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Still Have Mild Milk Supply?

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DD has been weaned for almost 2 years and I still have a mild milk supply. Nothing requring pads, but under a warm shower and after being with my SO it does tend to leak on its own very mildly.
Im not expecting(I thought I was and took an exuberant amount of tests to be sure), and I dont get a cycle(im on meds for that because my normal af is terribly painful)...
My breasts are sometimes tender a little higher near my under arms and sometimes on the underside..
Its not that this is painful, or that its a inturruption to my daily life, but my obgyn said its normal-and I looked at her funny cause it just doesnt seem normal to me but thats why im asking: does anyone know about this or have any ideas?
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Not entirely sure but my Mom still has milk and my sister is 17.
After the birth of all my kids she also resumed having the feeling of let down.
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My mom has milk and her youngest is 15 and weaned at 2.5

She says that in a past life, she must have been a wet nurse
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I was thinking that it may be because of a few of my close friends just had babies. One on my birthday three weeks ago and one a month before that.
I have been around a lot of expecting mothers and new babies lately.
I never thought of that until recently.

Baby stuff has been sticking out in my life lately. A lot of friends either asking me breastfeeding advice, shopping with them for baby/breastfeeding supplies, helping them get ready for labor....Maybe my body is sensitive to those things, feeling that I want one more...
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