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hi jmo - sorry i don't have any helpful thoughts for you since i only use dr. bronners, but when my scalp gets itchy, it's usually because the hair at the root is sick of being in the same spot/matted to my head, so I re-wash or rinse with water and that helps the roots fluff up and re-situate themselves if that makes sense... i think i might wash/rinse more frequently than most though (1-2 times per week)...

i had a question for you mamas... my dreads are almost 5 months old... they're pretty tight and have been shrinking up quite a bit... the new growth is dreading nicely, but not shrinking yet, so it's relatively thinner than the bottom of the dread... does new dread growth eventually shrink up, too, and get thicker??
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I find it does
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jmo, have you tried a rinse with diluted apple cider vinegar? I would probably just wash with plain water/ACV rinse every other time and see if that helps.

adoptmama, I think it will. My roots/new growth are doing a lot better now. More uniform.
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I haven't tried an acv rinse yet. I think I'll give it a go this weekend. Between the dandruff and the several inches of really wispy, undreaded tips, I'm feeling kind of a mess right now. Patience. Patience. Right?
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It will get better!
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i second the acv rinse. i wash my hair first and towel/air dry it until it is just damp, then i do the acv. i pour some acv in a spray bottle and dilute it to full with water. spraying it on at the roots makes it go on a lot easier. then i put a shower cap on and let it set for about 1/2 hour. then i rinse with plain warm water. it has really helped break down the dandruff that gets stuck inside at the root of each dread. my scalp is having trouble not being able to "breathe" this go 'round, apparently. i do this about every 3rd wash or so, and i wash every couple of weeks. do be warned, though; acv doesn't smell so great, even diluted, but it really helps with dandruff and itchiness. good luck!
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I'm back!

I think of you ladies often!

I'm rarely in photos because the camera is in my hand, but here are a few shots that were taken on vacation...

Can't tell the length, but they tickle my elbows.

This one is blurry, but you get the idea.

Oops! Found another!

I think they're lovely! Gray and long and lovely. Love my hair!
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wow mamabear, they look fantastic! I look forward to having grey dreads.
actually, as a midwife, grey hair is usually a bonus
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Thank you, dear. You know, they don't look all that gray in these photos! Hmm. Usually my head is glowing!!
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Mamabear, beautiful pictures. Love your dreads...
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Really nice Mamabear! Thanks for sharing.
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Moon, your hair is longer than I last saw (obviously)! I love the color - you're so pretty!

MF, loved your photos, too!

Buddha - I was surprised to see that you'd cut, but your new style looks really nice on you.

High-fives to anyone I missed...can't be on here much longer...
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thanks for the info, grooveynaturemama. I did an acv rinse today so hopefully that will help w/ the itch/dandruff scene. Things are definitely getting a little loose in spots, which is kind of bumming me out. Should I be palmrolling more? It honestly doesn't seem like that does much.

mamabearto4, gorgeous, gorgeous dreads! How old are they?
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Ok, so I'm taking the dread plunge, lol. I have secretly wanted to for a LONG time, so I'm just gonna do it! I have about 20 done so far. Doing them myself. I am not using wax, and kinda doing a combo of backcombing and twist and rip. My son broke my camera, so I can't take pics, but will asap!

Anyone else done this w/no wax at all? I'm just not interested in wax. I want smaller locs, not big fat ones (they just wouldn't suit me, I think).

Love all the pics I've seen (read the whole thread).

I'd love to hear some of the reasons behind your decisions to have locs.

For me, it's just something I think is ultra cool and will totally piss off my mommy, lol. Ha! I'm 38 and still rebelling....Next will be 2 piercings I want (nose and eyebrow). My dh is totally on-board w/my loc journey and my oldest dd is fascinated (she has Aspergers and will not be able to not touch, lol). My dh has long hair (below his shoulders) and always has, but has lately been considering cutting it short. It would be hilarious if he cut his short after all these years and I dread mine, lol.
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Welcome Chicky2! I've never used wax. I almost did, after reading at knotty boy that you had to start dreads with wax, but thankfully I read later about how yucky it is. I can't imagine having anything in my hair now. I like that it's just clean hair and nothing else.

I wanted dreads mostly because I thought they were amazingly beautiful, especially on women, and secondly because I have wavy thick dry frizzy hair that never looked like I wanted it too. I always wanted it long but hated combing it out every day.
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Originally Posted by MoonStarFalling View Post
I like that it's just clean hair and nothing else.

I wanted dreads mostly because I thought they were amazingly beautiful,
I told a friend I was dreading my hair and she said, "Ew, how yucky and dirty and stinky! Why would you do that?" Then we talked today and she said she'd love to have her opinion changed, so I'm kind of on the spot now, rofl!

ITA w/them being beautiful, esp. on women. I like them on men, too, but on women they are just so Earthy and beautiful.

I got mine all done! I can hardly believe I'm done. I have absolutely no regrets. I LOVE them! I am having a hard time believing all it took for me to feel so *me* was a hair do. This is sooooooooo me! Can anyone else identify w/that feeling? I did this at the best time possible, too. We had a tragic death here recently, and I really needed something.

I had hair down to my bra fastener. Now it is about 3" shorter. Will that shrink up more as it locks up? I left one tiny long braid to hang over my shoulder. I also left my bangs and will grow them out a bit more.

I'll have my kids count dreads later, but I'll bet there's at least 50.

Off to change my siggy....and search my oldest dd's craft box for cool beads and stuff.
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oh thats so excieting chicky2! I gotta do mine, Im worried Ill mess them up, I have like two I did but neglected them so they are braided and held together by a hair band. Sounds so lovely, I think I understand what you mean about finding a style for your hair that feels right, Im not even near done but it totally feels right.

Mamabear, you look full of wisdom!
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Well, as my dd and I were wrapping hemp w/beads on it around some dreads, we redid a couple before it's too late. I have 42!

We put in some pretty wooden beads and hemp and some sea glass. I have some driftwood I'm going to dig out and see if it's the right size for a ponytail holder. I also have some fossilized salamander eggs that would be so cool if we can tie it in somehow...

I so have to get someone w/a working camera, lol!
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welcome chicky2
I never used wax or anything on mine
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Beautiful pictures MoonStarFalling and Mamabear. Thank you for sharing!
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