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Baby pictures!!

A quick hello to share some pictures We're doing great! I'm recovering very rapidly. I have almost no bleeding and the aches are nothing a little Motrin doesn't help. We've had to scramble for clothes because she's so tiny. We had to buy a pack of diapers because all the ones I have are way too big :P
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Awesome pics sarah lynne.

Welcome mamalove1
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She's a doll, Sarah Lynne.
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Sarah Lynn!!! Congrats!! That was so beautiful reading about your mother's presence at your birth. What an amazing experience, I'm sure it will be both hard and beautiful celebrating death and life at the same time each year. Your pics are so beautiful! Tristyn is a gorgeous bright eye baby!! I love the tandem nursing pic, I have one of those when James was born and it makes me laugh looking back on it and how hard it was at first compared to how easy it became later on. I hope you are feeling well and everyone is getting adjusted.
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Dea, I know your situation with nursing isn't the "norm", but I want to give you some encouragement that it is totally normal for a baby to lose some weight and even for a baby to be a little hungry while the milk is getting figured out. These are totally normal and natural experiences for many, many women. Please don't be so hard on your self. You are both doing great!! Keep working on nursing and supplement as needed and it will be the best it can be! Have you used a SNS system or are you doing bottles? Are you getting any milk this time? I just wanted you to know I read and was thinking about you. Please update us on how nursing is going and we'll help as much as we can from a distance.

Also, welcome and congrats to our new members and those we haven't seen in a long time!! I look forward to seeing you more on the new thread.
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