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Originally Posted by yippiehippie View Post

I really need help, I'm close to cutting mine out,

After three years I'm just now feeling like my dreads are becoming low maintenance. Dreads really haven't been much less maintenance than my brushable hair. After 18 months or so a few of my ends dreaded up along my nape but I helped the rest a long with a crochet hook. They still aren't all nicely rounded. I like tails though. People make dumb comments. My dreads were almost two and I had someone ask if they were brand new babies! People don't understand how long it takes. Palm roll a couple times a week and I did embroidery floss too for loops....aloe gel to tame the frizz. The white bits are a big problem and I suspect more if your hair is darker. I dye my hair so I don't really notice them.

Conditioning: when I felt like mine were pretty much fully locked up I started conditioning them. I'd say it was shortly after 1 year.

So ladies I really wanted to shave my head for my birthday last week. I just figured it would feel like a fresh start and it would get me motivated to do something crazy. DH talked me out of it. I'm glad. I do love my dreadies. And they're getting nice and long now. smile.gif And like I said they are finally sort of low maintenance. They're not all growing together at the roots every week! I've got some frizzy issues probably due to dry hair but an apple cider vinegar rinse helps.
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Glad things are getting better w/your psoriasis, IJM!


MSF, what kind of conditioner do you suggest?  Glad you didn't shave your head!  I love your dreads!


YH, my dh found some of those roots in mine, too, but he said he can't see them unless he's right up digging in my dreads, lol.  I can't see them at all. 

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Hello Dready Mama's.

I'm wondering how do your dreads feel to the touch? Mine are itchy, dry feeling, scratchy. I sometimes put conditioner on them some natural stuff I have. My dreads are 18 months.

But I'm wondering if this is how they are supposed to feel.They don't feel that much softer after using the conditioner. So if you do get them feeling softer how do you do it?

MoonStarFalling I totally get the wanting to shave the head. At times even this early on in my journey I have thought "Oh I'm just going to comb these out" but I don't and I'm glad.

I'm bothered still with my roots growing together and my head is TENDER at times. OUCH!!! hopefully that will get better. And I really don't like the way my dreads look when down. I'm hoping that when they get longer I will like it better. That's it for now.

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Originally Posted by MoonStarFalling View Post

We've been on the road for three months and it's been fun finding things to make beads out of. DH made me a piece from some driftwood we found on the west coast. They're such nice reminders of places we've been.

MoonStar, Your bead hunt sounds like fun. I love how your DH has contributed to the ornamentation of your beautiful locks. I use to have long beautiful braids, I loved them so much. I have been wanting to rebraid again using the box braid method but it takes two pair of hands. I figure I can convince my 13 year old son to help out. He is fabulous with assisting me on such projects.


Have you ever tried paper beads? I wonder if they were coated in a waterproof glaze they might hold up to rain, swimming, ect? I love making paper beads. I love love love the assortment and variety I can whip up using magazines.


Perhaps you can even have a natural bead round robin with other lovers of unique and earthy beads. I have bags and bags of sea shells I collected from my local beach here on Long Island. I plan to create bags and bags of artsy pendents with them. I would love to share with anyone interested in a round robin, but not until after I deal with the recent aftermath of Hurricane Irene.


Anyhow, enjoy your dreads!!!


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Originally Posted by dinan6 View Post

I'm bothered still with my roots growing together and my head is TENDER at times. OUCH!!! hopefully that will get better. And I really don't like the way my dreads look when down. I'm hoping that when they get longer I will like it better. That's it for now.

Dinan, I never had dreads but I did have braid extensions and boy did my scalp hurt just days after having them put in. My only relief was standing under the shower allowing cool (not cold) water flow through the top of my head. I don't remember if I used a relieving gel cream or not. It was quite some time ago.


Anyhow I hope you feel better soon!!!!


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My dreads are pretty scratchy. Have you ever rinsed your hair with rain water? It will make it amazingly soft but dreads will never be as soft as brushable hair I don't think. Apple cider vinegar helps some too. I use coconut oil between washings. For conditioner I go to Sally Beauty supply sometimes and get pouches of deep conditioner. Or I get a more natural brand like Avalon Organics.
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I have heard that hops is great for conditioning dreads but have never used it myself.


I Twisted and Ripped some of the sections on the botton/back of my head. It was not doing ANYTHING and driving me nuts. Hopefully it will move those sections along. The top part of my head already has some fully formed tight dreads after only 2 and a half months.


I also hate the way mine looks when down so I have been doing a lot of wool hats, good thing the weather cooled off.

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I have quite a collection of beautiful dread wraps that I use almost every day. I am almost 5 months in but started with crocheting to get things going. The warps keep the short dreads out of my face (and I like the way they look) and they help me to feel better about frizz and such b/c they cover it up a bit. This is my third go at dreads and this is the longest I've gone without getting frustrated and shaving my head and I would really credit the variety and style of the wraps for that :)



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Ok, so I think I've created a problem.


My dreads are almost a year old now (yippee!), but I think I've worn them up too much!  Now when I've tried to wear them down, they just bounce up again and stick straight out the back!


How can I get them to grow/point down again?


Also, I haven't been 'doing' anything with them this first year.  I have palm rolled just a handful of times, but other than starting them partially neglect and partially twist n' rip, all I do is wash them about once a week with baking soda/water and an acv rinse.  I've still got a lot of huge loopies toward the end of the dreads and I"m thinking about wrapping them or putting a bead on a few of them.


I'll try to get a pic in the next few days to better illustrate what I'm talking about w/ the straight out the back and major loops.

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Originally Posted by yippiehippie View Post

The top of my head looks like someone sprinkled a bunch of powder on it, not just b/c of the mild psoriasis, but when the dead hairs (that normally fall off your head) come out and stay in the dreads you can see the white roots. How have I never heard of this issue? Does anyone else have this? I have lots of little white roots on the top of my head:(

I have this issue, too. My roots stick out all over. I dyed it with henna, and that held for a few weeks, but now they are showing again. I think the only options are dying every 6 weeks, covering them up or ignoring them. Unless regular chemical dye works better. I've only tried henna so far.


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Hello everyone! wave.gif


So- I want dreads....BADLY. And have for quite sometime. drool.gif  I recently (a few months ago) cut off my lovley 19 1/2 inchs of long black hair and donated it to Locks of Love. I am now rockin an A-line bob. My hair (and nails) grow very fast- which is great. Im growing my hair back and plan on getting dreads when I feel that my hair is at a good length. My hair is finally touching my shoulders again in front..well, maybe not 'touching' but grazing atleast.


I have a few questions for you lovely ladies so that in another 3-4 years (maybe less) when the time has come, I will be fully ready for my dready journey!  It is SO HARD to wait.


Here are my questions:


1)  What length is a 'good' length to start dreads?

2) How long, roughly, does it take for them to look good and be locked up nicley?

3)  How do you care for your dreads? What do you have to do, regularly, to keep them up?

4)  Im pretty sure I want a full head of dreads, maybe layered in size (larger on the bottom and working up to smaller). But first I was thinking about putting a few smaller sized dreads in a few random places and adorning them of course. I like to think of this look as 'warrior princess'  , * LOL* not sure why...thats just what it reminds me of. Has anyone else done this before going fully dreaded? How did it look?

5) Is there anything that I can do to 'perpare' my hair for dreads? I dye my hair black ( i cant help it...im a slave to beauty products..ugh shrug.gif ) will this make my hair harder to dread?


Sorry if that was alot. There is alot I wish to know! Im very excited about my dreadies and cannot wait to have them. Not to mention- DH (who already has a beautiful head full of long curly brown hair ) is thinking about dreading it up with me. luxlove.gif


Thanks so much for your answers in advance!

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10 month natural  dreads



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I just realized this is the 2010 thread. Oops!


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is there one for 2012?  ive been posting in this thread because I didnt even see one for 2011 lol

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Yes, i made a new thread for 2012 :)


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