn't feel like ligment pain, and really not too sure about the oxytocin idea or the bh idea. I don't feel it anywhere else.

Renee have you spoken to your health care provider? I'm going to give my birth center a call tomorrow, since it has been persistent. I considered going to the e.r. and getting an u/s, or at least calling the dept. and asking what they rccommend.
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Ok... I was just in the loo, and I got a REALLY sharp pain that lasted about 15-20 seconds, and then tapered off. Exact same as before but much worse. (On the left side--stabby pain) Then I felt it on the right but not as severe.
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So everything is apparently fine. I went to the er, and they didn't find anything wrong but didn't give me an explanation as to why I'm having pain. They actually gave me ANOTHER pg test, then a pelvic (to check for infection), and an u/s. Everything came back negative--and when they did the u/s, the doc goes "Well looks like theres a baby in there. No signs of miscarriage..." That's it.

I was there for three hours, bascially spent an hour waiting to be discharged. Finally was.

I'm still going to speak with my mw tomorrow, so she could give me an explanation.

I forgot how big a joke hospitals were.
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glad to hear baby is ok!
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Sounds like a combination of BH along with round ligament pain. Both can be very comfortable and scary.
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