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i still know the smell of my neighbor's house and i haven't been in it in at least 30 years.

i know somebody's house that smells like cats. except they don't have cats...
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My SIL's house smells like soy formula. Her toddler has been off formula for at least six months now, but everything still smells like it. The cars, the clothes, the furniture, everything. Before that it smelled vaguely like cardboard and fabric softener, but the soy has covered it up completely.

I can smell our house after being on vacation or something. It smells like fresh bread. Why yes, I do bake bread!
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Yes, I notice it in every single home I go to. I have a very sensitive sense of smell.
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Yep, every home I've been to has a distinct smell. Some smells are obvious (cooking smells, chemical, pets, etc.) and some are just indescribable...like it's a combination of body chemistry smells?? I hope that makes sense.
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Yeah, I have always noticed this too.

We don't have any pets so I can REALLY smell houses w/pets. My parents have a small dog and it doesn't smell like animal there but my mom is good w/cleaning and they live in the mountains so tons of fresh air I guess.

I bet my house smelled like onions all the time when I was pg w/ds3 bc I literally ate them like 3 times/day.

I would like to make my house smell like cinnamon or oranges but I hate any synthetic fragrance stuff, I don't even like candles anymore unless they are all natural bc they just smell yucky to me. I'll have to try some EO or something.
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Yup, every house smells different, due to soap people use, different body chemistry.

I find that when I am pg there are certain houses that I just can't go to, some of it is my allergies kick into overdrive. Some of it is deffinately simply the smells.
I try to keep our house clean and we have no pets, but there is a distinct smell when I walk back in after being gone... rather like rice being cooked, it's a slightly sweet starchy smell.
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[QUOTE=mirlee;14871535]My grandmother's house smelled like cigarettes and perfume. It was a sweet smell to me. I spent a ton of time there and lived there at one point. To me, it was the most comforting smell. When I was home, it didn't seem that strong. If I had been gone for a while, it was very noticeable when I walked in the door. I'd give anything to smell that again.

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Houses usually have a smell to me. I want our to smell like cinnnamon, but it never works out that way. Between DH leaving towels in a gym bag to mildew and trying to do all the laundry I am afraid my house will always smell. And don't forget that we cook lots of traditional dishes from both our families, so there is always a food smell and sometimes it smells like fish- because yes, we eat seafood- shocker! I don't mind smells as long as I can walk through the house without stepping on something rotten (think the show Hoarders - shivers)

I am so afraid of how my house smells and even myself which all has to do growing up with my mom who smoked right next to me in the house and the car. Cigarettes seemed to be her priority. I actually lost friendships over this growing up. It was very embarassing.
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Originally Posted by Oubliette8 View Post
When i mention this to most people though, they look at me like I'm crazy. According to them, water tastes like water.
OMG! I know!! People think I am INSANE for preferring one type of water over the other. I don't like my mom's tap water, but ours is amazing. I get weird looks all the time.

When we lived in Florida the water was absolutely disgusting. It even smelled bad, like it was burnt or had burned rubber in it or something gross. I got used to it after two years, but was never able to drink it. For a while showering felt so pointless though. Blech.

My grandma's house smells wonderful, like my grandma. I love going to her house. It smells fresh and clean and like her lotion, yummy!

My friend's house smells like pickles (a scent from previous owners) and this certain scent my friend has. It's kinda weird, but I'm used to it so it doesn't gross me out.

My house smells like new. The other day it did smell like a dirty diaper, yuck!

When we were house hunting, we found a house that smelled like lavender. That's the house we bought. It smelled SO good. We never did figure out how they got it to smell that nice.

I am so glad to hear that other people are olfactory freaks like me. I get so much grief for having a sharp nose. Anyone else like the smell of a brand new book and/or a bookstore? Mmmmm, new paper and ink. YUM.

(Off to go drink my special tap water now )
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Definitely. it is one of the reasons i am excited to move to our new house (oh so soon) because the house we own currently has always smelled weird to me. I get used to it, but even leaving for the day and coming back, i notice it and it distracts me. We've done a lot of renovation, so if it were walls/carpets I would have expected it to be gone by now, but still it lingers. Friends swear that don't smell it, and they happily come have playgroup here, so I'm assuming it's not bad, but I'm ready for a different smelling house.

Also, I think I categorize houses by what they make me think of, not necessarily the smell itself. M's house smells like bustle and joy - someone is always running and laughing. G's house is calmer, and makes me think of tea and oil painting. S's house is books and light. C's house is knitting and music. Maybe I'm getting my senses mixed up there.
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I'll take a home with a pet smell (though pet poop smell is a whole 'nuther story!) over a home with an artificial air freshener/febreeze smell any day!

I don't notice my own home's smell unless I've been gone a while. Not that it's a bad smell, just a smell I've never noticed.

I don't have an overly sensitive nose, though, but I am very good at distinguishing between smells and some do bother me usually because of a memory attached (for example, the humanities classroom at my school now smells exactly like my ex-boyfriend from the first time I was in college 12 years ago, and I didn't know if I could get over it LOL)

ETA: When I was a kid my family bought a house from an Indian woman and the house smelled overwhelmingly of curry, even the basement. We got used to it, and even though my parents never used curry themselves, YEARS later people would come to our house and ask if we've been using curry LOL.
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I have the strong sense of smell too. I've been in a couple of houses that I couldn't stay in. My grandmother has some family members that stay with her and have trashed her house. I walked in one time, said hello and walked back out. I was early pregnant and the smell was making me dry heave. Artificial rose scents give me migraines. A lot of perfumes do as well.

We just moved and I hate the taste of out new city's tap water. I'm going to have to buy a filtering system. I've been drinking a lot of gatorade and coke (I know I know). I tried making tea and still taste it.

It's worse when I am pregnant.
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I have a pretty strong sense of smell and always can smell other people's houses. I especially love my grandmother's house; it always smells like soap and something else--fresh and clean and bright. It makes me think of fluffy white towels and sunshine. When we moved into our house a couple of years ago, she gave us a couple of wing chairs, and I sat in them every day until the smell wore off. I love visiting her house.

We live in a log cabin, so it has a lovely smell of wood, especially when we've been away for a few days and the house has been all closed up.

I don't know of anyone whom I visit whose house smells bad, but all are distinct.
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I'm always distressed over the way my home smells. We have four cats and I scoop the box at least twice a day, but it still smells like cat litter. I also clean things like crazy! If there is some secret to having pets and not smelling them, someone please tell me.

I also notice the smells in other people's homes. Pet smells don't really bother me since I love animals and have plenty of my own. I can't stand chemical scented air fresheners though! They make me feel so sick after awhile. My in-laws have some kind of arm and hammer fresh scent thing, and after we leave their house for the next 24 hours I have a pounding headache and tons of sinus drainage from smelling it.

One thing I've found that scents the home wonderfully is boiling cinnamon sticks and cloves in water. Sometimes in the winter my DH heats apple cider, bourbon, cloves, cinnamon sticks, and a bit of ginger on the stove for hours on low heat, and our house smells great for days!
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Yes. My house has a distinct smell. There's always the tang of white vingear because I use it to clean EVERYTHING. And I bathe all our pets weekly for allergies so there's this strange orange oil smell (cat shampoo) that floats around. And I'm not getting the winter boot smell from 2 small kids not wearing socks in their boots when they go outside. It's an odd potpourri but I'd know I was home if I was blindfolded.
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Thank you all for the replies. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who notices home smells.

But now I'm really wondering if mine has an odor and I wish I could have all of you with sensitive noses over to tell me if my house is a fresh or funky smelling one!
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I dread the smell at my MIL's house. It's part mothball, part fried turkey sausage (ugh!!!), and something else that I can't identify. It just about turns my stomach every time I walk in the door.

At least we don't have to stay there anymore. We stay at a hotel now. After staying overnight in the past, I would need to wash all of my clothes when we came home.

I wish my house had a better scent. It usually doesn't. Two cats and a fridge that needs to be cleaned out don't help. Our sinks always stink. They just need more daily maintenance than I'm up for. Dh is home with our kids more than I am, and he just doesn't care.
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Originally Posted by Pepper44 View Post
I'm always distressed over the way my home smells. We have four cats and I scoop the box at least twice a day, but it still smells like cat litter. I also clean things like crazy! If there is some secret to having pets and not smelling them, someone please tell me.
We have had up to three cats at one time and we keep the litter boxes in the basement. We put a cat flap on the basement door. Our basement is gross gross GROSS so it really has no other use. It is also full of the biggest wolf spiders on the planet and where mice get in. Making the cats go down there for their potty needs helps keep them on patrol for spiders and mice The basement already smells WAY worse than cat litter so it all works out. The only problem is that now a HUMAN has to go down there to clean the boxes
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I'm also keyed in to peoples house smell. Wish I knew what my own smelled like. When I come in after a while being gone it just smells kind of earthy and a bit musty. We are working on replacing carpet with harwood so hopefully that will change.

My grandmothers old house always smelled soooo good. I could never identify it (other than a mustiness in her basement that smelled sweet) but my friends all said that it smelled like apples. And she smells good too like apples and white musk.

My cousins house smells like a health food store. Really fresh and woody and all the hand me downs I get from her smell like wood. Not really cedar or pine but something like it.

I really hate it when people use potporri or candles or plug ins. They really assult my nose. Although when we bought our first house one of the reasons was because it smelled so good. Like coconut. All the others we looked at smelled rotten. So I guess that coconut plug in they used really was a selling point!
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