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For menu planning I use this company and LOVE them:


They also have www.Gfreecuisine.com which is gluten free. I have turned many people onto them and everyone has loved them. I have cousins that use them and my BFF is using the Gfree site. FYI, they used to advertise with me, but they don't anymore, so I am not a spokesperson for them, I truly use this company and am more than pleased with them!
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Things that you do need to buy that have a lot of packaging can be unpackaged at the store. Just leave the garbage for them to deal with. It frees up your home from garbage and makes the store have to start considering the garbage that they stock on their shelves.

Our city only picks up garbage every 2 weeks. And recycling every two weeks. We get whatever sized recycling bin we want for free. We also recycle a lot of products, including styrofoam food containers! The garbage bins cost a yearly fee depending on the size.
The city also picks up compost every week. You can put almost anything biodegradable in the compost "green bin". This is separate from yard waste compost program. The city composts it, then the finished compost goes to the landfill as soil and some of it gets mixed with the yard waste compost and is used in the public parks and gardens and given to residents for their gardens for free.

We also have "environment days" in our city where we can drop off any reusable stuff, e-waste, old paint cans, etc. We can also drop off any hazardous waste or e-waste at numerous depots around the city throughout the year.

We are a family of 3 and create a grocery sized bag of garbage every 10-14 days.
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There are some great ideas here I never heard or thought of, like using cereal boxes to spread oil. Jewels' idea of using a cloth to lay produce in is great!

Right now we just recycle. Down to foil, it gets recycled. If it's plastic, recycle-symbol or not, it gets recycled. We'll use cereal boxes also to help start fires in our fireplace. We don't use central heating in this house at all, only fire, and all our wood comes from (safe) scraps and trees that were being cut down for other purposes than as firewood. It would be cheaper to throw more in the trash can, to be honest, and sometimes we're tempted. We get one can for trash, one recycling, and one yard clippings. The yard and recycle bins are collected on alternate weeks, and if we have more than fits, we are charged $5. We fill up the trash can every six weeks or so, and don't even bother putting it out most weeks just for half a 13ga bag, which we'd prefer to keep in the can inside until full. Driving to the dump is 20 miles in one direction, and the public recycle facility is 25 in the opposite and charges for drop-off.

We're down to about half a 13ga can a week in non-recyclables, usually from meat wrappings and things of that nature that can't be recycled. If only trash service had the option of every-other-week, or once time per month.

We do cloth-diaper and wipe, and the next step is cloth pads.
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